Throbbing Gristle and Derek Jarman

Last night in Los Angeles, Throbbing Gristle performed a live soundtrack accompaniment to Derek Jarman's film In The Shadow of the Sun. Boing Boing Video, Richard Metzger, and friends were at the show. By all accounts, it was a provocative, challenging, and mindbending experience. Watch this space for a full multimedia report soon. Meanwhile, above is "TG: Psychic Rally In Heaven," a short film Jarman made for Throbbing Gristle in 1981. Best viewed at high quality, in a darkened room, with headphones.


  1. Looking forward to the show in Chicago this weekend. (And by the way – either let Metzger keep posting or give the guy his own blog! He’s mentioned in every other post (and they’re top quality, too!))

  2. Really amazing. Reminds me of Yo La Tengo and the Dir Jean Painlevé’s Science is Fiction / The Sounds of Science films.

  3. @#2 and #3

    Coop told me he thinks the Boing Boing drinking game needs to be updated with my name, too, but I told him that players would have to take a bong hit whenever MY name was mentioned…

  4. I found some more interesting informations about Derek Jarmans In the Shadow of the sun in a book of austrian autor Martin Frey: Derek Jarman – Bewegte Bilder eines Malers.
    Home Movies, Super-8-Filme und andere kleine Gesten
    The autor investigates the techniques of filming and the way of work of Derek Jarman. There is research into numerous of his Super-8-Films and on the films The Last of England, In the Shadow of the Sun and The Angelic Conversation. Influences of painting and literature, e.g. of Allen Ginsberg, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney und Yves Klein will be analysed.

    It’s in german and the translated title is:
    Derek Jarman – Moving Pictures of a Painter.
    Home Movies, Super-8 Films and other small gestures

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