Sam & Dave's "Hold on I'm Coming" performed by Italian scarecrows


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  1. Anse Bundren says:

    huh. that’s an interesting interpretation from a fresh perspective.

  2. Enormo says:

    They are making movements while they sing to keep my visually interested.

  3. Anonymous says:

    singer is Adriano Celentano, quite popular pop singer in Italy. In 60′ it was frequent to have italian pop singer translating song from other countries. example, here a cover of I I HAD A HAMMER by Rita Pavone:

  4. Anonymous says:

    The lyrics say more or less “Do you know why the farmer is happier than me? It’s because his land will never betray (cheat on?) him. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t have love. I’d like to be buried under the ground like a seed and forget everything, just to sprout again in the spring. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t have love. I cry because who I loved is not here anymore, tell me what kind of life this is.”

    The singer is even faking an American accent.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Am i the only person who is reminded of certain VERDI operas when they view this?

  6. InsertFingerHere says:

    I was having a really crappy day.. but this made it all better… loved it..just loved it.

  7. arkizzle says:

    WTF did we used to watch? And this is far from the weirdest..

    Glad to note it has brightened some people’s day though, I just wonder what’s the thinking behind so many “entertainment” shows like this. I mean there were tons of these shows (still some); dancers and a popular tune, reinterpreting a metaphor from the song through dance.. it’s pre-MTV music videos I suppose..

    I was going to say “thank goodness for music videos”, but that would have been a lie.

  8. Captain Squiffy says:

    Who needs acid when you have this!

  9. EH says:

    This appears to be taken from the Italian “Lawrence Welk Show.”

  10. toyg says:

    “In the 60s”? Why, Antonello Venditti’s remake of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” was from the late 80s/early 90s, and it was a massive hit (with the famous video featuring a teenage Angelina Jolie). Jovanotti and Carboni did the same with Extreme’s “More than words” in 1993, and it was another big hit. Ligabue replied in 1994 with a cover of REM’s “It’s the end of the world and we know it”: another hit.

    I’d say Italians still like this sort of thing quite a lot :)

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