The Butt Race, a 1965 stop-motion movie

"Stop action 8mm film Butt Race made with neighborhood kids in 1965 when director was age 14." (Thanks, HC!)


  1. Nice, reminds me of a desk-driving video I did w/ a couple friends after hours at our high school. I’d love to show it, but the cinematographer spilled soda on the tape.

  2. that was awesome!

    the cutaways to the crowd and added features like the box obstacle etc were just great

  3. There were lots of people (including my brother and I) who made stop-notion home movies like this. They mimicked a popular commercial for Gulf Oil Co. in which people portrayed different kinds of cars. Here’s one of the original spots:

  4. Wonderful. All it needs is some organ music, and it would make a perfect intermission film for drive-ins. It would go great between Roger Corman’s “Eat My Dust” and “Vanishing Point”.

  5. Frickin’ wicked.

    Clearly, those who made the effort to understand the track conditions, and thereby made the right pants choice, got to the podium. Chance favours the prepared behind.

  6. My friends and I did one of these too, in 1978. I think ours was better, though the pan shot in this one was pretty slick, and I wish we’d thought to have our racers explode into flames.

    Link to the first part below, with pointers to the whole damn film:

  7. Full of win, the linked to films in the comments are great to.

    I think i’ve found what’s going to fill this day in the office. Just cross fingers no clients comes in.

  8. This reminds me of my own brother’s movies circa 1970. I always begged to get a bit part.

    My 17 year old son showed me a stop-action movie on youtube a few years ago. It’s now one of my favorite videos on the site.

  9. Has anyone else seen the epic Western “Blaze Glory”? A longish short film with a robbery scene, a railroad chase and i forget what all else…I saw it in the 1970’s at a drive-in theater (this is a theater where you park your car up a slight incline to watch a huge, outdoor theater. A favorite mating spot for younger persons, and philandering couples–geez, I never thought I would have to explain this. Get off my lawn).

  10. A variation on this is showing flying on a broomstick by hopping up and down and then deleting the frames where people are standing.

  11. This is my father’s film. He is the one filming and my Uncle Tom is number 22 and all of his good friends from the neighborhood. You can see my grandfather coming home from work in the background. All of your comments brightened my day because I have always been so proud of this film. My dad is so creative even at the young age of 14. Thanks!

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