Woman sends stripper impersonator to highschool reunion as a prank

Andrea Wachner sent an erotic dancer, named Cricket, to impersonate her at her ten year high school reunion. The dancer wore a hidden ear piece to stay in communication with Wachner. A film crew was on the scene pretending to film a documentary about artists, including Wachner. Of course, they were really documenting Wachner's brilliant prank. When she posted clips to YouTube, some of her classmates weren't too happy they'd been duped. Now Wachner has a manager shopping her story as a reality show or feature film. From ABC News:
Cricket told the reunion attendees that she'd had reconstructive surgery and also suffered from amnesia. It wasn't completely unbelievable, because some had already heard that the real-life Wachner was in an accident after high school -- her car was totaled and she had been injured, but she had never suffered from amnesia.

Most of them had not seen or talked to Wachner since high school, but many found her new profession suspect: Cricket as Andrea said she was working as a stripper to help pay her graduate school tuition.

Daniel Wolowicz, 32, who had been an acquaintance of Wachner's in high school, said he was immediately suspicious.

"She was just so different. You have to understand the community we had come from," he said. "Everyone was questioning who this person was.

"I had asked her a very specific question about seeing her at a bat mitzvah when I was 15 years old," he said. When Cricket answered his question correctly, Wolowicz said he assumed it was Andrea or "someone else who had been given a lot of information."

It would be awhile, however, before he learned the full truth.

As the night progressed the drinks flowed, and Cricket, always outgoing, was getting ready for the climax of the evening: a striptease performed to what Cricket described as "one of the worst songs of the '90s," Lisa Loeb's "Stay."
"Stripper Impersonates High School Alum: Classmates Learn About Reunion Prank on YouTube" (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)


  1. Daniel Wolowicz, 32, who had been an acquaintance of Wachner’s in high school, said he was immediately suspicious.

    Anybody else notice that this guy sounds a bit old to be attending a 10-year high school reunion?

  2. I hated almost everyone in this video, especially Andrea. The stripper was the only interesting person.

  3. This has been done before. Joe Coleman in the 70’s went to a high school reunion as a classmate that had been in a huge car wreck. Its in the Prank re/search book.

  4. @brainspore

    Reunion was Class of ’95; Wachner is 31. But your skepticism machinery is working correctly.

  5. I don’t know in the US, but here in Denmark, publishing and attempting to sell a film starring normal people in their private capacity created under false pretense would probably be illegal.

    IANAL, but I also find the idea highly unethical. Make a “prank” on Power That Be Who Need Exposition, not on yout old high school mates.

  6. Did she deem that pretending to be a stripper herself was such a difficult task that it would be more feasible to get an actual stripper to pretend to be her? What’s the rationale, here?

  7. @agger

    No doubt the reunion attendees signed releases and gave permission for them to be filmed, so invasion of privacy wouldn’t apply. As far as false pretense, the explanation that this was a documentary about artists technically true–Wachner is a writer. IANALE, but what’s legal always comes down to technicalities.

    There’s a cable tv series here called “Intervention” where addicts are told they’re being filmed for a documentary on addiction, which is true; what they’re not told is that the documentary will end with friends and family holding an intervention to get them to go to rehab. Same sort of thing.

  8. A stripper impersonating you is the kind of thing that everybody expects from the geeky kid in high school.

    Would have been more interesting to have an improv actor pretending to be an extroverted but offensively boring person, kind of like a “Buzz Killington”.

  9. All the people from that school drive expensive cars! I don’t need any more proof. They’re all dicks.

  10. The part where she was all alone at home hating her childhood in front of her PC, while the “stripper” actually interacted with people was also quite sad.

  11. For several weeks I considered showing up to my 10 year HS reunion pretending to be a homeless wino (not shower for a few weeks, not shave, wear ratty clothes, hang out in the parking lot with a cart full of cans . . . see if anybody recognized me, see how they treated me). I wimped out and didn’t even bother to go at all, so kudos to her for the chutzpah.

  12. This is kind of… what are the words I’m looking for? um… heartbreakingly pathetic.

    This is just the trailer? Oh man.

  13. I once dated a stripper named “Kricket.” She was very hot. That is all. I just wanted to share.

  14. I love the work of Alen Funt.
    I like a nicely shaven… leg.

    Oh, family guy quoting on the internet.

  15. how many of those merz and bmer people are now broke?

    I think the more accurate question would be “How many of the parents of those merz and bmer people are now broke?

  16. Seems like if a person really hated high school that much, they wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble, and instead just ignored their 10-year reunion. I speak with some authority on the topic. It would also seem that she’s just as much out for the attention, and to prove that she’s better than the people she claims to hate for having precisely the same motives. Double- or even triple-FAIL.

  17. Oh, I liked this. I liked the entirety of the shoot and can’t wait to see it as a movie. And Cricket won full marks for overall yumminess.

  18. My first response was actually to be really offended.
    (what will her next “prank” be? Maybe she could “shock” people by hiring a black person to come up and talk to her in public? Maybe even a GAY black person…..OOOOOOOH that would be edgy and provocative!)

    I mean, christ on a stick! What year does she think think this is? 1954?

    But on second thought and seeing how mortally crippled by inhibition and low self esteem the filmmakers is, i just feel sad and uncomfortable on her behalf. She’s kinda cute, and looks like she’d clean up nice.
    She really should enroll herself in one of those now ubiquitous “Learn Burlesque & self-empowerment” workshops,
    and gain enough confidence so that if she gets married, she won’t feel the need to “trick” the groom by hiring a sex-surrogate to take her place on the honeymoon.

  19. “Cricket won full marks for overall yumminess.”


    But to quote a great man: “EVERY girl is a something girl!”

  20. I thought it was lame and sad to be that bitter about high school still. My class was kind of dumb. Whenever a reunion comes around, I waste a little energy on stupid thoughts, and then I stop.
    And just don’t go.

  21. So what is the “prank” here? It isn’t like the impersonator was instantly accepted by the people: she had to tell a story about a disfiguring accident and amnesia.

    What is the difference between a prank and a hoax?

    It seems to me that someone hasn’t gotten over hating high school yet. The prank is that she spend tons of money on a camera crew and equipment and sat in a hotel room while other people had a good time.

  22. I just read the comments on Youtube and I’m really surprised at how many are “I wish I would do this” and “way to get back at them.” Perhaps they are all comments from kids actually still in high school but probably not. If you are still mad at people a decade later just don’t bother going or have the guts to go and tell them to their face.

  23. It seems to me it would be more fun to go to the reunion, drink way too much, and be a total dick to everyone.

  24. #7 agger, I don’t know in the US, but here in Denmark, publishing and attempting to sell a film starring normal people in their private capacity created under false pretense would probably be illegal.

    You blur out their faces.

  25. Sorry, but I, too, hated high school (who doesn’t?), and I think this was just kind of mean, cowardly, and lame. I do feel sorry for the people who went to all the trouble of getting there.

    Actually, I hate all this reality prank bullshit. It’s not funny; it’s mean and only works because people are generally good-natured and accepting of others. Exploiting that to make them look foolish is cruel and sends the message that it’s uncool not to be a cynical dick.

    The cynic here is this mean, sad woman.

    If you don’t want to go to your reunion… don’t. I didn’t. Those people were dicks to me in high school. We’d probably get on just fine now that we’re all growed up, but the whole event is about high school, and that was a shitty time for me.

    Also, my friends from high school? We’re still friends. Why do I need a reunion?

  26. Awesome idea. Lol. It is great she got a stripper, instead of a double barrel shotgun and started shooting those who were mean to her.

  27. Sorry but the people still bitter about high school are the ones still trying to impress everyone, not this woman. I think it’s great that she can make light of her history.

  28. Good for her. She proved that even after 10 years, how someone looks is still the dominating factor.

    Fuck her classmates.

  29. It was a cute prank in both concept and execution, but this was such a sitcom-like gimmick that I wanted a sitcom reason for it. If Ms. Wachner were grossly overweight or suffering from some physical malformation, I might understand this behavior. But she seems to be a very presentable young woman, perhaps more so (to me, anyway) than the stripper she sent in her place.

    Oh well, it was just a prank. The point was not to convince her despised high school acquaintances that she had become attractive or successful, but rather to demonstrate her ongoing contempt for them. Mission accomplished, I guess. Perhaps Ms. Wachner can move on with her life now?

  30. Alright, so she has proven to herself that she is in fact the “best” out of all her lame classmates. The main difference between her and the person bragging about their benz is she doesn’t acknowledge competing socially.

  31. It’s good that she sent Cricket, Cricket is vivacious as hell, you know? That chick seems like she sucks.

  32. As # 5 stated, Joe Coleman did something similar. So did I after reading about it. I had a friend of mine impersonate me, and I wrote the results in my zine Killing Trees. In hindsight, I feel like maybe it was immature, but my friend had a blast drinking the free booze. And yeah, he got caught.
    Buy the 1st RE:Search “Pranks” book for the Coleman thing. It’s 10x more amazing than this video.

  33. She didn’t seem bitter to me. And the linked article explicitly quotes her as saying that she didn’t really HATE high school.

  34. Cricket’s full face Frence kiss (tongue visible going in)as a way of saying “hi” to some stranger ruled. I actually fell out of the chair on that one.

    The attitude of entitlement shown when the students described their luxury cars was nauseating. Coming from a place like that it’s no wonder Andrea doesn’t want to stay in touch.
    The current class should be spayed or neutered so another generation of these turds can be avoided.

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