Plants vs. Zombies


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  1. gilowyn says:

    So, so addictive…. it’s ridiculous. And you can just go on playing after you are through, because then they suddenly change the rules – so really, the game is good for months.

    Off to fiddle with my Zen garden again!

  2. moosehunter says:

    I Made a Hand made pottery Anti-Zombie Squad for my lawn/garden

  3. slgalt says:

    I found this through Jayisgames. If anyone needs some strategy tips there’s a bunch at the end of the review:

    Also, I just saw that there is a discount code currently there too. Woot!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Was trying fog survival mode… If you have zombies in your pool and they make it fairly far down the game will end the flag while they’re still alive… When the next flag starts, those zombies keep munching…

    It happened my second flag and they set off my lawnmower… on the start of the third… The same thing happened end of the third and when it started my 4th I immediately lost…

  5. DrJen says:

    Unbelievably addictive. Sadly, I paid full price (‘cus I didn’t read carefully enough about the discount on Steam).

  6. JWL says:

    Everyone thinks I
    Only want to eat their brains.
    I just want a hug.

  7. Ian70 says:

    Why you linky to de Mac version? You so terr’ba!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh awesome! It’s available for both PC and Mac! That’s like that scene in Blues Brothers where the woman who works in the bar is like “we have both kinds of music, country and western.”

  9. PhiCancri says:

    My significant other loathes tower defense games, however I was able to cleverly get her hooked on this gem. Everything about this game is really top-notch in execution. Just wait ’til you see the boss levels. ;^)

  10. blackbean0053 says:

    Zombies who are old
    are all around health food store
    they want bran not brain.

  11. beager says:

    Dyslexic zombie
    Very picky about names
    Only wants Brians

  12. robotrevolution says:

    Pro Tip: You win when the zombies get to your house.

  13. ElfSternberg says:

    Good news: The demo works perfectly on Linux under Wine. I’m totally addicted to this game.

    Bad news: You can’t register the full version on Linux under Wine. And I’m totally addicted to this game.

  14. Anonymous says:

    game is so awesome. wife and i properly addicted.
    i’m up to the roof levels, and they are getting hard. it’s those damn bungie zombies.

  15. emilydickinsonridesabmx says:

    I had a long flight delay on Sunday coming home from a business trip, so I decided to give this game a shot to kill some time. Now I am totally hooked. I don’t play many video games these days, but this is so easy to learn, and a blast to play. There’s a lot of funky little surprises packed in as well, and the zombies are fun to watch. It’s just a really well done game in every way possible.

  16. JonBeard says:

    Zombies in a row
    Dancing “Soulless Train”

  17. Anonymous says:

    i cant get past the night pool levels second time around :( Crazy Dave just wanted to kill me. Allready have gold trophy though, yet the yeti zombie doesn’t want to show up yet.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I Got my tree of wisdom up to 150 feet. Purchased everything. Reached 42 flags in endless survival, i took a screen shot and saved it every 2 flags as proof. If anyone wants to see it email me matthew.omelettedufromage[at]

    Interested in know what other people survival records are.

  19. Davin says:

    Just wait until you try the mini games! The game is chock full of stuff to do.

    Be sure to check out the zombie and plant descriptions/biographies in the encyclopedia :)

  20. iamanumlaut says:

    The song! You have to post the song!

  21. Joel Johnson says:

    Omg, I want to see her play that. The image in my head, at least, is hilarious.

    I’m up to the pool levels, but I hear it just gets deeper and deeper. Drowning in great games!

    Also, don’t forget to click “Help” on the main screen.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The game unfortunately has a crippling bug for some of us. Our save games seem to have disappeared. :( The developers are answering the thread to which I linked, and are requesting individual feedback regarding the issue. Some have been getting responses via filing trouble tickets with PopCap as well.

    If you’re having issues, please visit the thread or file a bug report! If we can offer information, maybe they can fix them. Or at least I can play again without woring about losing my progress.

  23. lone sloane says:

    OMG – there’s a Michael Jackson “Thriller” level. I haven’t laughed so hard in a good while!

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