Game console carved from a tree

Brandon sez, "I'm currently studying in Leiden in the Netherlands and upon exploring just outside the south side of town, I discovered this handsome sculpture of an arcade machine carved out of a tree trunk. The URL carved into it leads to a Dutch art group called Uitschot. For those who are unfamiliar with Dutch (not that I'm fluent), 'boom' (rhymes with 'home') means 'tree.'"'

Beeld 14: Gameboom. (Brandon)


  1. Apparenty this statue is for ‘Citykids who are allergic to nature, dragged along by their parents, but who would rather be gaming’

  2. I hear the sound effects are bad; the voice emulator only produces very wooden dialogue.

  3. And “Uitschot” means trash people as in people living in trailers, with mullets and shooting road signs.

  4. Sorry but Boom does not rhyme with Thuis or Huis … should reaklly brush up your dutch …or is it Netherlandish already ????

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