Oilpunk Fun in SF Bay Area This Saturday: Boiler Bar

Jon Sarriugarte, whose machine art hijinks I first encountered through SRL, is hosting a fun event this Saturday, May 2, in West Oakland. This installment of the Boiler Bar is a benefit for Jon's Snail Car (an amazing metal/fire/artcar) project, and will feature other cool retro-mechanico creations like the Neverwas Trolly Car. Should be tons of Oilpunk fun.

Tickets and more info: Boiler Bar May Day Event. Here's the Facebook event link, and the Facebook fan club for the snail car and her adventures.


  1. First I’ve hear of it, but it makes sense.

    When you think of it, Mad Max was oilpunk, I’d say.

  2. I went to a party at this space around the holidays, it was super fun. They had a photo booth with fire for the flash, some thing where they zapped booze with electricity, the show was awesome, too. Cute girls and snakes!

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