Microwaving a cellphone is surprisingly cool

Although I won't sacrifice my own microwave to replicate this experiment showing the surprising effects of nuking a mobile phone, I'm glad that one of the web's many amateur scientists did so and recorded the outcome.

My Cell phone company is evil! (Thanks, Fipi Lele!


  1. who knew there were evil monster larvae dormantly sleeping in all our cellphones just waiting for a microwave to wake and birth them out.

  2. aaaaand now to go buy a new microwave, ’cause this one is now cemented shut with all the melted plastic.

    Nice photoshopping with the melted goo-to-monster phase, though.

  3. I was hoping for a real video, but I guess the flashes of light before the phone did anything should have been a clue. On a more serious note, if you’ve got a microwave you don’t want anyway, you really owe it to yourself to try putting a incandescent light bulb in it; they glow purple and green and then start to melt. Empty bags of chips work well too, especially the ones with the metallic interiors; they get covered in sci-fi-style blue sparks and then shrink to a quarter their original size.

  4. (Clever and effective IMHO) viral marketing for a prepaid cell phone company (Net10, IIRC).

  5. Obviously inspired by the soap in the microwave trick. (search YouTube for “soap microwave”)

  6. Whenever I look at my phones media player, I know that I’m not looking at incompetence. Nothing this horrible can be done by mistake. It takes a diabolical mind to make something so ghastly.

  7. Yeah, I remember seeing this last year too. But, it’s still heart warming. hehe

  8. Great, I was expecting a real video and my 6 year old daughter was watching. She is now scarred for life… I should have known better!

  9. That dude has a really dirty microwave. Even before the spawn of satan came out of his phone.

  10. Is that sound authentic? If yes, I would have pissed my pants if I performed that… “experiment” myself. Holy shite.

  11. I was wondering why the turntable wasn’t rotating. I guess the 3D artist was lazy.

  12. Another hint that it’s a viral video was the fact that the guy removed the cell battery prior to microwaving. As one should do.

    A proper crazed and dangerous version would be microwaving it with it on, explosive battery and all. Do Not Do.

  13. #25:

    It’s not a coincidence that phone batteries are eyewateringly dangerous to microwave – that’s deliberate. It means that if the phone is ever accidentally exposed to microwave radiation the exploding battery could kill the still growing demon and close the portal.

    It’s true, Wikipedia told me.

  14. Another hint that it’s a viral video: it’s a fucking viral video.

    Good effort, company, I hope your service is good and even if it isn’t I wish you’d offer it here because it has to be better than Telus, but I think this is mostly an open call, and there’s no way in the whole wide net that there isn’t somebody who neither value their cell phone nor is worried about their microwave, and has as least a webcam.

    I fact, in the “somebody does this” pool, I’ll take 2 days from right now.

  15. That video was about the funniest thing I had ever seen- until I read comments 22, 28 and 29. And what exactly are 14 and 26 all about?

  16. I lol’d so hard the first time I saw that, I nearly ripped the 14.4 otta the wall! Hur hur

  17. Yeah shenanigans. I just checked into this thread to see how long it went before it was called.

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