Fantastic Scrabble commercials

The music, design, and wildness of this commercial for Scrabble are all first rate. So much fun! More here. (via Drawn!)


  1. I love it… but how does that say ‘Scrabble?’ I see no connection between the product and the animation really… Which I expect with the ads for some products, but not so much with a board game.

    Whatever, it’s a spectacular animation anyway..!

  2. The connection is the random words that are generated by a game of scrabble and how they might interact. And I love it too!

    It’s obvs for a European market, however. I doubt they could get away with the bare breasts, even the cartoon version.

  3. I immediately understood the connection between the game and the animation, but only because i was told it was a scrabble ad first. It was totally rockin though.

  4. Awesome. Freeze at 0:55 in high quality and you can see all the words and how they link to both the animation and the custom (?) soundtrack that incidentally rocks in its own right. nice find!

  5. I loved it, but I wish the words in the song were just a little more intelligible. Scrabble is a game about the words after all.

    Also, if you wanted to tie in the product better, I would start it out with someone spelling the first word on a scrabble board, and zooming in to the nuttiness. That would be a really effective and cool commercial I think.

    Oh, and LOL AWESUM!!!!!!!!111one1

  6. Am I the only one who thinks this looks like Gary Baseman’s work? He’s done other board games before – I wonder if he had anything to do with this?

  7. So cool, and reminds me of a fun way to extend your gameplay. During the game, write down a list of the words used. Afterwards, each player writes a short story using those words throughout. Geeky fun!

  8. working way to hard to be cool. looks like decades old Walt Disney animation. music is derivative, too.

  9. it reminds me of superjail a little, with less implosion of violence on the end and a scrabble box instead

  10. The connection between the animation and the brand *are* a little subtle, until the end of course. My first reaction was “wow–those guys at Scrabble sure do smoke a lot of dope!” So I guess there is some brand awareness generated as a result. I’m guessing this is an internet-only campaign.

  11. I remember busting into my dad-and-his-girlfriend’s bedroom one day, and finding them naked in bed together.

    That was fine.

    What blew my tiny little childmind was that they were playing scrabble.

  12. rogerg@20: It looks almost *nothing* like old Disney animation. If anything, it’s closer to Fleischer.

    Do you care to support your claim that the “music is derivative?”

  13. Jesus CHRIST.
    This isn’t a commercial: its a work of art.
    No way it could have been produced
    or shown (omg– breastses! hide the kids!) on US tv.

  14. That has to be gener singing. I sense a great disturbance in the boognish. The brothers Ween were involved here.

  15. It’s a scam ad, produced with the intention of winning awards. Scrabble seems to be a popular client for this purpose. It probably screened once at 4am on a tuesday morning in order to qualify for competition.

    Pretty fun though.

  16. Scrabble is as cool as your company. I recommend sultry young maidens, apple breasted on the shimmering sands and bearing salvers of coconut liquor as the warm ripples lap your toes… either that or Saturday winter nights at the CYO with a mickey of vodka and eager supplicants.

  17. I enjoy the music and animation, but the connection to the brand is too indirect. I’m sorry, but board games trade largely on familiarity. There are ways to appeal to the generation’s interest in Scrabble without a complete psychotic break.

  18. I think the commercials are great and see the connection – it’s a bunch of random things growing out of each other, just like the game. Awesome.

    Did anyone figure out the song to the Yoga one yet?

  19. I sent a note to the ad agency who did the ads to find out where the song is from.

    The song on the Hulu ad was commissioned just for the ad and is by a band called C4. It’s possible the Yoga song is an original too.

    Anyway, I’ll post here when and if they write back, if nobody else figures it out first.

  20. If someone gave me 100 dollars, I’d bet 90 of it that the music is by Ween. They’ve done commercials in the past, like the “Where’d the Cheese Go?” song for the Pizza Hut commercial that never was used. It sounds exactly like them, and it’s right up their alley, something they’d do. My money is on Ween.

    Post it when you find out, Sam.

  21. Still haven’t heard back from the agency, which means I probably won’t. Too bad, I’m sitting here still thinking about it almost two weeks later. :(

  22. Someone on youtube claims that this song is called “king for a day” and is by a band called “yogaman.”

    This information is next to useless because there is no information about them online.

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