Lawyer podcast on "Everyone Hates DRM"

The Intellectual Property Colloquium, a podcast for lawyers, has a one-hour show up about the reasons that DRM is the most reviled consumer technology in the market today. It includes interviews with Ed Felten and Randy Picker, testimony from the FTC's DRM hearings, and is hosted by UCLA Law's Doug Lichtman. Fascinating listening that makes a good stab at unpicking the tech and the law of DRM.

Everyone Hates DRM

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  1. Why don’t the artists set up paypal accounts so people can pay them directly to ease their conscience when they’re downloading torrents and mp3s? I’m under the impression that in most cases people would rather pay the artist directly.

  2. 15 minutes in, these guys sound out of touch. They’re talking about theoretical situations where drm is bypassed, while is reality that is what happens 100% of the time.

  3. Emusic for me…running much longer than amazon, cheaper and a better selection of alternative musics.

    And DRM free! (Hurray)

  4. For any artists who might be reading this, I recommend setting up a page on BandCamp ( They let you put songs up for download, for free, for a set price, or for name-your-own-price.

    I think we need more sites like this, because while I have no qualms about giving money directly to the artist for their music, I’d rather not send extra money to apple or amazon or emusic, plus the record labels who take their cut out of that.

    Also, I don’t work for BandCamp, but I’m a fan of several bands who have started using it.

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