Cosplayers, manga fans and cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Ian sez, "The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is hosting a two-day celebration of the 'rite of spring,' with a celebration of all Japanese culture -- ancient and modern. It's remarkable to see all the cherry blossoms in a park in the middle of the city. It's even more remarkable to see hundreds of cosplayers enjoying the gardens and displaying their talents for thousands of fans and mundanes."

Sakura Matsuri--Japan comes to Brooklyn (Thanks, Ian!)


  1. That’s so cute. Very original thinking on the part of the cosplayer organizers.

  2. Its even more remarkable to see how incredibly inconsiderate some of these cosplayers can be, both towards other individuals attempting to enjoy the day (thanks to inappropriate high-pitched shrieking) and to the Botanical Gardens themselves. I’ve seen multiple cosplayers violently shaking cherry tree branches in attempts to get photos taken in costume with cherry blossoms falling around them. If they truly want to celebrate Japanese culture and the beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, then perhaps they should behave in a way that allows others to do so as well.

  3. Damn, missed it again!

    Though the $12 admission charge gives me a bit of sticker shock. When I first moved to this neighborhood, admission to the BBG was free.

  4. There’s nothing that says Japanese culture more than a bunch of Naruto cosplayers.

    Glad I skipped it this year.

  5. So that explains why I saw cosplay girls hanging out in the Chinatown arcade last night!

  6. I have to agree with #3. I went, and fortunately got there early enough to enjoy the serenity of the rainy part day. A light drizzle kept the majority of CosPlayers at bay.

    How their assemblage has anything to do with this festival is beyond me.

  7. Whoa, what’s with the cosplayer hate? Any group has bad apples.

    Last few times I was at the Botanic Garden, the ‘assemblage’ that was most ubiquitous and inconsiderate consisted of the several wedding parties blocking paths and trampling lawns and bushes to get the perfect photo. In this case, the grown adult wearing the ludicrous dress and funny hair didn’t even have the excuse of being an anime fan.

  8. Agree with #8. I saw a lot of people being inconsiderate, both in and out of costume. Both are douches, but blaming it on the costume is beside the point (and won’t help the problem, which is bad manners, plain and simple).

  9. No cosplay hate, per se, but just a little upset that the true meaning of festivals such as this has been warped.

    “Hanami festivals celebrate the beauty of the cherry blossom and for many are a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.”

    I guess the “many” are becoming the “few”.

    I hear and acknowledge the points made by Sekino and Roast Beef. And like the blossoms that have come and gone, so to has another festival at the BBG.

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