Papercraft "Illuminati" lampshades

Arash and Kelly say, "Being full of ideas to make things and with the current downturn being so turbulent, we are offering three of our lampshade designs for you to spend time making, hacking, modifying and improving free of charge! You download the plans and make the lightshades using an A1 sheet, scissors, stapler and ruler.... Trace the designs and make them in your own time, with your own hands for free for yourself, loved ones and friends."

Illuminati (Thanks, Arash and Kelly!)


  1. I need to get myself some A1 paper but the art store is all the way down the street and i lost my surgical mask!

  2. Given the name I somehow expected a tin foil design. Paper won’t stop them getting in your head!

  3. Wait, you’re trying to tell me that these are the people who are secretly running the world?

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