Now Slower With More Bugs stickers are good for organic produce, software boxes

Evil Mad Scientist Labs wants you to proudly label your organic garden with these handsome "Now Slower and with More Bugs!" stickers, originally produced to adorn software products:

The influence of the Slow Food movement is increasing, and gardening is getting ever more popular. Even the tech bloggers are posting about local pollinators and getting beehives. In this environment, it is fitting that a new use has been found for our Now Slower and with More Bugs stickers, which were first seen in the wild back in December 2007. If you find a good use for them, we'd love to see pictures in the flickr auxiliary!
Stickers for the Organic Gardener

(Photos by Lorien Tersey )


  1. “Shhhhh. . . don’t point out the bugs, or they’ll charge extra for them, great source of protein don’t ya know.”

  2. Even the tech bloggers are posting about local pollinators and getting beehives.

    Honey bees are not local pollinators! Apis mellifera were introduced from Africa to Europe, and then from Europe to the Americas. The unjustified large-scale agricultural use of honey bees may have actually harmed our native pollinators (like bumble bees and leaf-cutter bees) a great deal.

  3. Bah, those bumble and leaf-cutter bees sold their rights to exclusivity fair and square.

  4. But the ecology needs a cheap immigrant pollinator workforce to stay competitive.

  5. Many food plants produce toxins to avoid being eaten, i.e. natural pesticides. Toxin production can be triggered by pest damage. And, unlike artificial toxins, they can’t be washed off.

    Our aversion of buggy food may not be all silliness.

  6. Kieransam– I did not mean to imply that honey bees are local pollinators. I was linking to two separate recent stories, but the links were not carried over to BB. Just showing that there is interest in the topic of insects.

  7. As an organic farmer and tech geek I can honestly say that’s just fucking cool.

    Oh and *flicks the twat who thinks artificial chemicals are peechy keen and just wash off* Go read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson ya tool.

  8. I could have sworn these stickers were included in an insert in the Happy Mutant Handbook…

  9. As someone who likes his food bug free, congratulations! You’ve just put me off organic food even more.

  10. I have to wonder if people aren’t overestimating the influence of the Slow Food movement.

    Sure, I’ve heard of it and I know there are a couple fancy restaurants in my ‘hood that try to glom onto it, but I doubt the average Joe Midwest knows anything about it.

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