Art student creates invisible car with cool paint-job

Sara Watson, an English art student, turned a car "invisible" with a lovely trompe l'oeil paintjob:

Sara Watson, who is studying drawing at the University of Central Lancashire (Uclan), took three weeks to transform the car's appearance.

She created the illusion in the car park outside her studio at Uclan's Hanover Building in Preston.

The car is now being used for advertising by the local recycling firm that donated the vehicle.

Art student's car vanishing act (via Bioephemera)


  1. That’s beautiful!

    It reminds me of this.

    It’s too bad she had to paint the sponsor’s logo across the top of the windshield–I’d love to see the car disguised as well as possible.

    I give it about 8 months until we see a TV commercial that rips off this idea.

  2. It’s fairly common in computer animation, but it’s always fun to see a real version.

  3. Very, very cool. Terrific talent, and terrific imagination.

    @#1 — two things —

    first — if you look closely, she’s painted the logo to look as if it’s painted on the window just to the right of of the door.

    second — I hope beyond hope that whomever makes a TV commercial hires her to do the work — she’s earned the right to make a living with her talent.

  4. Thequickbrownfox, I think you missed the point of the writer; it takes quite a bit more effort to create this effect in reality, than it is using photoshop. I’m sure that to feel the real effect you need to be there and watch it vanish turning your head.

  5. I think BoingBoing posted this last week.

    To me, the funny thing about the whole illusion is that it works so well in photographs but it would be difficult to get the effect perfect in real life because we have two eyes. So in a way, it’s an illusion that depends upon photography to explain it.

    Nonetheless, until I see it for real, I’ll just have to hold my tongue. [Which I’m obviously not.]

  6. This is a very cool anamorphic distortion.

    How it was probably done:

    Pick the one spot you want to arrest the viewer from, where the illusion will be seen correctly.

    Take a digital photo of the scene (w/out the object) from this spot, trying to keep the camera at an average eye height and not using too wide of a lens.

    Bring the object to be made invisible into the scene. Aim a digital projector from the exact spot and angle the photo was taken from and cast the image over said object until the background lines up. This part is the hardest because you usually have to subtly tweak the image on the spot to correct for (wait for it) the projector’s built-in correction of anamorphic distortion.

    Mark out the main structure of the projected image on the car and start mixing paint!

    The fact that we have two eyes won’t hinder the illusion in the least if it is done correctly.

  7. Please tell me she did a video (for time-lapsed play back) of her doing this job.

  8. with even the most primitive synthetic chromatophores, you should be able to develop a usable system by using wrap around cameras and software that infers the viewing angle of who you wish to fool. Workable camouflage doesn’t have to be perfect. A OLED skin? How much computing power would be required? I’ll bet most of the required approaches are already available from animation and lighting programs.

  9. that must be so annoying to get the car back in the exact same spot after you’d moved it. And you’d have to rotate the tires too.

  10. In high school, we read ‘Invisible Man’ and had to write a paper on it. I made a joke to the girl next to me that I should write an invisible paper… 10 blank pages with the last page that said: (This paper exists, you just refuse to see it.) I didn’t have the guts to do it… she did, and got an A. Doh!

  11. Ahh another one, 1989. Indian Jones and the last crusade. At the end when Indy is crossing the invisible bridge, the same effect is used. It actually worked at a couple angles.

    I only bring this up because, come on… art students doing is nothing new?
    A full size print of my cubicle door with me in it working is the same thing. But not outstanding enough to make the news.

  12. Did anybody notice that it’s a CRYSLER? ie the automobile manufacturer that just became invisible.

  13. Alot of people seem to mistaking the concept of camouflage with the physical (and creative) work of getting a fixed point view of a scene onto a non-related, non-uniform 3d object.. by hand, with a paint brush.

    Give the girl some credit. It’s excellent work and isn’t remotely the same as a poster of you working, hung on your office door, nor a shirt resembling the wallpaper behind you.

  14. I’ve seen similar works done before but mostly on flat surfaces. Getting this illusion to work properly on a car that is made up of many irregular curved shapes is much harder, and the girl deserves a hand for her effort.

  15. Don’t forget you aren’t working on a flat board, or a human body against a flat wall. You’re dealing with 3 dimentions of the car as well as the environment. You have to match the curve of the car against the distance/angles of the environment. Try making a flat door look like its flat and against the wall 10 feet behind the car and match it up with the actual door peaking over the roof of the car, on a curved and tilted window. If you guys think this is so easy and nothing extraordinary…stop posting other peoples work and show us how easy it really is by doing it yourself :)

  16. this actually an imperfect design….she did not account for the shade from the sun. would have been perfect if she had painted that part with lighter colors or lit it with a strong flashlight or something.
    My $.02

  17. or better yet have something such as a measured and tailored piece of cartoon and hang it from the front bumper of the car after it had been painted to match the surroundings and consequently eliminating the shade problem since it would be behind this “drape”

  18. love this
    im good at drawing and stuff but not much on painting i give you props ^.^ keep going with what you are doing you could end up making millions :]

  19. The Indiana Jones “invisible bridge” never really existed. It was just CG special effects. Sure, the idea may not be new, but I agree with the other contributors there was real talent involved here. She did a great job.

  20. look. the point is that she did an outstanding job on this….we all know we’ve seen it before or known someone else that did it. But that doesnt mean shes not talented.

    I think she did a wonderful job, and those who posted other versions to show that somethings been done before(get a life) everything we do today or seen has been done for centuries….

  21. I’ll give this a few weeks or months & you will see car enthusiast roll around town with this same paint job & their 30 inch chrome rims

  22. There are those who create art, and those content to just sit on their duffs and criticize it. The majority of the critics to this young ladies work, probably couldn’t tell the difference between a pencil and a paint brush.

  23. Oh my goodness! I’m in advanced art at school, but i could NEVER do that! how long did that take you?

  24. From: Akinyele Aluko, Maputo Mozambique
    This is fantastic and creative. She deserves the commendation of all especially in a world where the digital world has taken over everything from drums to guiters and horns.

  25. It’s amazing that you could paint a car outside in Preston for 3 weeks without it raining.

  26. Wow apparently it’s so amazing that they could only show one picture of it. Awesome.

  27. what talent.i hope to see more of her work in the future.that girl is unbelivably talented.i would love to see the car in person.just to look at the MIND BLOWING paint job!!!!!!

  28. Sweet. That’s pretty cool. Pretty soon cars might be invisible if she can make that happen with that car.

  29. This is a refreshing change from the “very over done” computer generated special effects.
    Awesome job girl, do what you LUV.

  30. TGG161’s comment sounds like something you would find on

    Indeed, whether the idea is not completely new or not shouldn’t matter in relation to how much effort and time went into her piece, especially because hollywood would have used more technology to make it happen than she did. screw hollywood anyways. It’s great to see that determination and ambition still get rewarded.

  31. Did you know that butterflies actually are colorless?
    That is where she got the concept from.
    Too cool or what?

  32. sweet!!! …. I wonderdoes she ever drive?
    any way I hope they use for a good ad no lame car

  33. saleem
    it is a great job and i appreciate the artist who had done it first time in trhe whole world

  34. BRAININAVAT: It’s not Chrysler (too bad, LOL, that would be way funnier), it’s Skoda. Model Felicia. Made in Czech Republic :]


  36. Wow,
    she is dedicated beyond words. I’d use the word talent, but talent alone is never enough. There’s a lot of hard work and pre planning for this. Cleverness! What a great eye for matching colors too.
    Chainsaw Chuck.

  37. when i saw this i can’t beleive it. i just wanna to say keep it up and future is yours because this life is nothing if u don’t have fire inside.

  38. It will only “disappear” at one specific spot on the Parking lot and at one height at that spot. Did she paint a mark on that spot?

  39. Absolutely incredible…. 2 thumbs way up (if i had more they’d be up too) its always amazing when people are willing to spend this much time on something… and not take the easy way out (3D Art which is what i do) but yeah amazing… she really has a talent

  40. wow, the people who knock her talent must be “to self asorbed, or jealous of her talent” she did an amazing job. and thats that. Yes other people do the same stuff. but hers is just great work. simple!

  41. Great Job and anyone that post negative comments are just jealous and wish they had your talent. Good Luck!!!!

  42. That is so cool that she could turn a car invisible. how many people do you know that could do that! That is awesome! she is so cool!!

  43. Be nice, if you could have at least, posted the actual video, or link to it, so we could see what you are talking about.

  44. This is the same basic idea of camouflage used in the “Leap of Faith” test at the end of Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. Very clever, and certainly not a trivial amount of work to pull off.

  45. This is RIDICULOUS. The laws of Physics prevent things like this from happening. You cannot make a solid object become completely transparent, its just not how it works. I dont believe this hype in the slightest bit. If this were true and people could really do this, dont you think the traffic accident ratio would skyrocket? Criminals would be able to get away from robbing banks or killing someone because they have an “invisible” car. Haha! the last thing we need to do is think that we are actually capable of making a solid steel/metal erection invisible to the human eye.

  46. Abe lugo

    I don’t think any art is “new”. The way of using it and doing it is what makes it new.

    This young lady used her imagination – even if she used pictures and other things to help her. The effect is fantastic but as has been said could only be seen like that from one direction.
    That isn’t the point. The point is she did it and it works!!

  47. The following is not meant be an insult, just a critique:

    I do not understand the reason for going through all the trouble in time and materials to execute something that only works with one particular angle.

  48. Very nice from an artistic viewpoint! But as a practical matter, it took her three weeks to pretend to do what most inner-city gangs can do for real in about 30 seconds!

    All-in-all, I prefer Sarah’s method!

  49. awesome! but if this is viewed from a different angle it will ruin everything. However, it’s really awesome!

  50. I think that anyone who knocks you for your valiant effort and creating such a work of art weather it be Camra Angles or not. It takes time and effort which you should be proud of.

  51. Now that’s some very creative tallent. She did an excellent job pulling that off. Reminds me of the invisible car in James Bond. hmm i wonder if she used any photoshop like programs, pixel by pixel to get the shading just right.

  52. Nice………wel done SARA. This can pave the way for further development in the same field in future.

  53. i wonder how invisible it’ll be once you drive it 2 feet. also, is it just from that angle it looks invisible?

  54. Creative and a flare for business. She might have an opportunity at best web choice. Nice work!

  55. Love it….!
    Way to go Sara. I look to hear about you doing movie special effects.

  56. It’s wonderfully refreshing to see some one do something by hand instead of with a computer

  57. That is soo cool…I wish I was that artistic. Too bad it only blends in with that background.

  58. Sheesh, anybody ever hear of a “site specific installation?” Of COURSE the illusion only works from one angle. It’s an art project, not a secret military cloaking device!

    Of all the versions of this gimmick I think my favorite may be Banksy’s “Elephant in the Room,” wherein he created an indoor scene with a live elephant painted to match the wallpaper.

  59. It amazes me that some critiqued the work as if they are some professorial sage. SMH

    Just shut up and enjoy, or move on! It’s good work and interesting! How original is not important! Some people are unbelievably dense!


  61. That art work is wonderful, I have been looking forward to such creative arts long ago.


  62. i already saw this on an illusion site. nice to know its on yahoo. i read in the illusion sight they donated the car or something

  63. i love it and wish her all the best in her endeavor and her daily activities.

    Keep the hard work done.

    Ken. (from Ghana )

  64. Hey, isn’t that what the predators drove around in the second movie with Gary Busey.

  65. Doesnt matter who did what first. College kid did something cool. I hope she keeps up the good work!

  66. hi! this is raphil!

    you know its nice to have that kind of art specially when it came from a girl like her! maybe she paint her smile to and send it to me!! hihihihi

  67. think about it she went out in the parking lot and painted it.Its not made by using a camera nor was it made from some picture.Its a real car in a real parking lot being painted.Give the girl some credit she’s good at what she does.Dam quit looking for the the tricks be happy for her.she has a great talent and she is willing to share it with everybody.

  68. This is a really really good art piece. Who ever disagrees, u just need to keep shut because u wouldnt be able to do just that. From the dimensions and colors to match make it extremely hard for a non artist to do. So to those who arent impressed try it, lets see how far u will get to a perfect example of that.


  70. Of course, she did this paint to park illegally in handicap spots! Just kidding… I love what she did to the car, I wish they would find a way to make this effect cheaper, easier, and mandatory for people driving rust buckets.

  71. sorry but it not invisible but transparent it the right description for that art


  73. I think its a great work of art. A lot of art is hard to understand, but this is simple. A young lady put a lot of work and imagination into this, and did a great job.
    Congratulations for your hard work!

  74. Unless your taking the wall with you , it serves to point ..Overall it is briliant and creative.

  75. amazing. very very talented, i can’t imagine being able to claim this work. you should be very proud, keep up the good work.

    it’s hard to park a jet..


  78. it’s really cool and i hope that in the future, there would be an invention that would make the car totally invisible.

  79. great job but not roadworthy. oopps did i just hit a car coz i cant see it. lol

  80. Pitchafit here!!

    Hey brownfox-Didn’t Mommy teach you if you can’t say anything nice at 3am than don’t say anything at all!! This girl is amazing!! By the way, what have you done for your country lately!!

  81. You should see my invisible mansion, and my three invisible cars and my invisible yacht.

  82. wow!!! this is great. its the work of a genius. its really really good, not seen anything like it.

  83. She must be very good with colors. That is an AWESOME car, If you moved it you would probobly NEVER be able to get it back in it’s place.

  84. Dear Sara,

    I think it is FANTASTIC! Great job!

    Fame has its problems, always non-famers queing in without any talent as on this blog.

    WWI british cargo ships owed much of their ability to feed the UK from Argentina on vessels painted “razzle-dazzle.” (Not the same but similar eye dispute.)

    Lady Di once got admonistered by the UK news for ordering a Mercedes Coupe rather than a Jaguar Coupe. That car looks like neither. As a big fan of the old “Avengers”; it also does not look like a Cobra or a Bentley.

    The Queen always likes these things are you on her schedule? Should be, why don’t you ask? She likes plants and horses can you do them also?

    Windsor Castle could stand an update, especially since the fire. Why not you!

    Best regards,

    RAG from America

  85. She is talented and beautiful. She reminds me of Kate Hudson. What a fantastic idea and so wonderfully done!

  86. She is great with colors. That must’ve taken forever. It is AWESOME! Once you do that you will NEVER be able to get it back.

  87. Whoever posted comment #113 (the guy talking about how this is immpossible due to physics and all this other stuff) needs to read the article. It isn’t actually defying the laws of physics. It’s called using paint to “camouflage” the vehicle in that one spot, like the army does, and hunters have for centuries. The minute it moves it messes the whole thing up, so it isn’t ‘invicible’ to any degree, just well disguised. Maybe you should have taken the time to actually read the article. No offense.

    At any rate, it’s an amazing piece of art. Though it has been done before, what hasn’t? I can’t think of anyone I know of talented enough to pull this off without a computer or digital imagery.

  88. Wouldn’t it just be easier to make the car invisible, rather than painting it to ~look~ invisible???

  89. very cool. to #18, that was in a movie where im sure they used the same fabric to make his shirt. this is just sheer coolness.

  90. You did an awesome job Sara. Don’t pay attention to negative attention from anyone else. You worked hard and, got a well deserved reward.

  91. Great job Sara! I totally agree with poster #39. It’s a LOT harder than it looks.

  92. wow nice paint job. I heard of this in a korean true or false video. Talk Bout pas’in undetec’id!

  93. Could we hire this artist to paint the economic crisis in effect and make it disappear? That would be magic!

  94. that looks like it took 4eva just to paint it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. ok this IS cool but Y the heck did she even do it?!?!?!?! i wonder…
    ~alice k~

  96. Hey #113, this IS real, if you belive it or not. Just think and change the point of view in your mind – what happens? The background doesn’t match at all, which means that you will see it’s a car w/ an unusually paintjob. And on the other hand, the paint doesn’t matter at all if you’re driving at night.

    Hey #12 MSTODDARD:
    Your comments are about right. That’s the way I did a paintjob a couple of years ago.

    =) GREAT JOB (=

  97. You know, for a girl to be that TALENTED is amazing!! She should be incredibly proud! And, not to mention, her car is being used to help spread advertisements of recycling! It is one thing to paint great and beautifully, but she did something more, she did real art.

  98. whoa!!!
    this is so cool
    i can see y they would want to use it in a recycling advertisment.
    its like the car is just barely there
    awesome job :)

  99. Is very impressive, and very time consumer, don’t listen discourage people, you go …..for a good future

  100. wow that is super cool i would like to follow in her footsteps i want to have a cool thing like that lucky her!!!!

  101. I give kudos to you Sara Watson. I agree with Nosehat, it’s just a matter of a couple of months before someones tries to do what you did.

  102. I think it’s pretty cool. Reminds me of Fozzy Bear and Kermit hiding the Studbaker in front of the billboard in the Muppet Movie.

  103. now if she could make all global warming made in USA visible by drawing tiny US flags on it

  104. that is awesome, nice work! i dont know you but you must be very proud! i cant wait till there are some for sale!

  105. this is very cool my sister has a picture on facebook that she made herself disappear. but good jod sara and keep the good work up. mississippi loves this type of stuff.

  106. wow, taking the time and doing this…wow i just admire you. great job on your part!

  107. She did this fast and it looks nice. I thought it was like science when i saw this on the yahoo page.

  108. well it is indeed a great job.from my experience artists often give the illusion while scientists make it happen so very soon scientists would creat a really invisible car and not just an illusion but ireally think she did a great job by giving we scientist a vision or better called picture with which we can work to achieve the truly invisible car manufacture


    I was like; “Where’s the invisible car? :D?? -looks- ..where is it? :D??..-see’s- OH! THERE IT IS!”

  110. HEY!!SARAH!!!
    That’s really a work of Art. Don’t pay any attention to HATERS!!! Their only jealous because they can’t do something that is so inspiring and COOL!!! like you. Haters will always be around & I mean around. You did an excellent job. Wish you the best in the future. Keep it up.

  111. I think this is really, nice. I’m a mother in Oakland, Ca, and it makes me feel good to hear about young adults taking time, effort and determination to do something positive. Of course, with photoshop this could have been done in no time by many of people and in less time, but this is really amazing. :-)

  112. It’s amazing!!! You did a GREAT JOB!
    Very talented, The only that kind of spoil the illusion is the lower left side of the door, from the windshield is a little off.
    But overall AWESOME!!!

  113. That’s where I parked it! Dang it! I guess I have to remove the cloaking device!

  114. The same thing…only much better was done in the movie starring Jack Black called “Be Kind, Rewind”…check out the part where they climb the fence. gr8.

  115. You have some great talent there. Perhaps another direction such as getting involved in national or international contests?? Getting involved in contests will help a future portfolio. Although this is a neat project its not the first of its kind. Keep up the work, take the critiscism and use it to advance your talent.

    *just because someone is a little critical of her work doesnt mean you people should attack them. They may have just as much talent or more.

  116. The best part is… when i step inside, i will also become invisible.

  117. Can any of you people putting down this persons work actually accomplish something like that yourselves? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

  118. Oh my.

    Maybe BoingBoing should limit the number of “anonymous” posts from the same IP Address? I still like the car and all, but this kind of thing sort of kills off discussion.

  119. Wow this is really cool i’ve never seen anyone do anything like that before she is extremly observant good job!!!!

  120. Next, she should do one with an areial view atop a field of flowers. She can do it from a scaffold & when photographed from a boom truck at noon when the sun is directly overhead, there will be no shadows cast from the car.

  121. Woah,That is so cool
    She deserves a Award for something realting to Invisible cars,ART


  123. Me parece algo hasta cierto punto imposible, Ella tiene una determinacion impresionante ,porque para la mayoria de personas empezar un proyecto de esa categoria y magnitud haria retroceder un poco ,,,Muchas felicidades a la chica y quien la haya ayudado ,La verdad es un proyecto sensacional y me encanta la buena causa que beneficia.desde Mexico Felicidades!!!!

  124. Ah, thanks for the explanation. I guess that can have a similar effect RE conversation.

    Let’s just try not to get linked directly to the YouTube user base. =D

    1. Let’s just try not to get linked directly to the YouTube user base.

      If that happens, I’ll take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  125. This shouldn’t be entitled as “Invisible Car” because,
    1. It is only invisible at one angle.,
    2. there is a shadow cast on it..
    But still, it’s a nice piece of art. She gave a lot of effort on it. Kudos!

  126. I say vandalism! haha kidding! all these people saying its nothing new and keep showing pictures of invisible body painting, Guys guys this is a car we’re talking about you can’t compare bodies to cars so just shut up. it takes much more time concentration and effort to make it than to paint a small body.

  127. look you twit, the car is OBVIOUSLY not supposed to be transparent, she painted it to LOOK invisible in the setting doof. its incredible

  128. i think that this car is the most asome thing i’ve ever seen and i think that they should pay that lady to put that car in a comertial it is so cool.

  129. Trompe-l’Å“il, is a painting style that originated during the Baroque period. It means “to trick the eye”. If its an installation piece (meaning temporary) it usually only works from one angle. The car will only be there for a short period of time.
    The angle from which the photo was taken is probably slightly of the angle the artist intended, so to make it more visable for people viewing the photo.
    Just because it isn’t original doesn’t mean it wasn’t time consuming and required a great deal of talent. My favorite Trompe-l’Å“il artist is Julian Beever, check him out

  130. That is awesome!i wish i could do something like that! WOW! thats ALL i hav to say!

  131. Just do it folks..Like this girl did! Awesome

    The problem with this world is that a lot of people like to bring someone down…when they get famous. Crab-mentality.

    Show your stuff and move on. I love you, girl!

  132. you tube “chalk drawings” and you will be more amazed than this…Julian Beever does drawings on the ground that will blow your mind.

    “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.”
    -Paul Gauguin

  133. beautiful art work…no need to insult or be anal about it. i never could make this work even from one angle. DONT HATE, APPRECIATE


  135. This girl is AMAZING!!! I wonder if she could paint my house so my students can’t find where I live! :)

  136. Wow! That’s amazing and a very nice looking girl! I would be wowed to see it in real life! :)

  137. whoa! this is beautiful.Terrific talent you got right there.Keep the good work up.

  138. thats… wow I could probably name a couple mess ups she could probably name a million but that is amazing even if its been done a million time to do that by hand and in three weeks thats amazing

  139. Remember the movie “when a stranger calls” back in the 1980’s? The guy who kidnapped the kids from the sitter hid from his victim by painting himself exactly like the area he was hiding.

  140. Wow! Just great! Kudos!

    To others who made a negative post: so what if she’s not the one who first thought of the concept, so what if it’s not perfect? You comment as if you could do a better job. You guys are just envious.

    It took her great talent, skill, patience, dedication, commitment and passion to do all that.

    Even if you don’t appreciate her work, you still spent a few secs or mins to post a comment. Get a life!

  141. all i can say is MAKE SURE YOU COPYRIGHT THIS!!!!….people these days are RUTHLESS…and this is an awesome job…at first i thought it was “photoshopped”…but then as i read the story…realizedit was REAL paint…..awesome

  142. i think as a fellow person of creative cartoon talent that she has created a great image in one,s mind and has super art talent.Hats off to u!!.

  143. that’s amazing
    it’s really creative but it would be really dangerous to actually drive in because other ppl might not c the car so i hope she’s not planning to really drive it

  144. Sara Watson I won’t forget that name. Sara you are a very talented lady. If I was you I wouldn’t oay any attention to the people who only dream about having the speacial talent that you have. The only reason they criticze you is that they have nothing better to do with their lives. You have done ONE KICK @$$ JOB. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work and you are on your way to landing a job anywhere you want it. If I had the money to have you paint my house I would hire you in an instant. The way you have layed out your art is something that should be praised for the mind that you have to have to out it together. I have nothing but love for the talent you have. I don’t post blogs but I couldn’t let this pass. I wish you the best of luck with your gift keep it up. Scotty Key.


  146. Oh and to those who made a comment that it’s not really invisible, duh! Of course it’s not really invisible!!! The goal is not to really make the car invisible!!! The point is that it was done so well that it got your attention and made you want to post a comment to make yourself feel like you’re better than her, as if you could do a better job at what she did. Get a life! She did a great job!!!!

  147. im really amazed of that…awesome….continue to discover and share your talent and skills to everybody… goodluck and good bless…

  148. Want to go invisible? Go room temperature superconductors! Start off by looking at the work by David Radius Hudson. Now this is not art but takes an artistic mind.

  149. * Sara *

    All that time for your genius mind!


    You did exactly what you intended! Perfect!

    Some people don’t seem to get the point of what your intentions were and that’s ok.

    I don’t need technology to tell me I have to be there to believe it. You did it, and I believe the words alone!

  150. Nice work cute girl… Maybe you can make me ‘invisible’ too…

  151. I am most definitely in love. Nice pic, except for that car. Ha ha. Paint me next, please.

  152. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

    the people who seriously think she made it invisible make me giggle. lol.

    theyre dumb. haha

    but seriously this is amazing. i wish i could do something like that!

  153. Amazing piece of artwork! What truly amazes me even more are the critics out there saying they’ve seen things like this before. To that I have to say, “you’ve seen written words before but you still can’t spell or use proper grammar. Get over your own inadequacies and admit she did something spectacular.”

  154. Oh, wow. That’s amazing! It must’ve been a royal pain to get everything lined up just right, especially the bricks. O_O Brilliant!

  155. how do you do that!! ive always loved painting. painting is my life… even though im only 12… hah ha!!

  156. for any of you saying this is not that amazing or creative or hard, then why is THIS ON YAHOO, AND BOINGBOING. this is probably one of the hardest things you could possibly do, and will be still really hard for a long time.

  157. imagine how much time it took her to recreate the brick view on the car’s left side windows.. it’s still not perfect, but tying to capture its image as close as she did must have really been difficult. hell just thinking about it, if i were the one who created this, i would have really gotten pissed at the whole thing-it would have kept moving at the wrong degree and i would just be changing it and changing it… but as it is it’s done pretty darn close being hand made.

  158. Reminds me of OctoCamo in MGS4. O.O XD
    An amazing job though. I was surprised. Congratulations for her and her amazing artistic abilities.

  159. this is pretty sweet! u shoucld go into buisness and make more cars juss like this! (: keep up tha good workd

  160. that same creative technique has been done lots of times back in the late 60s with more convincing results. art works like this is only effective when seen in a printed picture. magicians/illusionists employ this visual effect over and over again. you can never see this effect if u are right there in the lot. u have to be standing in the exact same spot….same viewing height/angle to somehow get an idea of the effect. change ur viewing angle and daylight intensity and ull say…”it;s hardly appreciable”.
    there was this canadian and turkish duo who was so good at this that their works was used several times in various Psychology books dealing with perception and brain busting.

  161. Great Job, she deserves to do what wever she wants with that talent. If she wants to earn a living just doing that, go girl! Amazing it blew my eyes off(good thing I learned how to type without looking at the keyboard(:)

  162. nobody has to hold their tongues and wait to see this in real life.. This is truly some phenominal work. This student has much to be proud of.

  163. Sara Watson, u are very talanted.I thought u made it transparent until i saw another pic, very well done

  164. that is just simply awesome..but me 2 would have liked if there was no writing on the windshield….i was surprised when i hears she took 3 weeks….its so perfect..must have called for alot of patience…….

  165. Whats funny i i see alot of people posting links to other works and stupid examples of what could be done but the fact of the matter is…. This took skill and an extremem dedication to her work. Instead of people dissing her and flaming her saying its not original just ask yourself, how hard this must have been to do. there are alot of examples of people using computer programs to camo items but this isnt camo its a fixed point illusion and on a 3d object. id like to see any of the people talking her down to do what she has done.

  166. The staff of Adventure Books saw this article and decided to offer Sara a chance to do a cover for one of our upcoming titles with credit, under our usual arrangements.

    In case you are looking for her on Facebook to drop congratulations, it’s easy to get confused because there is ANOTHER Sara Watson who looks almost like her. The REAL Sara Watson, car artist, is listed as ‘Sara Watson, Manchester’ and her profile pic includes the car.

    Managing Editor for AB of Seattle
    Robert M Blevins

  167. reminds me of a japanese show several years back wherein contestants had to look for people disguised to blend in as as objects or the scenery and the surrounds

    that was a great fun.

  168. Saw an News on The WEb some days ago,
    That MI5 wanted some Scientists
    Please send them your Creativity

  169. she did a great job, but…… whoever took the pic didnt take it from the correct spot… the door is off a little bit, the camera needed to be moved about 8 inches to the right… but other than that.. great job

  170. we have a bunch of politicians here in the US she could use as her next models or project

  171. MAKING CARS INVISABLE…what a green idea!!!I already see your painting in a car add. . .well sort of(((: good luck fello artist.

  172. the car war was so cool i kinda like it.. i hope it will be more mobilize the enhancement of invinsible.

  173. Hey I almost did the same thing, by accident, when I was in the Navy. We taped a Playmate fold-out to one of the double doors to the TV room, opened it half way, and took a shot of it. with the lights outside and the TV room dimly lit, it came out as if we were sneekin’ a peek at her at the dressing table, in front of her mirror.
    Everybody wanted a copy of it!

  174. big deal. my car is always invisible when I come back out of the supermaket, and when I stumble out of a bar late at night.

  175. She did an INCREDIBLE job on this invisible car illusion. Truely an AMAZING job and I’m sure a lot of thought and work went into doing it. Nice work, Sarah!! Check out this website of Philadelphia murals: This site doesn’t do it justice though. It’s the most amazing place to go and walk around and look at the murals. The murals are everywhere on the sides of buildings. I read that there are like 2,800 of them around Philadelphia. You have to walk right up to the buildings to believe that they’re not actually three dimension but just painted on the side of the buildings. If you love art, sculptures, and architecture, downtown Philadelphia is truely the place to go and take tours and explore. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  176. Awesome work, Sara. Hope they put a signage somewhere that says that area is occupied. Else, another car might use the place for a parking space!

  177. I see what has been done to create this illusion. I think its verry clever and Verrt talented. Ive done a little bit of body work to mt own vehicles. I think that is so verry creative. If you wer my student and i was an art teacher. I would have to say you would be my most ohnered student. I realy hope you see my Responce to your creation. You seriously have my 5 ***** Rated on this. I wish you the best in what ever you have on your mind for the future. Follow your dream. Don’t let anyone knock you down.

  178. she have an extra ordinary talent, and she have that smile that got me on… wish i can take you out for a date… :)

  179. This is awesome. I don’t know how she did it, but I see why it took 3 weeks. There’s lots of perspective involved. Well done Sara.


  181. she have an extra ordinary talent, and she have that smile that got me on… wish i can take you out for a date…

  182. This is incredible. Those of you who think this isn’t deserving of praise, don’t know how hard it is to accomplish something like this. This is true art. I can think of a few famous artists with paintings worth millions of dollars. But how about we say “Oh, it must have been easy, it was on a flat surface! That’s not art!” No, we don’t say that. And this is much more than that. Truly talented girl.

  183. Hi,Sara.Nice painting.I hope that you would do many other paintings like that.All The Best…
    May God Bless You.Take Care.

  184. Absolutely an amazing work of art….
    Maybe this something General Motors and Chrysler should consider doing….Give her the bailout money instead!!!!

  185. holy crap that is amazing. girl, you should get a job with a high salary or some sort of scholarship to continue in the fantastic and amazing talent that you have. kudos to you girl, kudos to you

  186. Imagine how hard it would be to find the keys- I can’t find my keys already. Great job on the car, keep progressing :)

  187. Nice job! I love art and that is awesome!
    Two things to point out,
    One, you guys know she doesn’t really read this stuff do you?
    Two, #133, you have got to be kidding me. Computer graphics? She did this by hand and it is REAL.


  188. Jesus christ, Antinous! I’m just back from a night out, in a few clubs.. Yahoo sure can talk, can’t they?


    And Sammich.. Thanks! I had to scroll all the way back up to #57 just to find out it rains in Preston.. ;p

    Now I need to sleep. And eat something random. And smoke something. Anyone have any rizlas? (that’s “zigzags” to you FarSiders)

    Ya know.. maybe I better not post this. I sound like a student.

  189. to those of you who say “it’s been done before” it really isn’t the same and this is an awesome optical illusion. I love that pic that shows it at the wrong angle, it made me giggle, and it just goes to show you exactly how much hard work went into this car.

    You go girl! this is an awesome work of art and it is very creative! I love it!!!!

  190. OMG there are so many haters out there….read past those who are too jealous to admitt how great that is and hold your head up high and be proud hunny you did great…..something worth talking about….

  191. wow that is crazy what made you wanna do that forreal!? I would never have thought of this ever!

  192. It won’t be long before there are police cars that will do this trick automatically, driven by cameras and computers with some kind of OLED skin as the display. It will make the speed traps almost impossible to see until you are caught.

  193. Her work is amazing. I hope she gets the credit she deserves. Some people are such haters.

  194. WOW. that is so cool. she did a very good job in painting the car. it really mixes with the background. although some colors aren’t really the same, it was really done well. nobody is perfect. :) good job. :)

  195. Sara, preaty cool I like it. I wonder if you could make my car payment disappear for me?

    Takes trompe l’oeil to a sort of BRAND NEW level.
    Of course one can still instantly discern – even from THIS – especially ‘preferential’ (say) – viewpoint, that the brand in question is Skoda.
    However – this minor detail takes NOTHING away from
    the really great idea & its achievement.
    BRAVO, Sara! Congratulations!
    Easy to imagine a Czech owner coming back and saying: “Where is the Skoda gone? What a skoda!! What Skoda? Where is the skoda? How much skoda!?” (As ‘skoda’ means ‘damage’ in that language.)

  197. I imagine you painting this… one brush,then 3 steps back,take a look,go back to the front,another brush,3 steps back,take a look,go back to the fron,another brush….just so exhausting maybe,very good work! i just dont know ho to say it,but to describe it,the only word that i can use is,AMAZING,hope that fits it,i admire you,dont just keep it up,keep it going beyond! the future needs artists like you!

  198. HAHA! Good luck finding your car now! Some people can’t even find their car in normal paint!

  199. Very clever.

    It would be quite funny to fill the trunk with cement, or bolt it to the pavement, and then phony-up some sort of horrific “crash” and then pretend that the artist is being arrested and sued for parking an invisble car, etc., etc.

    Why stop the fun now??? The artist should turn this into a circus and make a few bucks .. or Pounds, yes, before some Hollywood (or Bollywood) hack steals the show!

    -Wally Wallyboard

  200. Great idea & elaborous work…. how about making TEN CARS in HALF the time… you can use a printed film on the car…

    If you are into digital design you can click photo, retouch it & print it, without a paint smudge……

    it can be a car, bin or even a costume that blends in…. Go girl, get creativity to new limits

  201. Wow…excellent job.

    My advise for all is dont buy a car with a color that blends with the road, or other surroundings
    unless you want the consequences….

    thanks for the inspiration.

  202. I look at a lot of art because it’s what I love. This is amazing…what extraordinary talent!

    CreativeSeashell | California

  203. It’s a pure shame that she couldn’t command the sun to stand still yet her work isn’t overshadowed by her critics. Wonderful “fooling of the eye” !! Aye ! OY !

  204. To whoever said this was ridiculous, you are incorrect. You only see what you see because of light being reflected and refracted. In order to make something invisible, all you’d need to do is bend the light around the object from all angles. It is very simple in nature.

    This, however, is not invisibility. She is an amazing illusionist.

  205. She fooled you all. She actually painted light and dark edge impressions of a car on the wall and ground.


  206. Now if you really ythink about it, the art student, Sara Watson, could have just painted what was supposed to be behind the car, on the car. It’s not that hard to figure out. I mean really, if the invisible paint were only put on the outside of the car, you would be able to see the inside only (besides the back window). If someone really wanted to advertise the car, it wouldn’t be smart. Really if you think some more, it would cause problems on the road, just like the car with two fronts did. The other drivers would only see the driver and not the car. It all makes perfect sense. (Yes I know, I’m a dream crusher, but hey atleast some people in this world have to make sense and think about stuff like this. Oh and by the way, I’m thirteen years old)

  207. Wow… she’s watched When A Stranger Calls Back a few too many times….

    Still, nice effect.

  208. Not only is Sarah beautiful, but she has a beautiful mind as well… Great job Sarah!

  209. Wow, maybe to a painter this has flaws I don’t know but to regular people like me…this is awesome. And regular people are the ones that count because we are the ones that buy this stuff or whatever advertisers use this to sell. No flaws in banking baby!

  210. hey why r they tring to trick us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????

  211. oh no… most of these comments have been translated into youtube comments…AARRRRRGG!!

  212. As a Photoshopper and a sketch artist myself, I can only say “Bravo!” to the artist; also, to the naysayers that trash her accomplishment, I can only say, “If you think you can do better, using her same methods…go right ahead…DAZZLE us with your self-proclaimed genius!”

  213. Love trompe l’oiel like this. Timna Woolard did some amazing body painting along these lines for a movie called “Where the Heart Is,” a fairly insubstantial comedy featuring Dabney Coleman, Uma Thurman, Crispin Glover and Christopher Plummer, all of whom got to be canvasses for Woolard’s genius.

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