Walking Dead Compendium One


Cory and I both have raved about The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1 collects the first forty-eight issues, which focus on human beings trying to survive in a world taken over by flesh-eating zombies.

The only downside to this 1088-page zombie-apocalypse graphic novel is that the book literally weighs five pounds. They need to make a Kindle version of it.

Despite the burdensome weight, I couldn't help opening it to re-read the series from the beginning. My high opinion of it hasn't diminished since the first time I read it -- this is a hell of a great comic book.


  1. “They need to make a Kindle version of it.”

    Ahem! Has Amazon bought out boingboing?

    “They need to make a eReader version of it.”


  2. If the book was any lighter it would be useless for bludgeoning the skulls of the undead. But paperback?

  3. Mark (or anyone who owns it),

    Does it seem physically durable? I’ve had trouble with the binding on some really fat trade paperbacks in the past. It’s no fun having pages fall out while you are cuddled up with your zombie comic in bed.

  4. It seems that I could get the Compendium here for 42-45 euro, if I buy it before the end of May. I second Bionicrat2, does it seems durable?

    I read Walking Dead through “non authorized editions,” to use an euphemism, so now that I graduated and I have a steady income, at least until Semptember, it’d be nice to finally get it printed on paper…

  5. I, too, clicked on the link to question the longevity of the spine. I really, really hope it’s durable. Because this appears to be a fine book.

  6. Shouldn’t it read “The Ultimate Edition of the “The New York Times” Bestseller”?

  7. I really tried to give this series a shot – got about twelve issues in – and … I don’t know. I gave up on it.

    Now if someone bought this for me for my birthday (in 19 days, cough) I might be willing to give it another chance.

  8. You know they’re reaching for the Zombie Apocolypse crowd when they actually make a book specifically to use that can properly knock out the brains of the undead should they get past your well-fortified apartment.

  9. This is more of a budget offering, I think. The series is available in oversized hardcovers as well.

  10. A lot of the hardcovers are in low supply, so this may be the best way to go. I put an order in for vol. 2 of the hardcover version in February to amazon — and it’s still on back order.

  11. It’s too bad they’re giving away some of the story right on the cover of the book…

    But I already have a few queued up for Christmas presents this year! Thanks for the heads-up, Mark!

  12. I’m sticking with the hardback volumes they drop every few months. those won’t break the shelf and I can take the smaller collections on the train rather than needing a suitcase carrier.

  13. I have to agree with andigopow’s post above. I recently picked up the “Days Gone By” volume after you guys had hyped it all up… and I must say… I was a little disappointed. The writing wasn’t all that challenging, and the characters were pretty simplistic. I was expecting it to be a lot better, but ended up being less than “meh.”

  14. Paperback spines hit harder; the compressed sheaves of paper are more solid than cardboard or pleather. They just don’t last as long, but hopefully you’ll have found a sturdier armament by then.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. TWD is the best comic in eons (only DMZ is in the same waters). Everyone should be reading this.

  16. Yeah, I’m addicted to it, but I have to admit that the writing (and sometimes the art) is pretty sloppy. I just look at it like I look at any pulp horror. It’ll definitely hook you in, but you have to overlook an annoying amount of repetition and a lot of just plain unnecessary dialogue. Using movies as a yardstick, it seems like it’s shooting for something on par with 28 Days Later, but at its best, it’s landing somewhere shy of 28 Weeks Later. Of course that doesn’t stop me from reading it. It’s not the best zombie comic out there, but it’s the best ongoing one. The three issue Dead Ahead has been very cool so far (on issue two), and Brian Ralph’s Daybreak series was terrific.

  17. Does anyone know if the book 2 hardcover is out of print? I’m ordering the book one hard cover and like one of the above people said, they are having trouble getting book 2.

    If it’s out of print for good, i wouldn’t want one hardcover and the 2nd not. I’ll either get this or the separate volumes.. if anyone knows, please let me know. thanks.

  18. I just ordered it from a local comics store at the pretty good price of 90 Swiss Francs (approx. 70$ I guess). I too am worried about the spine’s durability, but I wonder what’s the print size?

  19. I can’t find the compendium for sale anywhere… have ordered it twice from Amazon only for them to cancel it due to out-of-stock months later

    Anyone know where I could locate this online?

  20. I own the compendium and the spine holds up great. I’ve left it on a table open in the middle without showing any damage to the spine. Definitely well manufactured. If you can get over the fact that it weighs a million pounds then I’d say get it.

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