Rock Stars on Drugs

RU Sirius has a new book out, titled Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars On Drugs. Judging by the excerpt on 10 Zen Monkeys, the book seems to be filled with gossip, debauchery, and shock... as any good rock-and-roll book should be. From the post, titled "Eight Druggiest Rock Star Stories:"
Everybodystonesiru Blood of the Stooges
In 1969-1970, Iggy Pop and his seminal proto-punk band the Stooges lived together outside Detroit in a house they nicknamed "Fun House." (They also named an album for it.) Besides writing and recording music, they were injecting massive amounts of drugs, mostly heroin. When setting up a hit, the Stooges would squirt the blood out of their syringes and shoot it all over the walls and ceilings. After a while, enough blood had accumulated on the apartment's walls to create a sort-of degraded smack addict's Jackson Pollock mural. Ron Asheton, the only Stooge member who was not a junkie and who lived elsewhere, described it "...a lot of times there would be fresh stuff. Then it would dry on to the table or on the floor.... I wish I was smart enough to take pictures of it because it would have been a masterpiece."

But Why Is Elton "Still Standing?"
In his mid-1970s heyday, Los Angeles declared "Elton John Week." To celebrate, the glam rock pasha invited his relatives out to L.A. to celebrate. Allegedly, Elton took 60 Valiums, jumped into a hotel pool, and shouted, "I'm going to die." His grandmother was heard to comment: "I suppose we're going to have to go home now."
"Eight Druggiest Rock Star Stories" (10 Zen Monkeys)
Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars On Drugs (Amazon)


  1. Um, so why is this are more interesting than the drug and debauchery tales of non-rock stars?

    These kinds of stories are about people who decide to spend a part of their lives in altered states: simultaneously expanding and contracting consciousness. It has nothing to do with rock and roll or even having money.

    It’s a rite of passage for significant number of young people (not just in the west or developed worlds) to be zonked out on a lot of mind-altering substances for a significant period of time.

    Focusing on the R&R just makes it look like they are spoilt rich brats using a lot of drugs, which is fuel for the anti-drug puritans of consciousness.

  2. The Nugent story is pretty good: typical chickenhawk mentality (he gets to appear as an American hero on Glenn Beck’s show, and they spent millions to denigrate John Kerry, a medal winner.) I wonder if any of “The Nuge’s” friends from that era can come forward and vouch for it.

  3. Iggy’s got lots of great stories in his auto-bio: I Need More, not all of which are drug related, about the early days hanging out with Nico and the Velvets. When Bowie introduced him to Lou Reed, Lou was telling a story about a guy shooting smack into his eyeball. Lou Reed in his later years disavowed that he ever used heroin (though he penned the theme song.)

    There is some great interview footage with Grace Slick & Paul Kantner about the Airplane’s tour with the Doors in ’68. According to them, when out walking around the Haight or generally anywhere, Jim Morrison would do any and all drugs handed to him right there on the spot. Kinda explains a lot. One of the dates on the tour Morrison was too wasted to even get on stage and half the gig is the other members trying to honor their contractual obligations without him. There’s a terrible bootleg out there of a club gig where Jimi Hendrix and Morrison share the stage, but both are too wasted to perform for shit.

    Contrary to what most people tend to think, though Frank Zappa had lots of good road stories too, he was always anti-drug. He didn’t believe in the war on some drugs, however, seeing it as a personal choice, but he eschewed them and was known to fire musicians on stage if they showed up high. His music was always so demanding that I can’t imagine trying to play in his band under any kind of influence.

  4. … Bill Hicks was no Iggy Pop.

    Iggy Pop was no bill Hicks!

    – Enough said.

    P.s. – My CAPTCHA was ‘codeine source’. WOW!!

  5. I love a good smack party like the next man or woman, but that story is truly, utterly disgusting. I don’t care if they’re rockers, or wrote some of the most awesome punk albums to date.

    That is spectacularly foul.

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