NES built into a purse

Jeri Ellsworth created this remarkable Commodore-64-emulated-NES-in-a-handbag -- she's also the hacker who reverse-engineered the Commodore 64 and came up with the C64-on-a-chip design.

Jeri's nifty Nintendo/C64 purse (via Neatorama)


  1. Totally cool. Jeri’s story is great, and it’s hard to fathom being, as Wikipedia puts it, a “self-taught computer chip designer.” She’s obviously incredibly smart.

  2. The lovely Jeri truly rules. Her creativity knows no bounds. Catch her recording segments of The Fatman and Circuit Girl on Sunday evenings. Nerdgasms abound.

  3. Jeri is the undisputed goddess of the Commodorian Cult. She also restores pinball machines, makes her own computer chips using scavenged machinery, and has an electron microscope in her basement.

    All that and she’s a redhead, too. *sigh*

  4. re: airship

    yeah, she is smarter than all of us put together, but don’t forget she also built and raced cars and does roller derby as well.

    she can make you feel stupid AND kick your ass.

    with all of that said, i met her at notacon6 and she is really cool. she let me hold her purse and pose for a picture with it :-)

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