Steve Lambert solo exhibition

Walkthrough video of Steve Lambert's funny and beaustifully-executed sign-based show in Los Angeles. Steve Lambert solo exhibition (Via Make)


  1. I love everything about the “Look Away” piece; the typeface, the chase patterns on the lights…it is made of awesome and electricity.

  2. I agree! The Look Away piece is like a Dan Clowes drawing come to life.

  3. I like the “look away” sign, but the sign theme is still done best by espo, imo.

  4. Thanks for the shout out anonymous, but I tried to take credit on here for the inflatible trans am and found out I was 6 years late on that, so I shut up now, and remember Krusty’s immortal line to Gabbo, “If you’re not Steve Allen, you stole my bit”. what the video is missing is that awesome sound these signs make. in a quiet space it adds a cool element to this. Wait a second, isn’t that the old alleged gallery space? -s.poe

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