Rayguns of Edison Giacattoli


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That should be “Giocattoli” (means “Toys” in Italian) and not “Giacattoli”. And BTW I used to have the gun in the pic as a kid. It was wonderful!

  2. Pantograph says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that these items are in fact fake. If you have proof that these produce actual brightly colored death rays, then I might be interested.

  3. License Farm says:

    The One That Got Away immediately put me in mind of my toy robot collection. I was just talking to old classmates last night about my wish for an Omnibot (and the later Omnibot 2000, c. 1986). Not quite as rare, I grant you, but certainly outside of my disposable income.

  4. error404 says:

    Oh I remember them.

    I always liked the brass knuckles style pistol grip a lot better then the actual gun.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Edison Giacattoli has some great designs. Back when my friends and I were in our 20s we all had a few. I STILL find those little yellow bullets hidden in my stuff and I’ve moved several times since then.

  6. angrydroid says:

    Cool! I had the ZV-263. My parents bought it for me when they dragged my 12-year-old self to Paris. I lost the rubber bullets pretty quickly but I remember it had a little spring-loaded clip magazine they loaded into. I have absolutely no idea what happened to it but it was the envy of all my kid-friends.

  7. dculberson says:

    So Ragan likes ray guns!u

  8. toyg says:

    Er, it’s actually “giocattoli”, as you can see from the original url “edisongiocattoli.it”. It means “toys” in Italian, so hey, BB + languages = FAIL :)

  9. archanoid says:

    Ray guns are not just the future.

  10. Anonymous says:

    When I was a kid a played with a Super Thur LR, this guns were made in Italy in the 80s, and sold in Europe, at least in France and Andorra. It was a expensive toy, so.. Xmas present toy :-)

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