EU Parliament passes copyright term extension, rejects proposal to give the addition funds to artists


7 Responses to “EU Parliament passes copyright term extension, rejects proposal to give the addition funds to artists”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The fundamental problems remain: how to include a workable use-it-or-lose it clause; agreeing to deliver real benefits to the vast majority of performers; how to avoid breaking the respect necessary for a functioning IP system by simply taking money from the pockets of consumers.

    Well in principle, the first two are easy to accomplish. Just do what the U.S. did when it passed the 1909 copyrigh act. Make the extra years available only upon explicit renewal, and only to the original author (or hisor her heirs). Of course in principle, losing weight is easy, just eat better and exercise more. In practice if the will isn’t there….

  2. samtotherescue says:

    *sigh* how much longer must we all be criminalised for participating in modern culture before the old ways crumble?

  3. Church says:

    Parliament robs citizens, passes loot along to industry. Film at never.

  4. mannakiosk says:

    Let’s just tear this whole copyright bs the fuck down.

    We have the means to bless mankind with free information, knowledge and culture, ffs!

    We would need to make sure artists (and other, working on movies, for example) are still able to do what they like doing.

    I’m sure we could scrape together enough food and shelter and whatever it takes for music and movies to be made, we are all ready paying for everything as it is now. It’s just that we also line the pockets of those obsolete bloodsucking middlemen executive mf:s.

  5. toyg says:

    So, next time somebody pulls the usual line about copyright being there to save the starving artists, you can now say “oh yeah? that’s not what the industry is pushing through EU parliament right now. They are using you, buddy.”

  6. rapemyskull says:

    “free information, knowledge and culture…?” oh no, thats communist talk. you dont want glenn beck to hear you uttering this un-american pinko propaganda.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Giving nothing to the people who create it….

    Who’re the pirates now?

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