CBC radio show on advertising now podcast

Andrew sez, "The best CBC Radio show is now being podcast - 'The Age of Persuasion' is a half-hour show on advertising. It's been on the radio for a few years, but only recently hit the intar-tubes due to nightmare(ish) licensing requirements. It's often hilarious and always damned interesting as the host - Terry O'Reilly examines the cultural and sociological impact of advertising on modern life."

The Age of Persuasion (Thanks, Andre!)


  1. Huh? Yeah, a search on itunes brings up nothing. And on the AOP website, it still says they’re working on it. Regardless of this, it’s my favorite show!

  2. Thanks Gareth (and Cory for getting this started). Been waiting for this show to be ‘cast for a long time. j.

  3. My wife has worked with Terry in the past, he’s also a really really nice guy… apparently :)

  4. Just a note for Gareth – it’s not a proper podcast, true, but if you really want or need to download the files they’re easy to find in the source of the pages. Pain in the butt but still easily available.


  5. When they get an iTunes link or a proper RSS feed for the podcast could you please post about it on BB? Cheers.

  6. This sounds fascinating, thanks for the link!

    An official podcast would be ideal, but the unoffical one looks good enough for now. Hopefully the launch of the official version will be announced in the show itself?

  7. thanks for the link Cory. Too bad they don’t have the official podcast out but seems they’re anxious waiting to release it. It will go with my other CBC podcast like Search Engine.


  8. To #12:
    Didn’t you here that Search Engine has moved to TVO since CBC canceled it.

  9. This is a bloody awful show. How many episodes do you think would be necessary to examine

    “the cultural and sociological impact of advertising on modern life”?

    3? 6? 10? No, millions. Endless, endless, ridiculously North American-centric analysis of supposedly clever advertising for products I’ve never heard of. Meanwhile, it cancels Search Engine.

    The only positive thing to be said about the Age of Persuasion is that as a CBC presenter, Terry O’Reilly is slightly less annoying than Gregory Charles. Stay away, folks

  10. Joel Phillips,

    All the episodes of “Age of persuasion” have titles.

    Could you tell us, please, which specific episode you think is the MOST useless. And maybe explain a little as to why it is useless?

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