Dr. Sketchy art salon comes to LA


Bob says:

Los Angeles area artists who like their life drawing mixed with theatrics, drinks and good company will be pleased to learn that Dr. Sketchy’s (the much celebrated cabaret/art salon created by artist Molly Crabapple in Brooklyn) is starting a branch in the city of angels this Sunday, May 10 at Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City. Fierce Couture will be showcasing latex fashions, alternative model Scar will be showcasing herself, a few lucky attendees will be showcasing their fresh breath courtesy of sweet prizes from Hint Mint, and big shots like Tim Biskup and Shag will be showcasing how neighborly they are when take up pads and pencils alongside fellow pros, students and art newbies. Get more info or RSVP Dr. Sketchy LA.


  1. Dr. Sketchy’s is a great event, but unfortunately [at least at the Toronto chapter] they can’t have full nudity – a shame for a life-drawing class.

    For those that prefer drawing models with attitude, but also want to enjoy the nude form, there are The Keyhole Sessions in Toronto.

  2. Nice plug, Keyhole!

    The reason for “no nudity” at the Toronto Sketchy’s sessions is simply because of our venue’s legal restrictions. As you may know, for a bar to allow the display of nudity it requires different licensing, and we love our home at the Cameron House! Still, we have pushed that restriction on several occasions!

    Congratulations on your rebirth, Sketchy’s LA! It was through a patron of yours, Michael Hussar, that I first heard of Dr Sketchy’s!


  3. I first heard about Dr. Sketchy’s when I was living in Beverly, MA going while going to Montserrat College of Art. The head of our illustration department emailed a suggestion to the illustration community at the school that we start up our own Dr. Sketchy’s. Unfortunately I graduated and moved back to Maine, so I never got to find out if it took off or not but I have been a fan of the idea ever since. Now that I am in Seattle, I feel that I may attend their local Anti-Art School just to experience it first hand.

  4. i attended several Dr Sketchy’s sessions in Kansas City and really enjoyed it. Much needed figure practice for this old desk jockey, and the socialization and drinks sure didn’t hurt either!


  5. I’ve been to the Philly one and it was great. I highly encourage LA artsy-and-above-drinking-age folks to attend!

    And I really like that the models AREN’T nude – drawing clothing, especially complex costumes, is a valuable skill that you can’t get from drawing just nudes. Ok, I’m a fashion design student, so it’s both easier and more useful for me than most, but “pin some fabric to the wall and try drawing it” is a traditional drawing-class exercise, and handling draping over the the body is more difficult. It’s not something you pick up automatically just from doing nudes and still-life-with-apples-es, and it’s often ignored entirely in life drawing classes.

  6. Don’t get me wrong; like I said, Dr. Sketchy’s is a great event, made all the better by Brett, as he’s a very charismatic MC and makes the class move, and fun.

    Nude or not, the city is full of great figure drawing sessions for tastes of all kinds.

  7. Scar is an excellent model. Sounds like a great time. If you are in the area and are on the fence about going – do go.

  8. AWESOME. I love it when cool things happen in places far away from me at exactly the time I happen to be visiting them.

    I won’t make session #000 but I’ll be there for the next one. *happydance*

  9. I kept hearing about Dr. Sketchy’s in Orlando and I knew someone in it, but being in college completely crushed any artistic vision I ever had so I never went. Now I’m out and have nothing to do, but I’m nowhere near Orlando anymore.

  10. Ive studied life drawing for about 20 years and have a studio, and though there is a niche that Dr. Sketchy fills- sorry, one time was more than enough for me. Artists seeking a professional setting will be greatly disappointed. If you are a serious artist you may be constantly annoyed and distracted. Its not so bad if you can draw, but if you are a novice it may be intimidating and you may not get much useful drawing time out of the evening. It was not very entertaining or amusing. Artists who draw from live models- clothed or not- do not do so for entertainment. We do it to observe and hone our skills, or to make a living. Drawing can be fun, but clubs and bars arent the best places for productive drawing. The feeling I got from the event was – silly artists, you thought you were here to draw? Well the joke is on you! Buy our coloring book and our kiddie art supplies! Try to draw models who are poorly lit and who may not sit still while people constantly interrupt you with silly games and skits! the tone of the event was obnoxious and seemed to poke fun at the notion of people wanting to draw. I dont want to be interrupted by a waitress in a costume trying to sell me a drink in the middle of trying to draw a pose. Or worse when same waitress decides its ‘fun’ to litter my table- which also serves as a place to prop up my sketch pad- with candy or party favors. I dont want candy under my paper- I dont need an emcee teling bad jokes, I dont want to be rewarded for a ‘good’ drawing with a ‘fun’ little spanking from the model. I dont want people offering me drinks- or spilling them on me while Im drawing- I already paid the cover charge- I dont want to be solicited with a tip bucket while drawing. (Dr.Sketchy does not pay the models fairly btw!- if I was being underpaid to pose in a room full of drunks- Id keep my clothes on too) I felt like I was in the middle of some sad and bizarro arts and crafts session at an old folks home put on by sadists. Yes it really is that bad. Serious artists will be insulted and will go home feeling scamed. The whole thing is a big marketing scam. The people working at the event I went to were not artists, didnt study art, and were not the least bit interested in art. They were just there to make some quick cash and to have a night out at the bar. If you want an ok photo op and mediocre cabaret skits with drinks is your thing- and you want a few laughs then the event is ok. If you are wanting a productive drawing session youll be the fish out of water. I tried to have fun there- and to be fair I did manage a few good drawings- but only because I can draw. I had no idea what I was in for. My friends and I went because we heard there was another place to go draw. It was a total waste of time and money- esp for people like me who want to concentrate wile drawing. I never went back, and I do not recommend this for the experienced artists. The whole thing just seemed rather ‘sketchy’.

  11. Wow. I think you missed the point of Dr. Sketchy’s. Dr. Sketchy’s is clearly marketed as “Anti-Art School”, where artists are invited to let their hair down and have some fun with their peers for a night. No, Dr. Sketchy’s is not the place for artists that want to sit alone in a quiet studio or classroom and draw a bored nude model. The marketing is not a scam, and the event was created by artists for artists. Instead of the $10 cover for a live model for 3 hours, you could pay the $75-300 that a private 3 hour modeling session would cost. The models are paid well that participate with Dr. Sketchy’s, in fact, they each are paid $20/hour plus tips from appreciative artists that aren’t offended by the tip jar. Dr. Sketchy’s doesn’t make money, actually, they are lucky to break even after the marketing, paying the models, putting weeks into plannng each event, and gifts for the artists. The host does it to bring the arts community together for a good time. Sorry for the waitresses offering drinks, but in exchange for lending the space for the event, the bar does need to make money some how. Oh, and forgive your Dr. Sketchy host for offering candy….how rude that must have seemed!
    Corky Bordeaux
    Dr. Sketchy’s-Asheville

  12. No, the point of the event wasnt lost on me. I know what youre trying to do – youre making money while having some fun. Theres nothing wrong with that in itself, but dont pretend you arent making any money, or be at all surprised if people are confused by it. True, my experience at the event did not match my pre-conceived expectations. I thought I was going to a DRAWING workshop.- not a PERFORMANCE where people like me were the show. I went to the event in Houston with a group of artist friends. Dr. Sketchy’s may have been originally ‘created for artists by artists’ but it is held in multiple cities- and so there are many people working for the company. Not all of those people are artists or have an interest in art. The people who I talked to made it very clear that they only worked for a company, with no experience in art, or any desire to do art. They did ask for feedback after the event about how it could be improved. -which was given to them by the artists at the time. The waitress in question worked for Dr. Sketchy- not the bar. Im fine with being offered drinks, or whatever else, during the many opportunities for a break in the session. Yes it is VERY rude to CONSTANTLY interrupt artists in the middle of finishing a timed pose. We are giving you money for drawing time. Entertain us if you like, but respect your customers by letting us make the most of this time. If you want artists to respect what you do, and to attract them to your events, then respect your customers. Be considerate of your guests- try to make it enjoyable for the people who spend time, money, and effort on you, and not just yourselves. Believe me, we were interrupted constantly. Hurling things at random like candy, or whatever cheesy ‘gift’, across our work surface while we are actively drawing will not make us enjoy the event- if that is what you are trying to do. Do you want us to let down our hair and have a good time? Well dont mock us for wanting to draw, or why we want to draw nudes. We dont do this for naughty thrills. We do this because we have an appreciation for the human body as an artistic subject thats deeper than anything sexual. Ive been to many life drawing classes/workshops and have hosted them. They can be fun and informal, and they dont have to be expensive. – and several artists split the cost. Classes are expensive because you are paying for instruction. Private sessions are expensive because one artist is paying the cost and needs this time to work on a major project- and its money well spent. Most art models Ive dealt with over the years enjoy what they do, and no one, especially them, finds it boring. Maybe the pay is fair where you do your workshops, but they paid Dr. Sketchy models in Houston considerably less. And yes, we asked her- she was only paid $20 total -not the $60- and HAD to rely on any tips. If you charged a $15 to $25 or more cover- you could do all the merchandising and selling of drinks or entertaining us- with no real need for tipping- during breaks or before/after the session. You could still make a profit, and pay your models well. We’re happy to draw models in corsets and feather boas with music playing- just leave us alone while we do so. I had never heard of Dr. Sketchy before I went. So there was NO way of knowing that we would be going to a performance event based on someone’s distorted idea of what it is that artists do. I hardly think anyone who has an appreciation for art would put on an event that is run this way. I could easily believe that it was cooked up by someone who has contempt for artists and would like demonstrate this to others who find life drawing to be ‘funny’. Is that why its called an ‘anti-art school’? Is Dr.Sketchy opposed to art? How can this be fun for artists? Frankly, many of the artists there were confused by the event that night- and we felt we had been part of a practical joke. If art is a casual past time for you, and you dont care about life drawing, or trying to finish a drawing- and you just want to go out and have fun- then this is great for you, and you’ll have a blast. For the people who are passionate about figurative art- youll walk into a ‘lets pretend to be artists cabaret’. You will be frustrated, distracted, and likely insulted.-and rightly so. It may not be your intention to make people feel scammed- but its how some WILL feel. If I knew what to expect, or what kind of event it was, I would NOT have gone. Many of us there did NOT know, and we were very confused about what it was that you were trying to do. It wasnt a good time for the artists- far from it. Is this a drawing workshop, or the Rocky Horror Show? Is this a joke? Why am I being made fun of while I try to draw? Its just not my cup of tea. It can be a good time for many people.-its just not for people like me. Im not disputing that. You have a right to do what you do, but I also have a right to an opinion. If you really cared about showing people a good time at your events, or improving them, you would respect opinions or feedback and not be dismissive of it.

  13. It is truly unfortunate that you walked away from a Dr. Sketchy session with such a bad taste in your mouth.
    I run the Dr. Sketchy for Dallas, and we have had a great response from a full range of artists: novice to professional. Being a full-time artist myself, I started the sessions as a means to bring the art community together in a non-pretentious setting to have fun with what many of us make our living doing.
    We certainly pay our models well- as Corky mentions, $20/hr is typical- plus tips and drinks in some cases. And I assure you, also as Corky mentions- we are thrilled just to break even every month.

    Dr. Sketchy sessions are fantastic- and worth a peek if you have one in your town (they are worldwide!).

    In fact, if you are in Dallas… Next one is June 6… just sayin’…

    xo, Lisa

  14. Thank you. Im sorry I didnt explain as well in my original post. Maybe the particular session I went to was not run properly, or was organized poorly. The people who put on the event I went to were not really into what they were doing, did not care about the people there, -and it showed. It was confusing for me- and the people in our group who went into it open to something new, and we did go into it wanting to have fun. It was unfortunate that it all added up to the negative impression that we had. In something as big as this organization is- no two venues are going to be exactly the same. Our experience was obviously much different. From what I can gather about your account of how your event is- and should be run, you are thankfully nothing like the people I encountered. I wasnt trying to bash either of you personally. Being an artist and dealing with them, you probably know we feel strongly about what we do- otherwise what point is there in doing art or organizing? Its more than ok to have fun at art events- and this happens if the people there are good hosts who respect the people they work with, as well as the audience they are wanting to reach. Its good to know that you care about your models and artists in Dallas- and events are only as good as their organizers or other people involved. Thanks for explaining your position on what you are about. With that being said, I’d be willing to give Dr. Sketchy a another chance.

  15. I’m another Dr. Sketchy hostess, like Lisa and Corky and many, many other people running Dr. Sketchy all over the world we really do our best to create an awesome event that has a perfect balance of fun, entertainment and drawing-time that suits a whole spectrum from professionals to the curious who have never picked up a pencil before.

    Sometimes we get it right, but sometimes we don’t, but we are always looking for ways to make our branches better. I’m really sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good time at the Dr. Sketchy’s you attended. Your criticism has been very useful for me and you make some good points that I shall keep in mind with all future planning.

    Every Dr. Sketchy is different, but we all aim for every participant to have a fantastic time, and go to great lengths to make this happen. I hope that at some point you give Dr. Sketchy another chance and I also hope that you have a much more positive experience.

    If you are ever in New Zealand you are more than welcome to come along to Dr. Sketchy Wellington, and you’ll be delighted to know that as New Zealand is not a tipping culture so you will not be obliged to tip anywhere… including restaurants.

    Dr. Sketchy Wellington

  16. Just… wow… I am actually the organizer for Houston Dr. Sketchy and I have no idea what ‘anonymous’ is talking about.

    We pay our models $20 PER HOUR — plus tips from artists. This is very important to us – they do a fantastic job for us, we want them to be taken care of too.

    There have been sessions where we passed out candy to those that wanted it, but THROWING stuff at people? Harassing artists? Interrupting them during poses?

    We don’t even have waitresses to take drink orders – you have to buy your own from the bar in the back. For prizes and tippers we pass out FREE BOOZE during breaks, but we’re not about hounding anyone at all. Some drink, some don’t.

    Seriously, I’m confused. We love our artists and work hard to make each session a cheeky and fun time for artists and non-artists alike (that’s where the crayons/pencils and FREE coloring sheets come in – can’t draw? join in the fun anyway — it’s all good).

    It’s ‘life drawing with a twist’, man. At a frigging bar. I wish you had spoken with me, as I’ve never quite heard this kind of feedback before and certainly would’ve taken it to heart.

    Cheers – Katie

  17. Dear #12/#14/#16 Anonymous,

    As a Houstonian that has assisted the primary hostess, Katie, with her hosting, organizing, and recruiting duties, I am going to agree with others – you’ve completely missed the point. Dr. Sketchy isn’t an attempt for anyone to “make money;” it’s merely an alternative avenue for exploring life drawing in an alternative atmosphere. It’s equal parts music, models, booze, and drawing. For most people, that equals fun. That’s Dr. Sketchy, the art class without the class. Those concepts come directly from the advertising material, and don’t seem to mislead.

    A few things you assert:

    (1) “Dr. Sketchy’s may have been originally ‘created for artists by artists’ but it is held in multiple cities- and so there are many people working for the company. Not all of those people are artists or have an interest in art.”

    Au contraire, ma chere. No one “works” for Dr. Sketchy. In fact, the organizers and their supporters all happen to LOVE art, and that’s why we all do this – for free. For the love of art! Yes, the models get paid, but the hosts? They don’t make a dime, my friend. We are all involved with Dr. Sketchy in Houston because – gasp! – we love art! So, as for the “people you talked to” who “made it very clear that they only worked for a company,” well, your argument doesn’t hold water. No one’s involved to make a profit, except the model, which s/he rightfully should. Other than that, everyone else walks out with as much money as they came in with. Perhaps less, if chose to engage in the “annoyance” of booze.

    (2) “Be considerate of your guests- try to make it enjoyable for the people who spend time, money, and effort on you, and not just yourselves.”

    If you believe that offering you the highest of hospitality during the Dr. Sketchy session was an “interruption,” then again, you’ve missed the point of Dr. Sketchy. “Hurling things at random” at you? I’ve been to at least five Dr. Sketchy sessions in Houston, and no one manhandles candy like t-shirts at a basketball game with respect to the artists. Clearly, we understand that’s disruptive, too. “Don’t mock us for wanting to draw”? Why would anyone ever do such a thing? We KNOW you’re there to draw; that’s the point! That’s why the event exists in the first place.

    (3) “Maybe the pay is fair where you do your workshops, but they paid Dr. Sketchy models in Houston considerably less. And yes, we asked her- she was only paid $20 total -not the $60- and HAD to rely on any tips.”

    I’m sorry, good sir/ma’am, but this is patently false. I’d like the name of the model who claimed she was paid only $20 total. If true, yes, that would be a travesty, but I am calling bullshit on this one. It’s $20/hour. And THAT is a fact.

    (4) “I had never heard of Dr. Sketchy before I went. So there was NO way of knowing that we would be going to a performance event based on someone’s distorted idea of what it is that artists do.”

    If you were so skeptical, why didn’t you do a little Internet research beforehand? You would’ve been able to discern whether Dr. Sketchy’s alternative environment was or wasn’t for you (as it clearly wasn’t), and you could’ve then avoided bashing Dr. Sketchy in Houston on a public forum. Clearly something piqued your interest, and you decided to give something new a try. So, you didn’t like it. And? You tried it on for size, and it wasn’t for you. Next.

    (5) “I hardly think anyone who has an appreciation for art would put on an event that is run this way. I could easily believe that it was cooked up by someone who has contempt for artists and would like demonstrate this to others who find life drawing to be ‘funny’.”

    And yet, the fact is that everyone involved with Dr. Sketchy appreciates art. I know I do. I know the main hostess does. I know the DJ does. I know the “waitresses” do. I know the venue does. The great thing about “art” is that everyone’s definition counts. And there’s no right or wrong. You as an artist should know as much.

    (6) “Frankly, many of the artists there were confused by the event that night- and we felt we had been part of a practical joke.”

    Did any of these disgruntled artists make that clear to anyone involved with hosting Dr. Sketchy? The methods of contacting anyone associated with Dr. Sketchy are very obviously displayed on the website (www.houstonsketchy.com). Or are you doing it now, anonymously, and without factual justification so that you can publicly embarrass Dr. Sketchy in Houston? ‘Cause that’s the way it seems, my friend.

    (7) “For the people who are passionate about figurative art- youll walk into a ‘lets pretend to be artists cabaret’. You will be frustrated, distracted, and likely insulted.-and rightly so. It may not be your intention to make people feel scammed- but its how some WILL feel.”

    Don’t generalize. Again, Dr. Sketchy’s non-traditional approach isn’t for everyone. Constructive criticism is always invited and welcomed. Yours included. You have no reason to think otherwise.

    (8) “If I knew what to expect, or what kind of event it was, I would NOT have gone. Many of us there did NOT know, and we were very confused about what it was that you were trying to do.”


    (9) “You have a right to do what you do, but I also have a right to an opinion. If you really cared about showing people a good time at your events, or improving them, you would respect opinions or feedback and not be dismissive of it.”

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. And had you offered feedback in any other civilized manner, it would’ve been warmly received. Instead, you have – like the candy you claim was offered to you – decided to “hurl” insults and incorrect statements publicly without so much as attaching your name or email address. This isn’t the gestapo, dear sir/ma’am. This is Dr. Sketchy in Houston, with real people and real faces and real hearts and real GOOD intentions behind it. Had you offered anyone the opportunity to hear your feedback in an accountable manner, your feedback/opinions would most certainly have been respected and certainly not dismissed.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. I will take responsibility for my words and opinions.

    fayzaelmo at yahoo dot com

  18. #12/#14/#16 Anonymous,

    I couldn’t say it better than Katie and Fayza, so I’ll just say that I wholeheartedly second their comments and that I could not disagree with you more.

    I’ve been to Dr. Sketchy Houston and thoroughly enjoyed it – I have a deep appreciation for art, as well as the human form as subject of that art, and have never encountered anyone at that event who felt or acted any differently – but I also have a sense of humor. Lighten up! And if it’s not for you – no worries. No one’s making you come back.

    I’ve seen people drawing, photographing – even cross-stitching – the models, and I think Dr. Sketchy does more to spread the love of art and people than any traditional (and intimidating) art class. That people who go have fun together – all the better. Art doesn’t have to be exclusionary or pretentious to be authentic.

    In fact, I am so confused by your characterization of the event – I’m wondering if you actually attended one. From the obnoxious waitresses to the people making fun of you for drawing to the underpaid models…it kind of sounds like you wandered into a strip club.

    Your description of the experience sounds truly heinous – but nothing at all like Dr. Sketchy in Houston. I can’t imagine anyone who has actually been to one would disagree. Perhaps you should learn your way around Google and map it out next time you try to go somewhere – you might even find a bit of useful information about the destination while you’re at it.


  19. I have been to the last five Houston Dr. Sketchy events. The first time I went it was with the intention to improve my life drawing skills in a fun, unrestricted, non-academic environment. That’s pretty much what they advertise, and that’s pretty much what you get when you go there. Contrary to what “anonymous” says, I have heard Katie say that sketch artists are “the heart and soul” of the group. Artists are respected there, as is everyone else, models, photogs, and patrons alike. Everyone has fun, nobody gets hurt, and I refuse to hear any whining about free drinks. The only thing I would change would be to have the artists spank the models instead of the other way around.

    …but then, I’m not a bedwetter.

    …and I do sign my name to my comments.

    – Howie Doyle

  20. OK- Katie and Fayza,

    Please get over yourselves. I think the other posters did a fine job of explaining, Thanks. I do respect you for giving your side of it though, as it concerns you. My viewpoint may differ- but no one is on trial here. -though I dont mind explaining or defending my views. Continue to do Dr.Sketchy events, please, and with my blessing. We need more art venues- yours included.

    All I ask is that you take the criticism in consideration- if you do in fact want to put on the best event possible. Yes there WAS a problem- I’m reporting it. Please take steps to make sure such things are not the norm at your events. My post was critical- but not hostile. Im not trying to single out anybody. Maybe this wasnt the best place to air dirty laundrey, and I’m sorry if you are offended by it.

    No- I didnt make any of it up- my post was based upon my impressions and that of the group of about 6 of us who went to the event together- looking for an alternative to life drawing venues we usually go to.

    Yes -the events I described and the conversations DID happen. I dont care how much or how little money you make.- theres nothing wrong with selling things to promote yourself. It may be a bit commercial for my tastes, but you have every right to sell things at your event.

    I have no problem buying drinks or tipping- and I did so. I took issue with being bothered by your staff while we are in the middle of a pose- with the clock ticking, and artists busily drawing. Its something that requires concentration, and we dont need distractions at that point. If youre such the art expert you would know this too. Im not about to get into some tired discussion about right vs. wrong and ‘what art is’.

    Do all things unique to Dr.Sketchy, but do them when we arent drawing. Candy and other items WERE thrown across tables without warning, and people were interrupted WHILE DRAWING to be asked for the model’s tips and drink orders. This happened a few times, and it was distracting. It wasn’t the end of the world- but it was very annoying, and it didnt make us feel welcome, or make for a good experience.- pure and simple.

    That combinded with the contests for spankings/t-shirts, and encouraging us to be like kids holding up our doodles in school and so on- These ‘theatrics’ were bemusing, and we were wondering if you were indeed ‘for real’. It was over the top. We felt mocked as artists, and it felt like a set up. To us, It WAS a mockery of a drawing session or whatever it was supposed to be at the time.

    We wouldnt have felt that way, had your people been more respectful to us that night. THEY did far more to undermine you and Dr. Sketchy than anything I may say ever could. Yes Dear, it DID happen in the way I described. Youre worried about being ‘real people with hearts and minds and feelings to consider’? Did you consider the artists’ feelings? Probably not if you cant keep things under control. Youre not there to babysit or hold hands I agree- but it IS your job to make sure people conduct themselves properly. Monitoring the conduct of models, artists, and staff- it goes with the territory.

    Our feelings were hurt- or at least we felt very confused about much of it. We certainly didnt feel like coming back. Are we supposed to feel good about it? The feelings of your patrons are valid to, and I make no apology for the way I felt that night.

    Sure, do what you feel you need to in order to show us a good time- but not while people are trying to concentrate on a mental activity with a time limit. The group of ‘disgruntled’ artists DID talk to the organizers -who asked for our feedback. I appreciate the fact that they asked. Im not sure if it was you we talked to or not- This was at least a year or so ago at ONE event.

    Have you always been the organizers? If so your comments differ from what I experienced that night, and neither of us has a reason to lie. I assure you this is my honest impression of the night’s events, to the best of my recollection. I have no axe to grind, or hostile agenda that you may see.

    Oh you want the model’s name so you can call her out on the carpet for a spanking? Fine, her name was Crystal Anne. -and she did say she was underpaid. I dont know if she still works with you, but she did a fine job regardless of her actual pay. Im sorry if I misunderstood what she said. If you do in fact pay them $20/an hour that’s more than adequate- even without tips. If you are yourself a volunteer- hey, thats admirable.

    As for being hostile- you didnt cite my later posts that came after reading posts from others involved in Dr.Sketchy. (please feel free to read it above and pick it apart if you so choose.) my comments weren’t totally biased (anti-anti art school? Hah!) I did say that while it may not be for everyone, people do enjoy your event.

    Is there some law I dont know about that says you must use Google to find out about everything before you leave your house to do anything? Its a nice tool, but pray tell, how did the world ever get along without it! We heard about Dr.Sketchy through word of mouth and a couple of fleirs we saw. No FAQs, disclaimers, or articles to be found there. So its online “Duh? where have you been? Snicker!”- and youre freed from ever talking to people who have questions? Nice. Not everyone depends on the internet to get every bit of information- do not assume that. That in itself should make you put better efforts into explaining what you do for people, and making them welcome. Dont make them feel stupid for it- That’s so NOT cool.

    Yes, I tried it, I didnt like it, NEXT. So what?? I’ll go to another Dr.Sketchy sometime, maybe even in Dallas, but not to your branch likely, if your attitude is any indication of what I need to expect. You could have said something better like – “Sorry your 1st experience was like that, please give us another try- no hard feelings?” The other oganizers did, and they were quite helpful. Why is that so hard for you? Your post did nothing to make me want to try the Houston events again. It is assuring at least that you are willing to be responsible for your word.- And I never said I wasnt responsible for mine.

    bOINGbOING moderates the comments here and postings are put here at their discretion. Anonymous posting is an option they give, and you cannot fault me for not giving a name if I’m not obliged to. I have nothing to hide, so I dont mind giving it. No, can’t have my friends names as I like their privacy to be respected.

    John Felton- jofelto@gmail.com.

    Dont bother sending hate mail or spam as it will be deleted unread. I stand by what I say- and the statements are accurate in as much as I can recall. (about something that happened once maybe 2 years ago?) I’m done, so please continue with the nit picking and hair splitting to your heart’s content. Have it!

  21. Yes- I really did go to a Dr. Sketchy in Houston- I didnt ‘wander into a strip club’. Maybe you think so, but my posts are not coming to you from some parallel universe. The event I was at happened as I described. – I stand by that and will not retract from it. It was heinous, I agree. Yessss- I know what Google is! Dont tell me how to Google-Jeeziz! Be original at least. Free Drinks? I dont recall the free drinks- Thats something else entirely. Maybe if I had a free drink… So I dont care if a model spanks me-or about spanking them, just buy me that beer! I would go back if it is indeed run the way all of you claim it is. I am over it- so my friends and I didnt have a good experience that night. Big deal! Anyone who knows me personally (you don’t) knows that I do have a sense of humor. Excuse me, Katie’s post was helpful, and I appreciate it. Yes, if I go back and my experience is anything like the first time around, I will be sure to talk to you.- and yes if it is so bad, nothing is making me stay. If I do have a good time, I will definitely make it a point to talk to you. It would be my pleasure. I appreciate what you have to say Katie. The rest of you- Youre just piggybacking and adding to the fire to get a good old flame war going. Whatever…its not about that at all. I was offering an alternate viewpoint- and its OK if you disagree with it. Go on and have your fun however you choose to, kids. “Lighten up!” See you on the other side of the drawing board.

    John Felton- jofelto@gmail.com

  22. Dear verbose anonymous persons,

    Why don’t you become registered users? Your anonymous comments will only go through when I’m available to approve them.

  23. I’m Adam, one of the main workhorses of Dr. Sketchy Houston. My partner Katie and my sista-from-anotha-motha Fayza said everything I would have said, so I just have to ask —

    If it was such an offensive and horrible time being at a Dr. Sketchy event, why waste ALL that time commenting with such furious passion online? Really?

    It’s a cheeky, bawdy and booze-filled event; hence the “Art Class Without the Class” moniker.

    Did we stutter?

    So you came, you saw, you didn’t like; and that’s (really, completely, totally) fine. But guess what? You don’t have to come back! It’s not for everyone. But don’t attack us for doing something we (and plenty others) LOVE, with FALSE INFORMATION and down-right ugliness.

    About 70% of the art monkeys who come to Dr. Sketchy Houston are regulars – ARTISTS who come month after month and who can attest to the fact that their artwork is respected (and adored) and that their feedback is taken into consideration as evidenced by the ever-evolving format of our venue.

    And by the way, as the cat who personally pays every model, I can tell you that every model has walked out with at least $80 from the organizers and much MUCH more than that from the GENEROUS tips from the artists. Suggesting otherwise is insulting.

    We are are crazy in love with our models and we worship our artists.

    So here’s to Dr. Sketchy’s ANTI-Art School and the 80+ cities (and counting) around the world that grow the Community.


  24. #12/#14/#16/#22 Anonymous,

    Fayza, Erin B. and the lovely Katie are all right on the money – Houston Sketchy is exactly what it claims to be: a good time without the structure of a traditional art class. It’s meant to be tongue and cheek, booze and beats, and people at all skill levels who enjoy drawing.

    I can definitely understand if you were confused or didn’t like the atmosphere – it’s not for everyone. But the issue is that instead of giving feedback in a civilized manner and finding out the facts before you posted, you instead decided to make long and rambling posts about your ideas of art and what an art class should be like/how Sketchy didn’t live up to that.

    YOU get over YOURSELF. You sound too uptight to be at such a fun, creative and awesome event as Dr. Sketchy in Houston. Go back to the strip club from which you came!

    Sarah G.

  25. I’m fairly certain this guy is either a troll or just a crank. Paying attention to him is just going to feed him and keep the thread alive.

    Either he’s after lulz, he has an axe to grind against someone involved with Dr. Sketchy’s, or he’s off his meds.

    Maybe all three.

    Everything he’s saying is pretty easy to disprove with a few Google searches so there really isn’t anything to gain by fencing with him.

  26. Hello!

    This comment is from YET – a 2 time model for Dr. Sketchy with more to come!

    First of all, I had to stop reading the comments a portion of the way down. It was too much for me to take so I will try my best to post my view of Dr. Sketchy Houston from my own experience as a model rather than a complete response about John Felton’s and everyone’s comments.

    First of all, I have been an model (beginning as an artists’ model) for 15 years. I have posed nude and fully clothed for various artists around Texas for some time now. I am a professional dancer and artist, I show and sell my work regularly and perform and teach dance regularly as well.

    When I first found out about Dr Sketchy Houston I immediately contacted Katie to participate as a model. I modeled for Dr. Sketchy MAY & DECEMBER 2008 and had a BLAST!! I was well taken care of by the ENTIRE Dr. Sketchy crew, I was paid hourly and more than doubled that in tips (thanks to the Dr Sketchy crew’s efforts) and I left with new photos for my own portfolio. As a model, participating is a win-win situation! You are treated with utmost respect, you are enthusiastically promoted and you are allowed to simply do your job and have the best time doing it!

    I have since gotten requests back from Dr. Sketchy Houston and from individual artists who come to this event!

    Dr. Sketchy is an event like NO OTHER! It is hip, it is fun, is is EXTREMELY professional and it allows the sexuality of the figure to come out in a non-threatening environment. At the same time, because I am a dancer the artists at my drawing sessions also get to see a performance – which is unique to any figure drawing class!

    I am kinda babbling, but I just wanted to say that Dr. Sketchy Houston is providing something to the visual and performing arts community that no one else does. By no means does it degrade artists, models, or anyone.

    And for those who don’t like it, you just don’t get it . . . and probably NEVER will.

    So I am happy for those who don’t get it not to come back . . . and for those who want a spicier, sexy and intriguing environment for figure drawing to join us!!



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