Musicians around the world play "Stand By Me"

The Playing For Change project made this film of buskers around the world playing "Stand By Me" (it's part of a project that raises funds to build schools). I found the performances here is very touching -- beautiful editing.

Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me" (Thanks, Dalvenjah!)


  1. That’s beautiful! What’s it selling?

    Seriously, I’m a big fan of buskers – the ones with talent at least – and these folks sure qualify.

    I was fortunate to talk to Grandpere in New Orleans. Look for him in Jackson Square and tell him “hi” from Red in Canada.

  2. Bill Moyers has had the producer, Mark Johnson, on his program a couple of times now and the full DVD and album is due out soon.

    I recommend learning more about this project here:

    More info and additional music/videos can be found at their website:

    Pre-order the CD+DVD from Amazon for only $9.99 –

  3. Beautiful.

    And the still image is of Zulu women from Umlazi, too. :)

    It’s a wonderful accompaniment to news I’ve been reading about the South African general elections today – unprecedented voter turnout (particularly among young people), a general absence of violence and intimidation, and a feeling of excitement and celebration.

  4. This freakin’ song. It follows me everywhere I go, even when I’m reading Boing Boing!

  5. Oh My Dear Sweet Jebus! This is wonderful, wonderful stuff.

    In this, I’ve seen true magic.

  6. This wonderful video just reminds me, once again, of how much America has been shaped by the contributions of African Americans and for that much, by so many from around the world.

    Yeah, musicians (and kids) are pretty people.

  7. that was something special.

    All we get up here is blokes who play a bit guitar and sing badly but thankfully no panpipes

  8. Their version of “One Love” by Bob Marley is even better. (Maybe I’m just partial to slide & dobro that’s more prominent in this.)

    I watched over and over again because it made me feel great and made my day and the next and the next. Beautiful. Well done. The power of music will always unite people and soothe the soul.Thanks for this treasure. It is worth more than GOLD!!!!

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