Parasitic twin erupts from 30-year-old man's belly button

Gavin Hyatt of Witney, Oxfordshire went to the hospital with a bleeding belly button. The doctor said "It was like something from Alien. I didn’t believe Gavin when he said something was coming out of his belly button until I saw him." That something was a 4cm parasitic twin that had been stuck inside Hyatt for the last 30 years. Hyatt told The Sun:
"At first I thought I had been stung by something due to the burning pain in my belly button.

"But there was no sign of anything on the skin. Then I felt a large lump just above my navel, which was so painful that I nearly passed out.

"I couldn’t sleep and made an emergency appointment with the GP the next day.

"There was a red patch around the area which was hot to the touch. Dr Santos felt it and said it was a hernia."

Hyatt is keeping his twin in a small plastic jar.

Parasitic twin erupts from 30-year-old man's belly button (Via Arbroath)


  1. @2 is right. In fact, I’m clicking fast and furious right now to find my own. I don’t think I can wait for the editors…

  2. Why is it a “parasitic” twin? If the surviving twin absorbed the wee tiny twin, then surely it’s the twin which gobbles the other one up who is parasitic? Sort of?

  3. Don’t you think it’s just so cute that he keeps his dead fetus twin in a plastic jar?

  4. @11:

    That would be “cannibalistic”. Parasitism implies a parasite living off of the host, rather than consuming them entirely.

    Since this case involves a living group of cells tapping into the bloodstream and getting sustenance from the man, it definitely qualifies as parasitic.

  5. @13 – you’re right. ‘Fetus in fetu’

    i’m surprised they let him keep it – i wonder what the rules are on those sorts of things?

    i wasn’t allowed to keep my cyst :-(

  6. @16: I don’t know what the laws in your area are, but it’s possible you just had to insist. When I had my wisdom teeth out, they didn’t want to give me the teeth, but I argued (as best I could with a head full of novocaine and a mouth full of bloody gauze) and they finally gave them to me in a little jar of formaldehyde.

    I took them home, looked at them once, saw that they had bits of meat hanging off of them, and threw them away. Gross.

  7. Emergency appointment the next day!? Dude, you have a dead fetus springing out of your belly button, you should go the the motha f&*^ing emergency room!

  8. He’s ‘happy to have his little friend’? Wow. I remember when the same thing happened to my godfather, except they found the fetus by accident during open-chest surgery. The man was traumatised to find out he had been carrying his unborn twin with him all these years.

    Although he was a bit of a sad fellow to begin with so maybe it’s a question of attitude.

    Now I can’t help but wonder what the chances are that my twin flatmates have parasitical quadruplets inside them…:P

  9. parasitic twin? i think this is clearly a case of self-replication gone wrong.

  10. reminds me of dr. bloodmoney…
    now only if the parasitic twin could talk to him and the dead… then i’d be freaked out

  11. Nobody said Quatto? What’s wrong with you people? Ok, Rudezombie got it.

    If only it had been bigger! A cosmetic surgeon could’ve started a NICHE-NICHE industry of turning innies to outies. Maybe stretch it out with some fake bones, animatronic joints, RF receiver…

  12. it’s funny they make him kind of ripped in the little diagram, and he clearly is not…

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