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  1. Spinneyhead says:

    I have a studio on the edge of the development and cycle past New Islington a few times a week. The already started buildings are still being worked on and do look very interesting, but elsewhere progress is grindingly slow.

  2. bwana dork says:

    The second link.
    She no work!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love to look at architecture.

  4. dd528 says:

    I hate to rain on the parade a little bit, but the New Islington project hasn’t exactly enamoured many local residents. A lot of people agreed to move out of their homes in the area on Manchester that was levelled to build the development, but the recession has killed half the building projects dead, and now those residents face the prospect of not being able to return to their old neighbourhoods until the developers decide the housing market is looking up again. That might not be for a very long time.

    What they have already built is some of the most interesting housing in the city though. And the folk festival is wonderful. I really hope the project can get back on track asap.

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