TV news about man with Fir tree growing in his lung

Here is a TV news story about Artyom Sidorkin, the Russian gentleman who recently had a two-inch live Fir tree removed from his lung where it had taken root. For more on his story, see "The diagnosis? Fir on the lung" in The Guardian. (via Morbid Anatomy)


  1. Wow! That must have been one of those new, carnivorous, non-UV photosynthesis, coniferous trees. They’re all the rage with the kids this season!

    /Skeptical cat iz very skeptical

  2. I dunno – seeds contain a lot of stored energy and nutrients, so I would guess that in theory the thing could grow (at least a little) without any external sources of energy. What I’m more surprised about is the germination, since that usually takes quite specific conditions to kick it off.

    Anyway, IANAB (I am not a botanist).

  3. Bullshit. First of all, all that talk about a “Russian doctor.” I mean, come on, they expect us to believe there are doctors in Russia???

  4. Is there a small nate or fly buzzing around on the tissue? Is it the newest treatment for Pine Beetles?

  5. Looks like a fir seedling to me. I’ve no opinion on whether it grew partially while in the lungs, but it’s consistent with photos of fir seedlings. A fully-developed fir branch has much longer needles.

    #14, the pine seedling photo you linked is not a fir. It looks like a white pine to me, although it’s hard to tell. 5 and 8, the blogster you linked claims fir seedlings don’t have full inflorescence but doesn’t appear to know what the word means (needles are leaves, not flowers). Besides that, fir seedlings do not have particularly sparse needles.

  6. Urgh. The worst part about the piece of tissue has to be the fly buzzing around and randomly landing on it. Reminds me of that NIN Closer video.

  7. Never saw a root, could be a BBQ cow rib with a single needle cluster stuck in and Boris to play the “Dr.”

  8. @ #12, 17

    I don’t think that’s a fly- it’s the cursor on his computer. Not all pointers are arrows.

  9. Sheriff, what kind of fantastic trees have you got growing around here? Big, majestic…
    Douglas firs.

  10. How can somebody inhale such a thing and not remember it?
    Oh wait… it’s Russia. :D

    How can we sleep at night without knowing where this predator lurks?

  12. That’s funny, because I developed a bad infection and lung cysts after having a christmas tree in my house for a month.

    The doctors concluded it was histoplasmosis caused by a bird’s nest in the tree that I must have missed. Okee……I decorated the christmas tree, don’t you think I would have known if there was a bird’s nest in it?

    I wonder if I had some baby trees growing in there. Hahaha. Actually it wasn’t so funny at the time, I was coughing up blood at the time.

    Doc says my lungs encapsulated the invading infection, leaving me with cysts, which I still have today.

  13. Check out Boris Vian – L’écume des jours (Froth of the days). Written in the 50s or so, the protaganist’s girlfriend has a lily growing in her lungs. He was french, lived in the US for a while, wrote those semi-sardonic / semi admiring type books about what he saw; all in the most surreal and abstract humour.

  14. Did nobody catch the TERRIBLE puns? “Doctors were stumped,” “the root of this mystery,” etc.

    Where have you gone Yakov Smirnoff?

  15. That lump of tissue appears to be resting on some gauze, out of the body. Did they removed half his lung together with the embedded fir?

  16. Been wandering when this would pop up here… seemed inevitable and very boingboingish when I saw it on my local news.

    It just made me think of the X-Files, and the black oil episodes (Tunguska?). Not natural, and clearly the result of some sort of human / plant hybrid experiments accidently released from the lab.

    Now i’m off to get a tinfoil hat and a facemask.

  17. Wait, I’ve been growing a pine tree for the last five years and mine doesn’t look that good!

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