Cthulhu ski-mask

Typsie sez, "My buddy Frank's wife Dianna whipped up a Cthulhu ski mask for him to wear at a recent costume party, and we were all amazed at the sheer blinding awesomeness of it. It even has a mouth-hole so that you can be an Elder God and still kick back a brewski (as pictured). We're trying to convince her to make more and sell them on Etsy."

I'd wear one on the slopes!

Me and The Big Green C (Thanks, Typsie!)


  1. “I’d wear one on the slopes! ”

    You’d definitely have no problem getting a spot on the ski-lift all to yourself.

  2. I would wear it everywhere, Please oh please make more. Or perhaps post instructions… oh Please.

  3. I always pictured Cthulhu as a darker, muddier shade of green. The pattern, though, kicks ass.

  4. Pure awesome. Pretty give us an update if those things can actually be bought – I want 2 :)

  5. Awsome, just plain awsome. Might even take up knitting if I could get a hold of the pattern.

    Good job!

  6. That’s awesome!!
    If you are willing, please post the pattern somewhere so the Old Ones may roam free throughout the land.

  7. Very nicely done. Definitely either release pattern or release product or both.

    Scary thought: This could be the start of a series…. “Let’s see; today I feel like a rodent…”

  8. Can you imagine robbing a convenience store wearing one of these? I’m just sayin’…

  9. Please convince her to open an etsy store to sell this mask! I’m a huge Cthulhu fan and this would be AWESOME to have!!!

    1. Copyright only covers the pattern, not the finished object. She can sell them if she likes.

  10. she should sell the pattern on etsy and ravelry. unless she’s a fast crocheter, it doesn’t look like she could realistically charge for the work. (people expect to buy handknit/crocheted stuff cheap on etsy!)

  11. There is a pattern for this is on ravelry.com. The person who created it has a blog post as well:


    If the woman in this article used that pattern to make this, it really isn’t right for her to sell them on etsy since it wasn’t hers, even if she tweaked it a bit.

    It is similar but these are two completely different patterns. Look at the images side by side. The pattern on thingsandideas.com isn’t the same as what’s on Boing.

  12. In all seriousness i NEED one of those! I will pay a hefty price as well. Your wife is a freakin genius! Please please please sell some!

  13. OMG my wife would kill for one of these lol.

    She’s become a big Cthulhu fangirl recently. The design in the picture looks way better than the link posted in the comments above.

    I would pay good money for one of these!

  14. If the woman in this article used that pattern to make this, it really isn’t right for her to sell them on etsy since it wasn’t hers, even if she tweaked it a bit.

    Oh, please, do a little basic looking before you start squealing copyright infringement. The item on this page is crocheted, the one on Things and Ideas is knitted.

  15. Hey, if you google ‘Cthulhu ski mask’ your post comes up #1!

    (which is better than #2)

  16. oh pleeeeease make more i sooo want one make them in kids sizes to i just bought my 5 month old a stuffed cthulu i would love to have a mask for her when she gets older and i want one to :D

  17. I was looking for this… sad i can’t purchase one for myself =[
    I really do hope that you convince your friend to produce more. really really cool!

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