Free Comic Book day this Saturday!

Eyal sez, "The Saturday, (May 2nd 2009)is 'Free Comic Book Day' all over the world. Here is the scoop, you go into any participating comic book store (and there are a lot of them) on Saturday and you get to choose a free comic from over 30 comics. That's it. No catch. As a 40 year old self professed comic geek and a dad of 3 boys who is always looking for ways to get them to read more. The first Saturday in May is a great way to combine both activities. I am in no way affiliated to this promotion or its sponsors. I just feel it's a shame more people don't know about this great day. Did I mention that the comics are free?"

Free Comic Book Day (Thanks, Eyal!)


  1. God, the Wolverine movie looks so awesome. I hope it lives up to the hype! I’m excited to see it, none-the-less! :]

  2. Don’t forget a lot of libraries get in on the act as well. My girlfriend is a teen librarian here on Long Island and she’s participated for the past three years, teaming up with a local comic shop and providing programming and activities for the entire day.

  3. I’m working at Challengers Comics in Chicago for FCBD. We’re having Erik Larsen, creator of Savage Dragon come in for a signing that day. [We wanted Mr. Larsen because Savage Dragon is a Chicago cop, naturally.] We are super stoked! We will be wearing homemade head fins!

  4. Nevermind, for stores in Canada, put a postal code without spaces in the ZIP code box rather than looking internationally.

  5. Heading to Downtown Comics in Indianapolis for my free comics…check em out if you’re in Indy!

  6. #4

    Canadian comic book stores participate as well. I’m in Ottawa and get free comic books every year from The Comic Book Shoppe and Silver Snail (a franchise from Toronto).

    I’d advise to show up early. Quantities are limited and the best comics go lightning fast. Last year, I got there in the afternoon and only free Archies (and I think Totally Spies or some such) were left :(

  7. I… I didn’t see laser eyes on Deadpool in this trailer… I DIDN’T SEE LASER EYES!


    I wonder if they took them out with the reshoots.

  8. The books are not free to the store owners. This year, some issues had mandatory minimum orders.

    The store where I shop, the owner will give one free book to each customer (i.e., someone who has bought at least one other book).

  9. The comics given away on Free Comic Book Day are recommended for all-ages and mostly kid-friendly. Remember to grab copies for your own kids, nieces, and nephews.

    You can also read comics at Kidjutsu, where every day is free comic book day =).

    Disclosure: I run Kidjutsu.

  10. Huzzah! I love Free Comic Book Day, it’s so much fun to go load up on all sorts of stuff you’d never considered reading before – thanks for the reminder!

    On a tangential note, it’s so nice to see comic books continue to build more widespread acceptance. During last year’s FCBD our local comic book store was full of people who had clearly not looked at a comic book since they were ten – and heck, even the freshman English course at my local university is going to be teaching ‘Persepolis’ in the fall. It’s marvelous to think that perhaps people are recognizing that the genre can be just as valid and as worthy of ‘serious’ critical scrutiny as any other …

  11. So, because of the Swine Flu thing they’ve canceled all the Cinco De Mayo type stuff around here. But you can still spread the love at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

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