MomSourcing: Outsource Your Mother's Day Phone Call

Want to wish your mom a happy Mother's Day this Sunday, but can't be bothered? Outsource it to

* Yes, the site is a joke.


  1. Hilarious for your mother to think somebody cared.

    It would work if you actually cared and had a quick follow-up call to say gotcha.

    If you’re typically lax, then this is just cruel.

  2. They missed a big opportunity here. You should be able to pick the profile of the caller. My mother would have been thrilled to get a Mother’s Day call from a physicist who loves sports.

  3. My mother is the type who would (hopefully) find this very amusing. I just have to hope that she actually answers the phone.

  4. If I only knew what time they’d call, so I could call shortly afterwords, I’d be all for it.

  5. This could go so many ways: like hiring impersonators (great demand for Barry Manilows); maybe have another bitter old lady to complain in chorus about their ungrateful son (it fits)?

  6. Lol. Mom’s getting an outsourced call from my brother. This site is great for those of us looking to escilate intra-familial conflict.

  7. Hey this is great! I’m at my Mom’s place at the moment, and I can’t call her from here, so I guess I’ll have to get someone else to do it.

  8. They need a better website that is viewable on a netbook (1024×600) screen. I know scrollbars are so web 1.0, but breaking browsers isn’t cool.

  9. Aaaahh! I only half think it is hilarious because I am the crazy lady who started a thank you note writing service, so now you can outsource those….

    Okay, it is 100% hilarious.

    My thank you note writing service blog is NOT a joke – thank you note writing service blog.

    Love Boing Boing – check it out daily on my yahoo homepage to see what is new & crazy out there.

  10. How I envy people, who can fulfill their Mother’s Day obligations with a simple phone call…

  11. Let’s all of us go out and pay a homeless person a dollar to call a random person on the street ugly. Sure, it’s not very funny as this but at least it’s as callous towards someone’s economic need. Did the call center workers have a choice as to whether or not to be on this contract?

    15 seconds of light-hearted fun for you, at least an eight hour shift of calls where probably 1 out of 3 is going to be the worker making someone uncomfortable, confused, or hurt. That’s a crappy thing to pay people to do.

    Disclaimer: I listened to the sample and laughed. But then I thought about it for more than 2 seconds.

  12. I must have missed the part of your comment where you pointed out what was wrong with my argument before you called me humorless.

  13. I saw the ad on a casting website a few weeks ago looking for people who can do accents to do mother’s day phone calls. Fear not, danturner, these people are getting paid pretty well.

  14. Maybe this isn’t for everyones mom but my mother just got her call and she thought it was hysterical! I love my mom!

  15. Niceness. My mother thought it was hilarious. Me with a Chinese accent!?! Fun idea. They even made calls to Canada. Thanks for the tip Xeni.

  16. They called while my mom was out and left quite a gem on her answering machine. She was wished a magical day of enjoyment. It’s a wonderful keepsake that she will play for her visitors time and time again.

    She laughed her ass off, but she would have been pissed if I didn’t call her myself. It was a great service, and made everyone’s day.

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