San Francisco mint painted with 7 HD projectors

Rhett sez, "This is what happens when you point 7 HD projectors on a building for advertising. Make the real world look like a video game."

The old mint in downtown SF painted by 7 perfectly mapped HD projectors. (Thanks, Rhett!)


  1. first i thought it was cool. then i saw the logo. then i realized my friends did this. fuk yeah! go obscura!

  2. It looks awesome on video. Unfortunately, when you’re there, there’s usually a lot of ambient light completely drowning out the projectors.
    So unless this is being done in a sufficiently dark area, the effect is totally lost.

    Still, the video’s are amazing and I admire the creativity!

  3. When will someone finally harness this technology to make it appear that giant monsters are destroying a city?

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