Woman kills elephant with bow & arrow

This proud individual, Teressa Groenwald-Hagerman, is the first woman to kill an elephant with a bow and arrow. She reportedly spent eight months working out to handle a bow big enough to take down an elephant in Zimbabwe. From The Telegraph:
Elephantbetttttt The huntswoman wrote her own blog about her trip to Zimbabwe where she found the elephant in 2007.

She describes leaving the animal overnight lying on its side before returning to check it was actually dead the next day.

On the hunting website 'Hunts of a Lifetime' Hagerman wrote: "A man by the name of Larry, who is a videographer for Orion Multi Media, bet me I couldn't shoot a buffalo or elephant with a bow.

"He indicated only one or two women had completed the buffalo with a bow and no woman had ever taken an elephant with a bow. Of course, I couldn't turn down the challenge."
"Woman hunter kills elephant with bow and arrow" (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. Sad, so sad. An that is shown as some sort of gender competition is even more disturbing.

  2. That’s nothing.

    Last year I clubbed a panda to death with a mere ballpeen hammer.

  3. Sorry: I think this sucks. It’s nit like she’s an Inuit hunting to eat. She did it to settle a bet. Elephants are cool.

  4. elephant uses bow and arrow to kill psycho woman who had been stalking it since 2007

    Now that’s news.

  5. I challenge any woman to take down Teressa Groenwald-Hagerman with nothing but thier fangs and pure, raw fury.

    Of course, you cannot turn down the challenge.



  6. Somehow I think she is not really the first to take an elephant down with a bow. After all, the bow is upper paleolithic or neolithic technology. You’re trying to tell me that in 20,000 of bow use, no woman has ever taken down an elephant?

  7. Ditto #1

    What a waste of 8 months.

    I’d add she just got herself a huge loss of karma points. I think she will come back as a hippo.

  8. Oh congratulations on killing an unsuspecting animal with a crossbow. We all bow in the blinding light of her bravery…

    Now lets find us a Predator that recognizes her as worthy pray and soon we can marvel at the picture of her mounted skull on the trophy wall of his spaceship.

  9. I believe you mean this is the first white woman to kill an elephant with a bow and arrow.

    Bravo!… one less elephant to worry about preserving.

  10. Thank goodness someone decided to take charge of the situation. Because we’re UP TO OUR ASSES in frickin’ elephants around here.

    Now someone should challenge her to wrestle a dozen rabid raccoons in a sealed shipping container that has been dropped over the side of a ship near the Marianas Trench.

  11. She’s still not as cool as the guy who killed the last Tasmanian Tiger.

    That guy rocks!

    — MrJM

  12. If she must kill, let alone in Zimbabwe, why not hunt Mugabe? That might actually be a challenge.

  13. I wonder how you transport a dead elephant after killing it. The average elephant weighs around 6 tons. Seems like you’d need to bring a crane or a front-end loader out into the bush with you.

    And before this thread turns into a anti-hunting diatribe, hunting wild animals is about as “free-range” as you can get. If you’re going to eat meat, then hunting is far more humane for the animal than keeping it in a cage its entire life.

    Here’s hoping she didn’t let the elephant go to waste.

  14. this is not wonderful, boing boing. i am disappointed that you are giving this monster press. :(

  15. I don’t think anyone should be proud to kill an elephant.. even if it’s with bare hands. I hope the death of this sacred and beautiful animal will haunt her to her death.

  16. agreed- this article just perpetuates the idea that this is “sport” pr, at best, worthy of praise.

    republishing it here accomplishes nothing but affording this sad woman the recognition she so badly craves. pathetic, on all accounts.

  17. “If you’re going to eat meat, then hunting is far more humane for the animal than keeping it in a cage its entire life.”

    this is not true

    Yes they get to life a free life..
    But they way they die can be terribly cruel!

    “She describes leaving the animal overnight lying on its side before returning to check it was actually dead the next day.”

    It could have been bleeding to death all night long! its so senseless..

  18. @ #12 chutotoro

    the standard procedure is to saw off the tusks and leave the carcass to rot.

  19. What kind of crazy culture does she live in that thinks this is an ACCOMPLISHMENT?!

  20. #16 LOL

    I wonder what next mammal is next on her list:

    – Saskatch
    – Predator
    – Yeti

  21. When we were young we had to irritate woolly mammoths to death by poking them with twigs repeatedly.

  22. “But they way they die can be terribly cruel!”

    Agreed. If a hunter uses the proper tools for the job, then it’s no worse than a factory slaughtered animal.

    Hunting an elephant with a bow is obviously an exercise in poor tool choice.

  23. @#12

    There’s eating what you hunt, and then there’s hunting purely for sport. Hmm, I wonder which type she is?…

    …she started marketing for Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris and became a professional hunter in South Africa. There she began hunting numerous ‘big game’ in the bush…

    …Hagerman promoted her kill and endorsed the clothing simultaneously on the clothing site. She wrote: “Foxy Huntress provided me with all the clothes a woman could dream of having on a safari. There were so many great things to wear. Being the woman that I am, I was excited about wearing all the different outfits.”

  24. I say erect a giant statue in her honor, so when our species has canabalized itself and the planet, whatever alien species that comes down to inspect Earth can understand what happened.

  25. Huh. I guess men *don’t* have a monopoly on stupid prideful brutality after all.

  26. No- this is not wonderful. But I sent this to David because this kind of bullsh*t should be seen…by smart people who could actual maybe be angered and make a difference if they felt compelled. Poaching elephants is out of control in Africa right now. Poaching everything is really bad right now.

    In my opinion, people who devote their lives and decide to go into service of protecting wildlife are infinitely more bad ass and show more character and fortitude than some dinkus trying to earn some kind of deluded macho points with a gun or bow.

    Like these folks (elephant sanctuaries in Kenya and Tennessee):

    or these people:

  27. So after reading that article I couldn’t resist looking up her sponsors : https://www.foxyhuntress.com/

    They have all the styles a young lady could ever want from the classic to the ensembles for the modern hunter woman on the go! not to mention their patented “THE PREDATOR” so you don’t get wet whilst shooting those mean old lions and tigers and bears… oh my! I believe it may be the first clothing website I’ve come across that has an NRA advert on the front page offering me “freedom”. Perhaps I just haven’t been shopping in the right places all these years

  28. Wh wh – jst knw ll th psss wld cm t nd whn bt hw crl hntng s. I read the article in the Telegraph and noted that the meat from this elephant fed quite a few villagers in the area (so claimed). People matter more than animals. No one here seems to mind that millions of African children die of starvation every year, rarely do I see that sort of argument in the comments.

  29. “500 African Villagers were fed with the meat from the Bull”

    Least it’s not going to waste… The very very least.

  30. @12

    Hunting is fine. Hunting an endangered species is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I live in SE Ohio and the deer population is huge. I support hunting them for meat. Hunting for sport is really screwed up. Killing animals to feed your family is one thing. Traveling half way around the world just to make a kill is not cool.

  31. I am a proponent of hunting, as long as you eat what you kill. By the looks of things, she had better tuck in.

    Seriously, an elephant of that size could feed an entire Mubuti or Efe village for weeks…and they’d have the decency to (and the practicality) to dispatch the creature right away and divvy it up.

  32. I wonder if this pushes the elephant from threatened on the endangered species list to endangered…

    I demand that elephants be henceforth called Savanna Kittens.

  33. Trophy fees for are around $8k to $17k depending on whether you want a exportable trophy. If you are taking down a PC (Population Control) or PAC (Problem Animal Control) elephant a different fee schedule applies, I believe. In those cases you cannot export any trophies.

    Here’s a sample fee list, which jibes with a few others I found from a quick Google: http://www.bluewaterbiggame.com/hunt_with_us/zimbabwe_elephant_hunt.cfm

    In general, trophy fees levied by governments go towards protection and conservation of native animal populations, and it is not unbelievable to think that is often the way it works out. In Zimbabwe specifically, many of the nature preserves are over capacity, leading to a systematic culling that some have criticized as being too extreme. Hunters have been paying for rights to participate in those culls. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article5537002.ece

  34. Next time a woman succeeds in her challenge to shoot a unicorn into life with a magic wand, let me know.

  35. @27 Having a heart doesnt make you a pussy.

    It’s obvious she didn’t do it because she thought she’d be feeding a local village, she’s just another disgrace to humanity.

  36. @MissJess: Pussies? Oh really? Let’s be honest. She didn’t fly around the world to feed people, she flew at great expense to kill an endangered African elephant for sport. Please don’t paint this as altruism.

  37. wow… she hit an Elephant from 12 feet… whooptity do.

    “Lookit me! I’m can hit the Broadside of a Barn from Inside It!”

    what’s next? bragging about one’s success dynamite fishing in a small pond?

  38. #27

    “People matter more than animals.”

    We all matter, all life forms matter.

    No one here seems to mind that millions of African children die of starvation every year, rarely do I see that sort of argument in the comments. .

    It is really sad that kind of thin happens as well, but the thread in question is the killing of the elephant.

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  40. She’s a fucking scumbag, and I hope she gets trampled to death next time she goes to Africa.

    I don’t hunt, but I’ve been told by friends that do that once you kill an animal, you have to “clean” (eviscerate) it right away to keep the meat edible. If this asshole left the elephant lying there all night, I doubt it fed anyone.

    Actually I hope she’s murdered by ivory poachers who take her teeth for souvenirs.

  41. Hunter? No she is not a hunter. She resides in a world of plenty and wears designer “huntress” clothing she bought on the internet.
    She is a sad excuse for a hunter. A true hunter would not behave this way. I know from experience.

  42. I keep submitting the link “Slaughterhouse worker kills cow with pithing gun” – I submit it at least 30 million times a year, in fact, but it never gets accepted.

    I guess the death of one elephant triggers sacred value protection behavior in more people than the death of tens of millions of cows does.

  43. No better way to celebrate God’s creation than by wantonly slaughtering it to satisfy one’s ego.

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    Lw blw?! Pls!

  45. I am sitting here trying to understand why anyone from the US would want to go to Africa to hunt game when you can go down to the local grocery store and buy something to eat there; alternatively you could join the Army and be with like minded individuals who go around hunting people instead.

  46. I’m not playing devil’s advocate or troll, I just genuinely wonder – what’s the outrage?

    That killing is wasteful? This fed a village.

    That she’s proud of what she did? It was a genuinely difficult task, whoever said she used a crossbow is full of shit. http://www.huntersfriend.com/2008_PSE_X-Force_Bow_Special/xforce-jumbo.jpg

    That she had sponsors? Hey, she wanted to do an expensive thing, people offered to pay for her to do it. I don’t see the problem.

    The only complaint that doesn’t strike me as dumb, is that she left the elephant to (only possibly! maybe not!) suffer overnight. Hey, a wounded beast is a very dangerous thing, especially when you can’t see well. I suppose the alternative would have been to bring an elephant gun to blow its brains out, just to be sure. That would have been more humane.

    But animals do die. Sometimes painfully. Do you feel this sense of sympathetic pain and righteous fury when a lion fatally wounds an elephant, or any other animal dies slowly in fear?

    Aside from failing to have a mercy gun, she didn’t do anything wrong. These elephants aren’t endangered. It didn’t go to waste.

    Sometimes this website is just an excuse for people to feel indignant and get their rage jollies.

  47. I’m surprised (I know, I know… I shouldn’t be) at some of the replies here? What does this have to do with killing animals for food? Can’t you people see the difference between killing animals for food and travelling half way across the world to a country currently under the regime of a dictator to kill an animal to advertise a clothes shop? Maybe I’m missing something here but I don’t quite see how the two things are equal.

  48. Lol, didn’t realize there were so many anti-hunting people. I think you people may be hating on the wrong person. Try taking some of your rage out on poachers who kill several elephants a week with even more unfair tactics. There’s nothing wrong with what this woman did. If all people who hunted elephants treated it like this, they would be thriving. It’s the poachers you should be mad at, not the hunters. Know the difference.

  49. If it helps quell your righteous indignation, I have it on good authority that the elephant was a rpblcn.

  50. Gee, Sceadungenga, when there are as few cows in the world as there are elephants a) the world will be a better place and b) it might attract some notice. Or maybe not, since elephants are wild and cows are not only domesticated but rather stupid.

  51. Miss Jess@~27: Were you aiming to be the first woman to be a complete fcktrd troll here? You may not have been the first, but I think you get extra points for unoriginality.

    “People matter more than animals.”

    Uberfail! By who’s freakin’ yardstick are you measuring? From the Earth’s perspective, we are a parasitic infestation of late, threatening most other species here because of shortsightedness like this passing for thinking. And even Elephants have more % of brain mass than you appear to be using.

    “No one here seems to mind that millions of African children die of starvation every year, rarely do I see that sort of argument in the comments.”

    Nice false equivalency straw pachyderm you’ve flogged there. Humans are far from endangered on this planet, my dear, and socio-political economics are far from the subject at hand. I’ll be sure to look for your comments on the famine threads since you are so concerned about the starving children.

  52. @29

    it said it the article that the meat was used to feed 500 villagers. but i still find this to be upsetting, endangered or not, elephants are not supposed to be hunted. Elephants are intelligent and form close bonds with humans, when allowed to do so with proper domestication & non-abusive treatment. It’s no different from hunting and killing dogs, horses, or dolphins – and all of these animals have attacked humans, so the fact that wild elephants attack villagers invading their habitat is no surprise, nor an excuse to murder them.

    -bobhughes, sick of logging in each time to comment

  53. @27

    I am so sick of the “children are dying while elephants reign” craptacular reasoning. Children in Africa do not die for lack of food. They die largely due to corrupt regimes that sell hunting rights for big game instead of providing infrastructure to their people.

    If the extinction of elephants would result the people all working toward the betterment of the continent, I do not think you find much argument, but we have to live in the real world where values matter and practical realities should not be ignored.

  54. Knodi, you assert that these elephants aren’t endangered. I understood that they were. Show me where I’m wrong.

    Also, I’m not buying the story that it fed a village. Again, show me where I’m wrong.

  55. they ate the meat… of an endangered species. and what’s more delectable?

    I had myself a fine meal the other day. It was
    a mammoth brain, smothered in garlic sauce. Last one alive in the world too, which made it quite tasty.

    mmmmm MMM.

  56. Impressive dedication.

    I hope she gets trampled by the rest of the elephant’s family.


  57. So, basicly she shot an elephant with an arrow, it fell over, and then the let it lie there and (in all likelihood) bleed to death slowly over hours to ensure that the arrow killed it, and not a relatively humane gunshot to the head or anything.

  58. DCLies, even that reporter expresses doubt about whether the Mugabe government is telling the truth, or whether they just want more money from elephant hunting. If only a herd of elephants would stampede over Mugabe!

  59. @#51

    I’ll second what #45 & #46 has said which is that she didn’t do it to help people. In her own words:

    “A man by the name of Larry… bet me I couldn’t shoot a buffalo or elephant with a bow…Of course, I couldn’t turn down the challenge.”

    Maybe the reason why she’s the first woman to do it is because no other woman found it ethical or felt it was immature to kill something on a bet. Or, maybe she’s just the first woman to admit to it and try to glorify it.

  60. Correct, Daemon. She wouldn’t get her name in the record books if she did that. Her sponsors would be disappointed.

    This isn’t about killing a poor elephant. This is about her inhumanity, selfishness, and greed, and that of her sponsors. Even if the elephants are not endangered, she’s still a macho* asshole in my book.
    *Or should that be “macha”?

  61. #49 –

    The articles to which you link concern the elephant culls in South Africa, not Zimbabwe. The only evidence we have that meat from the carcass (which she left overnight) got into the hands of locals comes from an admiring blogger on “texasbowhunter.com”. Who knows whether s/he was there for the hunt or knows what others did with the remains of the animal.

    In all likelihood, the Zimbabwean government, insofar as it cares, stands to profit more from someone who poaches an endangered or threatened species and paying them fees to do so, than it does by protecting a threatened population. And since the government acts only in its own self-interest (as the past 3 decades show) I’m ready to believe Ms. Groenewald-Hagerman is just another self-absorbed, somewhat wealthy person who destroys something beautiful just because she can. Her remarks certainly fit the profile.

  62. Do you feel this sense of sympathetic pain and righteous fury when a lion fatally wounds an elephant, or any other animal dies slowly in fear?

    We, as humans, have a choice. Lions do not.

  63. Maybe “Larry” can bet her that she can’t kill a bull elephant with her bare hands. Naked.

  64. I for one am not impressed

    They make it seem like the bow she used was some sort of monster.

    I looked it up, The PSE XF is a compound bow with 70lbs of pull. Not exactly amazon status. There are plenty of women out there who could draw a 70lb compound.

    Show me one who can draw a 150+lb recurve and I’ll be impressed. I’m sure they’re out there.

  65. #27, #32, #37 – Re: Starving Africans – Isn’t the prevention of starvation the justification behind “Population Control” killings of animals? Hunters portray a tone of kindness behind the act of killing some individuals so the limited resources go further for the remaining herd. By that same logic, shouldn’t we also endorse “PC” hunting of Africans? You know, out of kindness?

  66. This is a real shame. Women should be known for creating life, not destroying it, and now she has a cosmic balance sheet to settle.

    I propose that the makes amends by being the first woman to give birth to an elephant.

  67. What a total waste of human endeavor, wildlife and webspace.

    This woman clearly doesn’t have the wit to feel shame or remorse at her pointless act. She should be pitied (and barred from all foreign travel).

    But surely BoingBoing can’t believe this woman and her sad act of impotent penis envy is newsworthy. The lack of a critique in the accompanying paragraph is almost as disturbing as the act itself.

    Judgment – fail

  68. I find this abhorrent. I have compassion for elephants, and I’m saddened that this great beast had to die. It’s my opinion that it might have had more compassion in its great heart than this woman had, if not more intelligence. But then, I’m a softy/pussy.

    However, this sounds like a legal kill, and the meat from the kill was used (according to the article) to feed 500 people. I eat meat. I don’t kill the animals myself, but I don’t kid myself that the animals I eat were killed or kept very humanely. Life involves death, and while I would not choose to kill an elephant or even a cow, I’m quite willing to eat a cheeseburger. We all draw the line in different places. Some people are vegans. Some are only vegetarians. Others, like me, are omnivores. And this woman hunts. While I don’t approve of her use of a weapon that seems to give a prolonged death, hunting involves risk, and bow hunting even more so.

    Life involves death. While we sneer at this woman, someone else sneers at us for our cruelty to broccoli. Life is life. Just because it doesn’t have a face doesn’t make it any less deserving of respect. Or any less yummy.


    It fed a tribe?!?! Wow, great.

    Let’s kill gorillas because that can feed a tribe too. Oh, a baby chimp? – line her up and make a nice grilled appetizer.

    Hows about some WHALE? Let’s just line up and kill whales for the fun of it – hey sell it to the Japanese who can’t get enough of the stuff.

    Surely they are needing to be fed?

  70. I have absolutely nothing civil to say about this “person.”

    If I ever met her in public I’d be hard pressed not to punch her in the face.

    I would not cry if one of these days she got herself killed by one of these animals she enjoys murdering.

  71. Oh, I guess its good they used the meat to feed people, anyway, instead of just leaving it there to rot, as I’m sure she does most of her victims.

  72. “someone else sneers at us for our cruelty to broccoli. ”

    Sure, if that someone else is so abjectly, unbelievably stupid as to compare one of the most intelligent animals on earth to broccoli.

  73. I’m not sure I see the sport in going into the middle of a herd of 37 elephants and shooting one at 12 yards.

  74. Ignoring the fact that this took place in Zimbabwe and the money for the license went who knows where…

    Sport hunting fees do more to protect wildlife than anyone’s tax dollars or good will has ever done. In the US for instance there are more deer/moose/elk/bear now than 100 years ago because sport hunters worked to ban market hunting. The millions of dollars in revenue that each state generates from these fees provides the funding for the salaries of natural resources law enforcement, preservation of land and the recovery of once threatened and endangered wildlife. The same is true in Africa where countries that have continued to promote legal, managed hunting have seen increases in animal numbers while those that have banned hunting (Kenya) see a glut of poachers and no funding to fight them.

  75. This event is nothing to brag about. I am so disappointed that this death has been made into a petty gender competition.

  76. Someone once bet we I couldn’t kill 6 million jews.


    (Godwin’s law is fulfilled!!!1! Mwahahahah!!!!1!)

  77. Wylkyn@~84: I am an omnivore myself, but I eat natural meat because I refuse to support factory farming and because I don’t want to eat frankenfoods. I am ok with people hunting, especially with a bow & arrow, because they are at least in touch with the food chain and don’t think meat comes from the supermarket (and in the case of bow hunting, generally make it a little more challenging, unlike shooting your pet deer that you’ve lured to a certain spot with food using a high powered rifle from a deer blind.) For the most part, hunters I have known (and I have several in my family) respect the animals they hunt, and nothing from their kill is wasted. We must harvest life to survive, yes.

    But, as many have noted above, flying around the world to hunt an endangered animal on a dare and leaving it to bleed to death all night is far cry from hunting out of necessity for survival. For the same amount of money spent on her airfare, gear, and fashion accessories, she could have sent several tons of rice to deprived areas and fed several villages for months, if that had been the goal.

    But it wasn’t. It was all done simply for ego gratification. This, and anyone trying to justify it, just sicken me.

  78. I’ll bet you can’t be the first woman to shoot herself in the face with a bow, sweetie. Hey, best of luck with that!

  79. I make it a life-policy never to inflict physical violence on anybody. I’ve never waivered from that….but for this $H!+He@d, I would make an exception.

  80. As a pure hunting feat, I find this impressive. Bow hunting is really hard, and killing something as large as an elephant with one would require both outstanding strength and control. She is very skilled.

    Now, I also think elephants are cool and am not in favor of killing them for sport or ivory. A simple search for “elephant over population” yielded bunch of hits, beginning with an NPR story from 2003. It seems that different areas of Africa and India have different elephant populations and the local population have widely differing opinions about the animals. Imagine that.

    So, @68, I think the answer is “it depends on where and what kind you are talking about” whether elephants are endangered, overpopulated for the local ecosystem, or just a menace.

  81. Even if she donated the meat to a local village I’ve got some questions. First, did she have any choice in that matter?

    Moreover… if we’re meant to be considering elephant meat as a reasonable source of necessary nutrition for African villagers, which isn’t something i’d reject out of hand, wouldn’t it have been more impressive of the sponsors if they’d just bought the village a few of those superbows? Would THAT be a wonderful thing worth making news over?

    It seems to me that this was (within her somewhat, imo disturbed, profession) not unlike setting some new transatlantic or circumnavigational first would be to a balloonist or yachtsperson. The benefit if any to good causes is fundamentally ancillary. Nobody gets into ballooning or yachting or big game hunting for the charities they only occasionally support.

  82. I know some people here think that posting this article will perpetuate the problems, but on the contrary (as is evidenced by the comments) I think its bringing to light that this kind of thing is still happening and that someone needs to do something about it. Kudo’s BoingBoing for posting.

    1. In related news: Pesco kills my normally slow Friday afternoon with a post

      Please hurl your invective in a civilized manner.

  83. Zimbabwe culls large numbers of elephants because, sad as it may be, there’s not enough room for them. By culling them, they stop them wandering onto agricultural land – Zim *used* to be the breadbasket of Africa, and may one day be so again – which pisses off the populace, who have more pressing things to worry about than pachyderm conservation. Managed conservation is in turn funded by legal, quota’d hunts.

    It ain’t pretty, but one annoying lady taking down one old elephant is really not the important issue here.

  84. @17


    Most of you don’t know, it’s quite a challenge to hit such a large, slow moving target with an incredibly large fast moving projectile.

  85. Well, we all hope she’s very proud of herself. People with that mindset shouldn’t be allowed to handle sharp objects.

  86. Why, of course, the dear girl clearly thought that what with elephants being about as abundant as pigeons, and a nuisance to us all (you could park at least three Smart cars in an elephant’s favourite resting spot), she was doing her good deed of the day. The complete and utter effing idiot.

  87. Anon@~66: “didn’t realize there were so many anti-hunting people. I think you people may be hating on the wrong person. Try taking some of your rage out on poachers who kill several elephants a week with even more unfair tactics.”

    Another straw pachyderm. Few, if any here have actually espoused a position that is purely anti-hunting. I have plenty of rage for poachers too, which I express in the threads about poaching. But this thread is about a person who is excited about all the new fashions she was given in order to slaughter a great beast on a dare, and so she, and folks like you who try to defend her by pointing to other evils being perpetrated against beautiful creatures of this world, are the subject of our derision and scorn. Just the fact that you have said “other unfair tactics” betrays that you also admit shame for our species at this heinous act of hubris. So there may yet be hope for you. One horrible act does not excuse others.

    1. I have no problem with bow hunting and would do it myself if it weren’t for my terrible track record for proximity to sharp objects. I also enjoy tasty gifts of venison from bow hunters that I know. But I’d starve to death before I’d kill a highly intelligent being like an elephant. And hunting without knowing how to make a proper, fast kill should be prosecuted as animal cruelty.

  88. So those of you out there who are fine with her killing the elephant because it fed a tribe, would you be cool with it if I started slaughtering Bald Eagles if I fed homeless people with their meat? Don’t worry I’ll make sure to use some unconventional weapon to make the kill, maybe gas them and then slice off their legs and break their wings and then check back the next day to see if they died from it.

  89. Um, isn’t this illegal or anything?

    Why the hell would she do that? And even more, the does she have that stupid grin on her face?

    Man this ticks me off. Hunting for food and survival is one thing, but this… this is something pure evil.

    In other words, she and I would probably not get along very well.

  90. If she wanted to feed anyone, she could have skipped the hunt and spent her money on food instead. No. She went there to kill.

  91. Isn’t anyone bothered with the cruelty here? It’s like a man being killed by a knitting pin… A long, agonizing death. This woman must be related to Dick Cheney.

  92. Sciurus FTW! (Although bald eagles are predators and carrion birds, to boot, so eating them probably wouldn’t be a good idea from a nutrition/safety point of view.)

  93. To be fair, just prior to the kill, she did pose for photos in which her and the elephant cuddled together in a fashion that many declared to be unbearably adorable and cute.

  94. Well I for one think it’s quite impressive.

    After all, if it took the genius 8 months to figure out the bow and arrow, it is pretty amazing that she was able to hit something as swift and fleeting as an African Elephant.

  95. Equality is when everybody is equally free to be a violent idiot, regardless of gender. I kind of hoped feminism would change the world rather than just more fully participate in barbarism. Alas.

  96. “He indicated only one or two women had completed the buffalo with a bow and no woman had ever taken an elephant with a bow. Of course, I couldn’t turn down the challenge.”

    Completed. I love that. Like the animal is somehow unfinished till a human kills it for fun.

  97. Can I get a “Kill Whitey!!!”?

    No? Oh well.

    This would be more impressive if there were any sane reason whatsoever for a human being to be killing an elephant. What does she think this is? The pleistocene? Maybe while she’s at it, she can use those buff arms of hers to knap us all up some Levallois points.

  98. Mastodons went extinct very shortly after the first people crossed from Siberia to the Americas via the Ice Age land bridge. Many believe that they were killed by hunting: unlike African elephants they would have no fear of human beings, they’d never seen such creatures before.

  99. http://www.elephanttrust.org The amazing work of American Dr. Cynthia Moss in Amboseli Park in Kenya. Tell this woman to go visit Cynthia, and tell her Maggie sent her (i’m a friend of Dr. Moss). Let’s hope and pray Dr. Moss can set her straight.

  100. Congratulations, pthtc btch. Now get with the program: it’s 2009 and you need not kill a potentially soon-to-be endangered species to eat.

    Ridiculous. Yeah you killed an elephant with a bow. Let’s even the odds and put you under his/her feet in a full-out charge and see how you fare.

  101. Xopher,
    Uhh.. not sure how to answer that. I was just trying to make light of the fact that today’s posts included both cute cuddly animals and a tragic elephant death.

    Now, is it your job to incorrectly identify trolls, or are you just looking for a fight?

  102. Female trophy hunters piss me off even more than male ones (and that’s saying something, as I think they both are scum of the earth.)

    There’s a tacit cultural undercurrent that cruelty/bloodlust = manly. Male hunters at least have the excuse that they’re just too stupid and non-empathetic to buck what’s “expected” of them–ie, they’re going with the flow when they hunt. (Still hate ’em, though.)

    But a woman doesn’t have that cultural pressure as an out, at least not here in the US–in fact, females have a nurturing/gentle cultural stereotype which makes an individual woman hunter seem worse — like there’s an evil inside her so great that has to overcome societal expectations to express itself.

    Its sexist, I know. I also know many families indoctrinate both sexes into hunting (much like neo-nazis, white supremest families etc) which gives women those same pressures and expectations…. but still…females that get off on killing creep me out big time.

  103. Someone asked for proof the elephant is not endangered: the World Wildlife Foundation puts their numbers at 470,000 to 690,000:


    While I’d be first in line to peel this woman alive, the species isn’t exactly in danger by numbers. Asian elephants are a different matter; they suffer a lot more problems.

    What endangers the African elephant- on top of a rather steep drop in numbers over the past century- is decimation of the dominant males due to their tusks. Kill them, and the younger males don’t know precisely how to behave, so they tend to go rogue- which ends up getting them killed.

    And before anyone jumps my stuff, I do conservation of rare and endangered species for a living. I’ve hunted (in the past- I live in a city where that’s no longer convenient), but this woman’s actions are just stupid and wasteful.

  104. Yeah what a btch! Someone should hunt her with a bow am I right? I wish that elephant had trampled her to death!

    *takes bite of cheeseburger*
    *drips on ketchup on keyboard*

  105. Can we tone down the misogyny just a smidge, guys? This kind of language makes me fear my own safety. “Pathetic bitch” sounds too much like something someone would say before pulling the trigger on a love gone bad. Easy.

  106. Olmsteader: missed that (the cuddlies/killers juxtaposition). And the answer to your question is: neither—I just fucked up.

    My sincere apologies.

  107. I’ll try to make this as straight forward as possible:

    The following excludes those who NEED to hunt for food, obviously.

    Let’s get something perfectly clear. Hunting is f*cked up, period.

    No, I am not a vegitarian.

    However you spin hunters/hunting…population control, food, sport, and so on. Even if you eat the whole damn thing, ultimately it is about killing a thing. PERIOD. You think it’s fun to kill something. You have some free time and decide, ‘I really want to see somethings insides on the outside.’ Freakin’ sociopaths.

    It’s barbaric and royally f*cked up. I’ve met very few hunters that were not dumb rednecks and the few that weren’t dumb rednecks had the same level of self awareness as their hunting bow.

    Best (except to the hunters out there),

  108. I’m not impressed. On my last trip to Africa I was somewhat depressed and so I drank a beer and went out to kill three elephants with a spear that I fashioned from my hotel shower rod. I had the deceased creatures placed in a pile so that I could be photographed standing atop the impressive mound with a martini. And I didn’t need camouflage pants to do this. I simply wore my Lucky jeans, salmon polo shirt, and a pair of sneakers. The whole experience is one that I am still savoring nearly six weeks after my rampage. Does anyone know how I might contact this gorgeous huntress? The two of us would make a mighty pair.

  109. “Wooooo! I got it! It’s down! It’s dead! Surely? Yes! It’s not moving! Strike one for me! Yeaaaarggh!! Woooo! Wow, I actually did it. That’ll learn ol’ Larry. I’d like to see Gina Davis do this. Perhaps I should go check it’s really dead before I cash in this bet. Hmmmmm… It’s on it’s side… Best not go and poke it with a stick right this moment, in case it’s just resting, in which case, it’s probably a bit annoyed… tell you what, probably leave it. Just come back tomorrow. Yeah. Phew.”

  110. For those wondering why so many people are outraged–you’re right. In the great scheme of things this elephant’s torturous death isn’t a big deal compared to many other things–elephants are not endangered, millions of other animals are killed everyday–most of us eat dead animal for every meal. Etc, etc.

    But anyone who hunts because they enjoy killing–not because they are hungry and have no alternative–but because they think it’s fun to destroy life–is a f*cked up person. Period.

    It’s a reaction to the blatant, unnecessary cruelty that’s generated much of the outrage here. It’s knee jerk reaction to the face of evil.

  111. wht cnt

    It doesn’t make it okay if all of the elephant is eaten. This was still killing for fun, and killing must never be done for fun or vanity, only out of necessity.

  112. I’ll have ‘Bungalow Bill’ in my head all day now. What a sad, pointless achievement.

    Can we tone down the misogyny just a smidge, guys?

    ‘Misogyny’ is hatred of all women. What we have here is hatred of one pathetic female bastard who allowed an endangered animal to bleed to death overnight just to make a point… Unfortunately, I don’t know the latin term for that. I bet it’s very long.

  113. Strictly as a feat, this would be more impressive if it were a longbow instead of some high-tech super-bow of the future.

    The concept of sport hunting gives me the jibblies. If you’re going to kill something, “Because it’s fun and I get to dress up!” is a poor reason.

  114. She checked *the day after* to see if it was dead. So for all she cared, it could have been suffering for about a day, slowly dying.

    I’m sorry for her that she has so little empathy. I feel worse for the poor animal though. If that’s how beef was slaughtered, I’d become a vegetarian.

  115. Sekino, I think WolfiesMa’s point was that it’s not good to deprecate this one vile person in terms that are offensive to women in general. ‘Pathetic female bastard’ is good. ‘Pathetic bitch’—much less good.

    In short, she’s objecting to the words, not to the justified hatred being directed at Teressa Groenwald-Hagerman.

  116. No, Navec, it isn’t. Beef is not stuck with a pin and then left lying overnight to bleed out slowly. If you’ve ever slaughtered a cow that way, I hope you go to jail.

  117. @Wolfiesma: Had she been male, I would have been just as upset, and in retrospect I probably should have chosen another epithet. I’m sorry my comment at #1 came off as misogynistic. No gender-specific hating was intended. (btw, I also find hunting wolves from helicopters abhorrent regardless of the sex or political affiliation of the shooter, btw!)

  118. I know my comment is redundant, but I just have to chime in and call b*tch on this f*****n revolting excuse for a overprivelaged waste of caucasian skin.
    If her best shot at fame really was to invent some new way of killing the strange and rare creatures of this planet, then she should at least have put her creativity into committing a spectacular suicide instead. Same outcome, less collateral.

  119. You’re right Xopher, being hung upsidedown by your hind legs and having your throat cut is much more humane. Please accept my apology.

  120. Is the term bitch considered misogynistic if directed at an individual?

    Not sure I would agree–there’s plenty of derogatory titles that apply just to men (don’t need to list ’em) and often when describing others we include gender (waitress/waiter, hunter/huntress) so I’m not sure it’s necessarily sexist to include gender in negative descriptions, too, as long as it’s not used in such a way as to include the entire gender.

    But…I could be wrong, and it’s not a word I use, anyway.

  121. Xopher, Sekino… we’re on the same page here. I can mostly see where people are coming from on this, but I do pick up on a bit of an Eminem vibe off some of these comments and its sort of fucked up.

  122. Wow, I’m disappointed that she didn’t kill the elephant immediately and let it bleed out, but I’m more disappointed at all the “Women create life! Now she’s subhuman! Karma! Karma! Karma!” responses. Big game hunting is USUALLY undertaken by some of the biggest conservationists there are so that they can continue big game hunting. Normally, the licensing fees her sponsor paid would go to managing the animal preserve where she undoubtedly shot the elephant. But, Zimbabwe being what it is, it probably got lost in the corruption of the government. Poor choice of hunting grounds, missee.

  123. Relax, the meat probably didn’t spoil because she left it out overnight. And it’s not like it would be completely inedible if it did, after all hunger makes the best sauce, so if the people it fed were hungry enough, they’d eat it with maggots if necessary.

    I read the pull was 90 lb. That’s a lot. And it’s more than most men can handle. You can pull it, but can you pull it, hold it, aim it? With the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Buckfever is real, and it happens to grown men that they can’t hold a rifle steady enough to shoot at deer. Sure back in the day men handled war bows that drew 150+, they also trained for their entire lives pretty much until they could pull that weight.

    If you’re anti hunting, but still eating meat you’re a hypocrite IMO. Most hunters do a much better job of putting animals down than a slaughterhouse does.

    Also animal nuts? No animal in the wild dies a pleasant death. There’s no old animal retirement home where the toothless lions reminisce with the old gazelles in wheel chairs about the good ole days on the Serengeti. They all die horrible deaths. Oh but that’s “natural.” Well, we’re at the top of the food chain, that’s natural too.

    Most people with horrible things to say about hunting have never been. And it’s a sport, because it’s not as easy as it looks. Is it easier than it was when we were chasing animals off of cliffs. Yes. Is it a slam dunk going to cull an animal every time. Not even close.

  124. Pantograph, tusks are not sawn off. Tusks are deeply rooted and usually hacked out with machetes or axes, so as to collect as much ivory as possible.

  125. What can you say she’s a clueless muppet.

    Someone said blame the poachers and yes I agree poachers are a key concern…..but what does hunting like this say to an impoverished poacher…..it’s actually ok to kill these animals (if it attracts the right money).

    NB She’s worked for one hunting outfit and is sponsored by another. My guess is that her “achievement” has nothing to do with the challenge and everything to do with the publicity.

  126. Really a person sold out for money? If only there was a word for that. Shocking /sarcasm

  127. I am a huge meat-eater, and have no problem with hunting for food whatsoever, but I draw the line at
    1) Endangered animals
    2) Anything that can pass a mirror test of recognition.

    And how hard is it to kill an elephant, anyway? It’s not exactly a small, fast moving target.

    So now I must make the requisite joke:

    “So, uh…can someone tell me which one’s the elephant in that picture?”

  128. Jim, I didn’t see your comment the first time. But we’re on the same page, too. Hunting wolves from airplanes is truly fucked up. What kind of a dumb bitch would do a thing like that? Ha… ha.. cough, choke, ha…

  129. I’d think killing one with an arrow would be damn tough. Thick hides, thick sculls. She probably had to stalk in to the herd to get a close shot, and aiming it while probably geeked on adrenaline from both excitement and fear, middle of a herd where you’re about to poke one with a sharp stick would be a little nerve wracking IMO, is tough. And she’s got to be able in a low light condition identify the killzone on the animal. I don’t know if a lung shot, which would kill most animals quickly would work on an elephant. So she might have had to aim for the heart, which even on an elephant is a pretty small target.

  130. So what, she’s trying to prove that women can be just as heartless and inhuman as men? This is just fucked up.

  131. I think all this rage is because you all believe this elephant was an endangered species. I linked a few articles early but from what I am reading, at least at this current point in time, elephants are overpopulating the area..villagers have to slaughter them so they won’t destroy farmlands and other animal habitats. They cull them as well now.

    My first thought when I read this article was ‘WTF isn’t this sh*t illegal?!’ but with that fact, it doesn’t boggle my mind that much anymore.

    I hope everyone enjoys their dinners tonight, i’m having steak.

  132. @Waregle:

    Indeed, the problem is that the world has too many elephants, and not nearly enough humans.

  133. After re-reading some of the comments, I would like to retract my spontanious “b*tch” and insert a non-gender specific “*ssh*h*l*” in it’s place.

    Seriously, regardless if you’re a hunter or a vegetarian or whatever, we should all be able to agree on this: if a wild animal HAS to die for whatever reason, the proper and humane way to do it is to blow it’s brains or heart out with a state of the art BFG.
    Any other approach sends us down a slippery slope of very, very stupid stunts and dares. I mean, who’s gonna be the first caucasian woman to kill an elephant by cutting it’s aorta with a blunt dessert spoon?

    Now, can we please use the collective power of the internet to make sure that this revolting person never peddles another piece of couture ever again?


    in Zimbabwe there are too many elephants. Too many hungry, impoverished, suffering humans should be the real topic here.

  135. If the people of this website get behind a boycott of the this hunting clothing business, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be the best thing that ever happened to them. Their target audience will buy from them more so out of spite. And to them all PR is good PR. Not many of the people who post here would ever buy their products anyway.

  136. I’d normally be pissed about this, but in Zimbabwe there’s a considerable overpopulation of elephants, So much so that many of them starve.

    The Zimbabwean army has even started to eat elephants because they themselves are starving.

  137. hp sh ds hrrbl dth, just like that elephant did…say, from a little thorn in her foot.

    “And not even a little mouse did come to her aid; she died alone, lying on her side, blood filling her lungs…from that little thorn. Mankind and the lowliest beasts of the world walked by and did nothing to help her suffering.”

    A fitting end…

  138. It really shocked, surprised, and saddened me that Boing Boing deemed this as an appropriate entry in “A Directory of Wonderful Things.”

    Then I read all the responses. You guys rock. This woman, not so much.

  139. Oh, fcking lovely. “I have two X chromosomes, therefore I must kill an animal I have no earthly use for, with this primitive tool!”


  140. The elephant was standing near a tree.
    The elephant was walking happily.
    The elephant was killed un-nec-es-sarily

    It didn’t stand a chance…

  141. At first I thought “Shame on you Boing Boing.” But then I realized that this publicity will destroy this woman and the companies that sponsored her. Are you listening PETA and Greenpeace?

  142. Woman-1 Elephant-0

    There are just a few more terrible things going on in Africa at this moment than some ‘roided up white girl killing an elephant with a bow.

    If you feel good about yourself being upset about this, pat yourself on the back and go bury your head back in the sand where it was.

  143. This woman is just a disgusting person as thousands ones. I can’t believe we as humans are still not capable of defending ‘our’ planet beautiful animals from this idiot criminals.

  144. Wouldn’t it be great
    To see the African plains
    Before they lay them to waste
    And only the bones remain?
    Wouldn’t it be poetry
    To shoot holes in the poachers we see
    With an elephant gun?

    Men in helicopters fly
    Shooting rhinos from out of the sky
    Why do we always assume
    The planet is ours to ruin?
    What a legacy we’re leaving behind
    What a legacy

    Wouldn’t it be something
    For the men killing dolphins
    To be caught up by their necks
    In their greedy fishing nets?
    Wouldn’t it be irony
    If the tuna fish canneries
    Were to fall into the sea?

    The dolphins and the whales still left alive
    Cry to the stars in the deep blue night
    “There’s nowhere to hide,
    The people on earth will not be denied!”
    What a legacy we’re leaving behind
    What a legacy

    Wouldn’t it be odd
    If there really was a god
    And he looked down on earth
    And saw what we’ve done to her?
    Wouldn’t it be just
    If he pulled the plug on us,
    And took away the sun?

    Men in helicopters fly
    Shooting rhinos from out of the sky
    Why do we always assume
    The planet is ours to ruin?
    What a legacy we’re leaving behind
    What a legacy

    Oh the huge manatee!

  145. Sadly, the encroachment of human cities on elephant environs has made the hunting of elephants necessary in parts of Africa, or else there will not be enough food and all the elephants would starve to death. That is why it is conservation and not preservation.

    That said, so many things about what this woman did are unforgivably cruel. First, elephants live in pods and they grieve the loss of their family members. If indeed it was necessary to cull elephants in this region at all, some consideration should have been given to the emotional suffering of the animals that would remain.

    A real hunter would have culled, not at random, but would have found a fine old elephant who was almost at the end of its lifespan anyway, rather than shooting an elephant at random. This woman seemed not to have even intentionally killed a male (I don’t think the article said).

    To shoot the poor elephant and then not see to it that it did not suffer throughout the night is just barbaric and cruel.

    Elephants are terribly smart. They have strong ties to family and are emotional. They are really remarkable animals and to kill one on a dare is just a shameful disgraceful thing that no human being should celebrate.

  146. Dhalgren: Nice false equivalency. *applauds* They seem to be popular in this thread. X is bad on a smaller scale than Y and Z, therefore X is unworthy of outrage. Pathetically cynical. This is how nothing gets done. Your callous pessimism does not make you cool or correct.

    Please tell us what you are doing to solve the many problems of Africa such that we will weep and beg for your forgiveness for the frivolity of our compassion.

    Those of you who think exterminating elephants is ok because there are too many humans in the area, ask yourself if you would allow the same thing in a rural area for say… horses. If you have ever ridden an elephant, you would know that they are intelligent and wonderful beings. We will miss them when they go the way of the mammoth because of our ignorance.

    1. They seem to be popular in this thread. X is bad on a smaller scale than Y and Z, therefore X is unworthy of outrage.

      It’s called the Nirvana Fallacy. Why bother with anything if everything else isn’t already perfect?

  147. To the many, many, many posters who keep pointing out that:

    1) Elephants are not endangered.
    2) Hungry villagers were fed with the meat.

    Some of us GET this. We are upset that she killed an elephant, which we believe to be a long-lived, relatively intelligent animal with a sense of self, memory, and emotional responses.

    Some of us are against killing any animal. Some of us, however, would be fine with this woman killing a wildebeest, or an ox, or whatever. We oppose killing an elephant, in particular, because it seems to be unacceptably close to a human in many ways (as previously listed).

    Just as “there’s plenty of them, and I ate him” isn’t a good reason for killing people, or toddlers, or developmentally delayed teenagers, some of us feel it isn’t a good reason for killing an elephant.

    We don’t CARE that they aren’t endangered, or that the meat isn’t wasted. Some of us think is simply morally wrong to do.

  148. Great, she managed to prove that a woman can be just as much of a prick than any man. I need a unicorn chaser…

  149. Antinous: Thank you.

    Master Mahan: See my comment @~128.

    And now for more elephant talk:

    I’m a lone rhinoceros
    There ain’t one hell of a lots of us
    Left in this world

    I stand alone in my concrete cell
    Where people stare and toss me coke cans
    I guess it’s better than being poached
    But I’d give my horn just to see my homeland

    I’m a lone rhinoceros
    There ain’t one hell of a lots of us
    Left in this world

    They say I am ugly,
    Call me a beast
    I hear them snicker
    When iI’m half asleep
    Is beauty such a big commodity?
    I always heard it was only so deep

    I’m a lone rhinoceros
    There ain’t one hell of a lots of us
    Left in this world

    I know the zoos protect my species
    They give me food, collect my feces
    But I can’t help it, I miss the past
    I’ll never again see my good old mudbath

  150. Actually, it would be better to kill very young elephants when controlling populations, or better yet selectively administer birth control.

    One of the current problems, is elephant societies are without adequate leadership; this leaves young males without the role models and control normally provided by older males. In some areas young males, without the influence of older males, have killed humans, which then puts their own lives in danger.


  151. in response to #191 posted by dhalgren


    You are correct there are worse things in africa to get stressed over, but i bet you people will go out of their way and bring publicity movements, boycotts, awareness campains, fundraisers ect. for “endangered elephants” only because they are cute and cuddly, but not for african women or children that are currently being Raped, Killed ect. because you cant put a cute and cudlly face to all the nameless people suffering out there.

    like stalin once said “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”<---this type of thinking gets me bent out of shape beacuse i see it alot here in insulated upper middle class california, we go out of our way for lame @$$ charities that do "nice things" but do nothing significant for changing and improving the world because it doesnt have a feel good feeling to it, or because its not in vouge... my heart cried a little, but not for this elephant in africa but for its people...

  152. TommyK321, did you read this comment thread? And did the initial post sound APPROVING to you?

  153. Olaf@~203: Maybe you haven’t bothered to read the other comments, but it’s not about cute and cuddly. It’s about taking the life of an intelligent animal for pure ego-gratifying “sport”; acting like the other beings that share this planet with us are playthings to discard for our amusement.

    Quoting Stalin here? Really? What pearls of wisdom!

    I don’t know about you, but I am fighting on all fronts. What the fuck have you done for Darfur, dude? (-though the atrocities there have nothing to do with this post, other than that both are in Africa. Might as well say: The economy sucks in Iceland, so why get out of bed?)

    Please take your nirvana fallacy and shove it in that hole where your atrophied heart sucks at your chest like a gaping wound, which you try to fill by trolling.

    TommyK321: You weren’t really using that acct. anyway, were you?. Don’t let the door hit ya…

  154. Sorry, make that “Melinda Mae’d”, not “Sara Sylvia…’d”. Been a while since I read Where The Sidewalk Ends”.

  155. This is APPALLING.

    ‘She describes leaving the animal overnight lying on its side before returning to check it was actually dead the next day. ‘

    WTF? WHO would DO that???? Sick. SHE should be stalked with a bow and arrow and after she’s shot then has to lay there for hours and hours in pain waiting to die.

  156. I’m still waiting for an artificially inseminated transgendered hunter to take down a bonobo with boomerang.

  157. i know this isn’t very articulate, but all i can think of to say is…what a fucking douche-bag. ( min t. hangs head and shuffles off into the darkness, mumbling vague obscenities to himself.)

  158. I’m sensing just a little hypocrisy here.

    This kill is more humane than anything you buy at the supermarket. If you have worked in the food industry, you know that.
    That elephant lived a full life on the savannah and died in a relatively normal way.

    If she can publicize this then she had permission to kill it. To get permission means that the animal was probably going to be culled.

    The meat fed a whole village.

    People, it doesn’t get much more ethical than this. Knee-jerk reactions are what criminal organizations like PETA thrive on. The people on here should be more intelligent than that.

    Hunting for fun may not be up your (or my) alley, that doesn’t mean it is morally wrong. Knee-jerk reactions are what criminal organizations like PETA thrive on.

  159. To all (both) of you who say it’s ok because elephants aren’t endangered, I’d like to point out that the local human population is even less endangered despite recent culling efforts by that paranoid old coot in the latter stages of syphilitic paresis.

  160. knee-jerk [nee-jurk]


    1. of or pertaining to anything that I disagree with

  161. I’m surprised she could find any living elephants in Zimbabwe – I thought Mugabe’s goons had destroyed the reserves and machine gunned anything bigger than a mouse.

  162. rkl #213 gr wth y 110prcnt

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    1. OLAF,

      Why don’t you take the weekend off to work on your communication skills?

  163. flip⋅pant   [flip-uhnt]
    1. frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness; characterized by levity: The audience was shocked by his flippant remarks about patriotism.
    2. Chiefly Dialect. nimble, limber, or pliant.
    3. Archaic. glib; voluble.

    cal⋅lous   [kal-uhs] Show IPA
    1. made hard; hardened.
    2. insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic: They have a callous attitude toward the sufferings of others.
    3. having a callus; indurated, as parts of the skin exposed to friction.

  164. @213:

    You’re not sensing hypocrisy, not in the least. You’re actually being an apologist for this stupid woman and her incredibly callous act.

    It doesn’t matter that the meat allegedly fed a village. As others have pointed out, the money that paid for her airfare, lodging, clothing, equipment, and the hours she spent training could all have fed many more people than this elephant did.

    Elephants are social animals who live in complex familial societies. She blithely shot and killed this animal in full view of its relatives and friends, leaving it to slowly die over a 12 hour period.

    Do you understand? This wealthy, first-world, privileged moron paid thousands of dollars to a corrupt regime so she could needlessly slaughter an elephant in full view of its family so she could settle a stupid bet.

    The only person who’s not displaying intelligence here is you, as evidenced by your failure to grasp the incredibly simple and stark differences between this egregious act and the practice of raising cattle for food.

    If you really think “it doesn’t get much more ethical than this” then I feel sorry for you.

  165. It’s fine to disagree with this (more because of the chosen location than the act), but I wonder how many people who passionately argue against this now will even remember in a week or two? It feels like exploiting this killing and the story about it so we can get our daily dose of finger-pointing rage.

    There are good reasons not to engage in sport hunting, but the argument you bring (“animals are dumb automatons”, to paraphrase) is not one of them.

  166. Is there any way we could get this woman’s email address and be the first mob to kill a woman with a grudge against an elephant with Email?
    This is just plain stoopid senseless bloodlust

  167. Maybe 50 years ago this kind of shit would have been excusable, but not today. Ridiculous. And she looks so fucking pleased with herself.

  168. Fckng bitch.
    1. Elephants are an endangered species.
    2. There is no exploit there. She used a wheel bow. Shot an elephant AT NIGHT(who probably did not even see her shooting), close enough she probably did not have to aim at all…
    3. Howard Hill shot elephants, lions, buffalos in the 50s, by day, with a simple WOODEN RECURVE hunting bow. THAT was an exploit (and elephants were not protected and endangered at the time).
    4. It is yet to be proven she’s a woman (have you seen her ?)
    5. I am an archer and I prefer shooting at McKenzie 3D targets.

  169. Wow, for a bunch of people that are so vigorously defending life, there’s a lot of hate going on here.

  170. To brag about murdering such amazing animals is disgusting at best. Only psychopaths would behave in such a manner. Teressa Groenewald-Hagerman is a horrible human specimen and nothing could justify her actions. She and “Hunts of a Lifetime” should truly be ashamed of themselves.

  171. As an American, I’m pleased to see that they make irresponsible redneck jerkoffs in other countries, too.

  172. Wow, for a bunch of people that are so vigorously defending life, there’s a lot of hate going on here.

    I can’t speak for anyone here, but I’m not vigorously defending ‘life’ in general. I DO accept death and hunting for prey as realities of life, but I do feel everything ought to be done responsibly and purposefully. To injure/kill a wild beast on a dare and to win fancy clothing isn’t my idea of dignified hunting or admirable sportsmanship.

    IF a tribe of starving Africans would have hunted an elephant for food, I wouldn’t have had as big a problem with it. A hunter chasing game for food, as he/she should, would NOT walk away and let an animal agonize overnight.

    This woman just killed an ‘ele’ for shits and giggles and tossed it to African villagers so she could claim it was altruism. Wow, what a f-ing hero.

  173. You know, it’s not fair to coldly and arbitrarily hunt and kill a dumb animal that really doesn’t know any better, but I’d still have no compunctions about giving this b*tch a 10 second head start and them come after her with a compound bow.

  174. How do you kill a blue elephant?

    Haha, at least she knows it certainly isn’t a blue elephant GUN. Don’t be ridiculous.

  175. It’s things like this that give hunters a bad name. I was raised going shooting and camping but never really went after anything bigger then a rabbit. Fair Chase and Eat What You Kill. There are an ethics to hunting and this falls so far outside it.

    Elephants aren’t Endangered… they are however still protected. They need to start sending Elephants from areas of over population to areas where they’re still unstable (CAR.)

    We’re having this conversation in the Western U.S. with Wolves instead of Elephants… they just made a comeback and instead of shipping them to other areas to flourish they just open up hunting permits instead. I’m not against hunting wolves or elephants at some point but now still isn’t the time.

  176. I find it aphalling that no one has mentioned the fact she left the animal possibly suffering over night before making sure it was dead in the morning … what kind of sportmanship is that! At least put the thing out of its misery. I`m not even going to get into the right to kill elephant thing.

  177. I did comment yesterday on how appalling it was the poor thing took so long to die and she didn’t do anything. It’s amazing that the poor animal just laid there waiting to die. Jesus H. Christ.

    And, the whole ‘oh, for people defending life I hear alot of hate.’ Only response – grow up and grab and brain and maybe some reasoning skills.

    And she’s apparently from Kansas? PERFECT.

  178. This woman was challenged by a fellow sportsman to do something that had literally never been done before in the sport. (Some may call it a ‘dare’, but challenge is a very real part of sport.) Sportsmen challenge themselves and each other. Personal challenge is also a big part of what sport is about.

    She accepted that challenge, and spent months dedicated to improving herself to the point where she could meet that challenge. And she succeeded.

    Hunting is a brutal sport, but a sport nonetheless. (And one of the oldest, at that.) Things die. It is painful. Unless she did something illegal (which has not been shown to be the case), she simply pushed the limits of her self and her sport. While I personally wouldn’t choose to bowhunt an elephant, I still commend her for accepting and rising to a challenge.

    You may not agree with it, or like it, and you are free to have that opinion. However, anthropomorphizing the animal and casting hatred toward this woman (and other participants on this board) are about as far from reason as one can get.

    1. Andrewb,

      If you feel that you need to anthropomorphize an animal to feel compassion for it, you might want to reassess how much anthropos is in your own morphos.

  179. AndrewB:

    You don’t need to anthropomorphize non-human animals to see when killing them might be cruel and unnecessary. “Things die” – yes, in the natural course, but killing things for fun is a bit different, wouldn’t you say?

    In any case, there are two different issues here: the achievement and the cruelty. An action can be both great (in the sense of “amazing” or “unprecedented”) as well as terrible.

  180. “Last year I clubbed a panda to death with a mere ballpeen hammer.”

    …And I tossed a bag of newborn kittehs in the microwave. Not that it justifies what She-Ra here thinks she’s done. Here’s hoping she gets stepped on by a herd of the poor elephant’s cousins and her just desserts are captured for YouTube glory and a honorary Darwin award.

  181. Antinous,

    Is it possible to feel compassion for the elephant without feeling hatred for the woman?


    How is killing an elephant for sport and giving the meat to a neighboring village (which may feel ‘fun’, as any achievement would) different from a bowhunter killing a deer and giving the meat to neighbors (which occurs frequently here where I live up in the Northeast)? Is your belief that it is wrong to ‘enjoy’ the sport of hunting?

    Is hunting offensive in general to you, or is it the fact that it was an elephant in this case that somehow makes it worse?

    1. Andrewb,

      The answer to all those questions are in my previous comment in this thread. There’s a lot to be said for reading a thread before commenting on it.

  182. #203,

    You make an interesting point, but elephants being cute and cuddly??

    Anyone tried to cuddle with an elephant?

  183. @18 and everyone else.

    While I hope that she intends to eat the animal that she killed, I hope that the liberal nature of this board and this blog in general, doesn’t try ostracize the fact that this was a “free-range” animal. This type of kill is far more humane than factory farming. Now I may not agree with killing an elephant, but as long as she intends to feed herself and others with it, I can’t disagree with her decision to do so.

    I too spent a great portion of my childhood being raised as a hunter, a bow hunter to be specific. I never killed large game with a rifle. Only a bow and arrow. I did however kill many smaller animals with pellet guns & shot guns. Many, many birds, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, geese died by my hand. Many of them I didn’t eat. Instead I just mutilated out of my ego to feel better about myself, and possibly out of my need to feel like I was in control, in an otherwise dysfunctional childhood. Trophy kills if you will.

    Now that I am much older, I have felt great remorse for my actions as a youth. Often times I will cry myself to sleep from the pain I must have most certainly caused to many animal families. All I am saying is that the nature and behavior of hunting and killing will stay with you for the rest of your life. Some of that is survivalist, some of that is shame, at least it is for me.

    I would never harm an animal such as a pig or a dog or a cat… or an elephant. They are very intelligent creatures, and sentient beings that should be respected. I do NOT condone factory farming at all. That is simply inhumane. But if you must live off of animal flesh, let it be free-range. It hurts me deeply the fact that factory farming exists. An animal that doesn’t get to see the light of day or feel the earth between it’s feet just upsets me greatly. I wish I could transfer the pain and remorse I have felt to the owners and workers of factory farms, in the hopes that it would make them see the errors of their ways, and bring the halt of such practices.

    To make a long story short… I am a vegetarian now because of what I have done in my past. Please think it through, thoroughly before you take a life. If you’re just doing it out of your ego to prove something, then you will be haunted by that experience for the rest of your days. I know this from experience.

    If your survival depends on taking an animal life to feed yourself and those you love, then so be it. Eat only the animal you killed.

    Now if your lively hood and lifestyle is defined by caging animals and torturing their existence so you can profit financially from it, then may you and those you love be stricken with disease so horrible and gruesome that you experience pain so incredibly agonizing… that you pray for death.

    I’m willing to face the truth of what I have done. May you have that strength too.
    Choose to be vegetarian.

  184. SAD SAD SAD SAD , is evolution going backward ? She invests so mouth time to train herself for a kill of an elephant. has she nothing better to do in this world ? hope her grand kids get still to see an elephant a life.

  185. What’s with all the text speak in the comments – it hardly adds to the conversation.

    In relation to the post. I think it’s hideous and just shows how barbaric certain people are if killing animals for sport is considered acceptable. In self-defence or because you’re hungry perhaps, but sport? It’s not a wonderful thing at all.

  186. heads up GOP, I think you have your next presidential candidate: Groenwald-Hagerman in 2012!!

  187. I now challenge her to kill an elephant,lion and Polar bear with her teeth while blindfolded and her hands tied.
    If she doesn’t take the challenge she is obviously a coward and a communist.

  188. Couldn’t she have just given it an absurdly huge dose of LSD? Oh wait, that’s been done…

  189. The acid didn’t kill the elephant. The alleged researcher was trying to inspire the elephant to rut and when it just stood there blinking he (white male) gave it a dose of amphetamine, which did the beast in.

  190. Anonymous 234: I find it appalling that no one has mentioned the fact she left the animal possibly suffering over night before making sure it was dead in the morning … what kind of sportmanship is that! At least put the thing out of its misery. I`m not even going to get into the right to kill elephants thing.

    Unless this took a really long time to go through the moderation queue, which I doubt, you didn’t read this thread carefully. Nearly everyone who has objected to this evil woman has pointed that out.

    But I’ll tell you what kind of “sports(wo)manship” that is: it isn’t. She was fundamentally too much of a chickenshit coward to finish the poor thing off. And she couldn’t finish it with a gun, the most merciful way, because she had to “complete” the kill with her bow to win her motherfucking bet. This heartless monster deserves no praise from anyone, especially sport hunters, because she was too cowardly to get close enough to finish it, even with a bow. Her conduct was deeply unsportsmanlike, and anyone who thinks hunting is a good sport should hold her in contempt.

    I personally value elephants above most other animals, and don’t think they should be hunted, but the realities of life in Africa may make that necessary in places. I think it should be done humanely where possible, but then I also think the animal who needs to die first in Africa is Mugabe. Humane treatment for humans, let alone elephants, is impossible while he lives and rules in Zimbabwe.

  191. Zimbabwe is poor and starving because of one man..its leader Mugabe.
    Kill and elephant will feed some citizens of Zimbabwe for a short while;
    Kill a Mugabe and people of Zimbabwe will eat for life.

  192. Oh, so she takes bets? OK, then, let’s make this fair:

    Ms. Groenwald-Hagerman, I bet you can’t kill an elephant with your bare hands.

  193. After all, no woman has ever done that. Actually, no woman has ever leapt from the glass-floored observation deck at the Grand Canyon, either. Be the first!

  194. I bet she couldn’t wipe out the entire remaining populations of the extremely endangered Black-Footed Ferret with a slingshot.

  195. I’m a little disturbed that she had to go back to see if the poor thing died yet — WTF?

  196. Wonder: the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising.

    A thing that is “wonderful” may not only be something that is great, marvelous, or fantastic, but instead something that is “full” of wonder, or causes one to wonder, or to experience wonder. That said, I think that this item falls squarely within that category; I must say, I thought it strange that someone would want to do this… however (unfortunately), I did not find it that surprising that someone had done it.

  197. Now I want to kill her with my bow and arrow!!!! stupid elephant killer….
    And someone(wareagle??) said there are too many elephants??? are you justifying her action with that??? because there are many humans too… or please tell me exactly how much is tooo many of a specie? would you please tell me? oh wait I can not kill insects with my bow…. any one to challenge me please?

  198. To their eternal embarrassment, CABELA’s, the sporting goods store, has a big Google ad at the bottom of this article..

    I have a Cabela’s store in my neighborhood.. because of their advertising supporting an atrocity like this.. I’ll never shop there again… Have advised them of such… like they will even care..

    This butch woman proved nothing but her stupidity and cruelty.. may she rot…

  199. Not true, StevenS. She also proved her cowardice and selfishness.

    Give credit where it’s due.

    1. Moderator note:

      Please don’t post contact information for the subject of the post. We don’t condone personal harassment.

  200. Antinous: If someone does something stupid then they leave themselves open to personal harassment. I don’t condone personal harassment, but I also don’t discourage it – and I certainly think there is nothing wrong with providing an avenue for those who feel strongly about this issue to tell the person responsible exactly what they think.

    I understand, though, that by putting contact details here – boingboing could be held liable for anything that happens so I will refrain from posting the details again.

    BUT, I think that if it is fair to use her name then it is also fair to post that her most used internet handle is “prohuntress”. Considering that our name is no more than a real-life handle, I dont think there is a problem in posting this information.

  201. I’m an Archer, I love letting a few arrows loose once in a while… At targets. I take offence at people killing animals for ‘pleasure’. Sure enough if you’re a bushman whose life and family depend upon your hunting skills, OK.

  202. So, she killed an Elephant and it fed all these people. What about donating the money and her time to help feed, house, keep clean and educate more people.

    We have relatives who worked (and one still does) on the same continent, who get paid SFA and spend their time and lives helping the poor, rather than taking great pride in some pathetic, pointless and intellectually stunted act.

    She should take up a real challenge and do something useful with her life.

    What about HELPING people for a change?

    On another soapbox, the idea for many of being a vegetarian is because eating meat is unnecessary and the pain caused to animals is avoidable. This is the politics of vegetarianism, as against those who choose if for health reasons.

    On the other side, check out:
    and think of what could be done with the water wasted.

  203. I think that what she did is definately something she shouldn’t be proud of. She shows that she couldn’t care less about animals and killed the elephant just for her own benifit! Terrible!

  204. what you all don’t understand is that this was just part of her long and protracted mating ritual with the rare and prized predator Vladimir Putin.

    He kills a tiger, she kills an elephant, the circle of life continues.

  205. I guess you all want the folks at the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to die a horrible death too.

    “The management off take involves an approved quota country wide of 1000 animals representing approximately 1% of the population as compared to the 5% annual growth rate stated above. This implies that this off take has no affect whatsoever on the elephant population. Moreover over the years we have never harvested even half of the approved quota.”



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