HOWTO make edible circuit diagrams out of candy

Another gem from the Evil Mad Scientist lab: edible circuit diagrams that help you visualize the delicious results of your electronic experiments: "Any number of chocolate-bar-like foods can be made into edible versions of integrated circuits. Kit Kat, Twix, and Mini Charleston Chews are small components that make good models of integrated circuits in long, skinny packages. Chocolate covered graham crackers are another good option. The aspect ratio is good for doing large-scale models of (e.g.) 8-pin DIP packages; These are the ones that we made into 555s."

Circuitry Snacks (via IZ Reloaded)


  1. MMM, Silver Bearing icing!


    -and gallium doped with DELICIOUSNESS!

    We’re gonna need coffee here, people. -and fast!

  2. The commentary on project site totally left me grinning. On Air Heads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Belts: “the sticky surface texture left you feeling like you’d just been handling salted, fluorescent bacon.” Working in the bacon meme–way to go! Lovely geekery.

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