Mountain-Dew-scented Xbox controller soap

These XBox controller soaps from Etsy seller Digitalsoap are scented with essence of Mountain Dew for a caffeinated clean. There's also a line of Playstation, NES and Wii controller soaps, as well as phone and iPod soap.

Realistic Xbox replica soap (via Red Ferret)


  1. Yeah, but if you use it, you develop the Red Ringworm of Death. Using the PS3 soap means you’ve got no game, and the Wii soap is only for people who only bathe occasionally, as a sort of casual thing.

  2. I’ll never get how Mountain Dew is the de facto official drink of video games. I know they did the Gamer Fuel and so forth but…

    I don’t even like Mountain Dew*.

    I think we need to put this shit to a vote.

    *Oddly enough, I like all the variants. Pitch Black II, Voltage, AMP, Gamer Fuel, etc. I just don’t like regular Mountain Dew or Code Red.

  3. Doesn’t Mountain Dew have the highest sugar/caffeine content of the commonly available soft drinks? I’m sure most energy drinks beat them now, but before that they’re pretty high up compared to most anything but coffee or specialty sodas like Jolt.

  4. @3: Dunno for sure about the sugar, but judging by calories, I’d say Mountain Dew probably does have higher sugar content than other non-energy soft drinks. It definitely has more caffeine. The other important thing is that it has less carbonation, allowing you to drink it much faster.

    Absolutely love the soap, btw. What attention to detail. XD

  5. #3 If memory serves it doesn’t. I think Dr. Pepper has it beat… I will now google. Please hold:

    Okay. My memory was off. One survey found that Diet Mr. Pibb had more (that’s why I was thinking Dr. Pepper).

    Of the citrus sodas, Sundrop has more. Surprisingly Pepsi One had more as well. It seems that diet and lo-cal versions of drinks have higher caffeine in almost all cases!

    Mountain Dew is 2nd or 3rd on the list, but, yeah it’s annihilated by energy drinks and Jolt.

  6. First off, Mountain Dew is the shizz. I like it enough that I sometimes have to stop drinking it just so that I can learn to love it again. Either that, or it’s a subconscious way of warding off lifestyle-induced diabetes.

    Second, I think that this soap is perfect for hardcore gamers. The handles of the controller shape will fit nicely into my fat-roll crevices. However, once the handles wear away it’ll be no better than a good ol’ bar of Irish Spring.

    Third, um, I don’t have a third point. Bye!

  7. So when is he going to make a Dual Shock shaped soap that smells like sweat and dirty laundry?

  8. Diet Pepsi Max actually now holds the title of highest caffeine content in a non-energy drink soda. Their caffeine is just a touch higher.

  9. @#10: How do you know that the handles of a 360 controller will fit into your “fat crevices”?

  10. uncle Max. Dr Pepper has the highest caffeine level of the commonly sold soft drinks

  11. Diet pops have more caffine just so you get addicted and stick to the “diet”…

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