Audio of Richard Evans Schultes on Hallucinogenic Plants


Abraham Abulafia says: This is a rare audio of R. E. Schultes, the remarkable founder of Ethnobotany, talking about hallucinogenic plants.

Audio of R E Schultes on Hallucinogenic Plants


  1. Is there a transcription of this? I can’t make out what he’s saying.

    Or maybe that’s the point.

  2. It’s rare all right … apparently whoever recorded it can’t read a level-meter that’s pegged.

  3. wow, number three, if you want to be a really big twerp about it, tell that to the ethnobotany department at university of Hawaii or any other institution that calls it an ethnobotany major.

  4. @#6 Anonymous: To my discerning ear, Mark’s headline seems to apply in both possible interpretations.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Voice quality looks fine. Where can I get more of Schultes? Please share any leads!

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