Throbbing Gristle: What A Day. (Boing Boing Video shoot notes)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    And after that COUM Transmissions performance the audience asked what they called it and Gen replied “The Aristocrats!”

  2. says:

    I’ve got loads of interviews available of TG on KFJC available at They are from 1979 and more recent. We’re also hosting another 24 hour TG special on 23 Mayhem at

    Still looking for any other recent materials by TG for the show. Say hello if you have anything to share.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it bad that I kinda wanna see video of one of the COUM Transmissions performances? OK not kind of – really want to see, it sounds too interesting.

    Surely there is footage of this somewhere?

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was like seeing the Beatles reform. Only, much more important.

  5. Chang says:

    DAMN! SO COOL!!!

    What the hell is Cosi messing with in front of the laptop, though?

    Can’t wait to see the video|!

  6. bklynchris says:

    I had the terrifying pleasure of interviewing them (Chris and Cosey) for my college radio station WMCN in 1985, or was it 86? Anyway, I was scared out of my mind. I asked Cosey about this story (the link reg. the infamous show) on air, and she totally denied the whole thing? Why do you think that is? No, I am serious. Has anyone else heard contradicting stories or was she just BS’ing me?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great article.
    And today I just heard about a gig PTV are going to be playing in London at a tiny underground (literally) venue which fits about 100 people max. Sold out already, of course, DAMMIT!

    Ah… what-a-day…what-a-day…

  8. Captain Squiffy says:

    The TG 4/23 show is available for download on Dime:

    Cap’n Squiffy

  9. Nawel says:

    Post nº 3: GENIUS!! I laughed out loud (for real!).

    This article is great, I’m looking forward to see the video.

  10. BlueKephra says:

    Pah ! I’m going here :


  11. mindysan33 says:

    Outstanding! Thanks for this Xeni! Can’t wait to see this. I just wish they were coming closer to to here. I’d love to see them live. I’m sad I’m gonna miss them on this tour. Leonard Cohen isn’t playing anywhere close, either, for that matter (speaking of folks playing coachella I’d like to see…). Sigh.

  12. burdt says:

    The Aristocrats.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A better recording of the San Francisco show is available here:

  14. Anonymous says:

    No not ‘The Aristocrats’…

    Thee Aristocrats!


  15. Xeni Jardin says:

    #3 anonymous, holy hamburger lady, you win the gold-plated unicorn award for lulz. wow. outstanding.

    #8 anonymous, I have been trawling the internets and torrents all week. I asked Metzger about it, too. There are some still b/w slide scans in the Disinformation INTERVIEWS book, but they’re small. I am dying to see larger images (color?) and film, who knows if it exists? There are accounts of exactly what actions the performance involved, at the links in this post. I mean, wow.

    #9 Chang, that is a stringed electrical instrument.

    All: video’s gonna be epic. This is a big deal for us. And TG was very, very accommodating. Pretty amazing day.

  16. gulo gulo says:

    in my record store there’s an original Industrial Records pressing of TG’s third and final report for $50 which i am saving my meagre 17 year old income for because i am a good little noise kid

  17. IWood says:

    Good little noise kid. Like a bit player in a Warren Ellis book.

    But you’ll move up.

  18. IWood says:

    omFg this was ROFLMAO hilarious.

    I hope the code on the SUBMIT button was random and not getting a feed from the State-mandated breathalyzer on my laptop.

    Because that would be surveillance and wrong.

  19. winstonsmith85 says:

    Wow. How synchronous. I just finished attending a TG Conference this afternoon, and I listened to TG in the vehicle as I drove away! (the former TG being Texas Guaranteed student loan corporation, the latter being the incomparable Throbbing Gristle).

    Now time will become a loop, and I’ll have to do it over again?

  20. Anonymous says:

    There is a Coum Transmissions film called After Cease To Exist. About half of it is a black screen and the other half is film of a castration (faked). I’ve got it on VHS as an Nth degree copy ( in other words, almost unwatchable).
    (BlueKephra, having forgotten the log-in)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Free Music Archive has a two part interview from the great WMFU:

  22. Richard Metzger says:

    @#3 Anonymous

    Best… comment… EVER…

    Too bad it’s an anonymous post, that one’s an AWARD WINNER! LMFAO, as the kids like to say.

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