CCTV birdhouse

Ali sez, "A birdhouse for sale in a German [ed: Swiss?] mail order catalogue, mimicking a CCTV camera. The model is called 'Wolfgang S.' a reference to the hawkish German Minister of the Interior Wolfgang Schauble who likes spying on everyone in the name of security."

Magazin: Nistkasten Wolfgang S. (Thanks, Ali!)


  1. Both swiss and german, you can buy the birhouse at the .de shop as well.

    Very nice. And surprising, since the store is otherwise a rather expensive, upper class, high-quality affair for well-to-do pensioners with big gardens :D

  2. It looks cool, but isn’t. Birdhouses shouldn’t be made of metal, because they overheat in the summer.

  3. It’s a German mail order company specializing in high-quality old-fashioned products. If you ever want a hand-cranked Amish ice cream machine, a Japanese Pen with a retractable nib, handmade soap with natural orange oils, a Bretonic pea jacket or lighting fixtures in the style of the 1920s, then Manufactum is it. Their catalogue is simply wonderful. Beautifully made and full of cool things, though often a bit pretentious. Also, expensive; usually worth it, though.

    They have a branch focusing in design stuff, furniture and quirky items like this.

  4. @2: it’s made from particle board with a metal cowling. Put it somewhere in the shade and it should be fine.

  5. Although I am Swiss, the company is German indeed (and Gronk described it perfectly). The only thing I would add is, that even the product description are often fun to read. It is the only mail order catalog I keep until the next comes out.

  6. Dick Cheney’s vacation house had a similar thing. I remember seeing a photo of it somewhere online.

  7. I LOVE Manufactum. It’s like a kind of old-fashioned Teutonic Muji. Their pen roll is particularly fine, as is its description.

    But, conspiracy time… I can’t find the CCTV birdhouse in the UK store…

  8. The office building where I used to work had a busted security camera around back by the loading dock. The guts had somehow been removed and a couple of birds moved right in. I always thought we should have tried to train them to swoop down on people as a form of biological security.

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