Super Mario theme played on a balalaika

A worthy addition to the subgenre of videos of the Super Mario theme being performed on various instruments by young people who were too young to have played the NES games as kids. These musical game-historians give me hope for the future, they truly do.

Mario Theme on Balalaika (Thanks, Putinoid!)


  1. I love his showmanship and “I’m so intense, now I’m so casual” playing style more than his rendition.

  2. I always wondered what Charlie did to distract himself from the responsibility of running a chocolate factory…

  3. Wow, the balalaika looks like it’d be difficult to produce a good tone with it compared to instruments like the guitar and the violin. Props to the maker of this video.

  4. @noodle : I rather liked the Maestro stuff, it was a bit of showmanship in an otherwise kludgy but kooky performance. :)

  5. The balalaika lends a wonderful sproingy note to the song, and I like how he exploits it for a few moments of jumping.

  6. When McCartney sang “Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out,” I wonder if this is what he envisioned…..

  7. Two things I love – Mario and the balalaika.

    Just because someone’s too young to have played NES when it was first on the scene doesn’t make them too young to have played it as kids. Mine still works… mostly.

  8. the first thirteen seconds of this video are some of the wierdest 13 seconds known to man.

  9. Gradually the players in these videos are going to keep getting younger, until we’re watching doofy-haired fetuses, strumming in the womb.

  10. I guess you’re too young to remember that the name of the game is “Donkey Kong” not “Super Mario” :)

    1. Anonymous at right above me,

      So, so clueless to the erotic peccadilloes of the Boing Boing crowd you are.

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