RiSE Version 3 climbing robot

Boston Dynamics, makers of the BigDog and LittleDog pack robots, have built this adorable pole climbing robot.

RiSE V3 uses brushless DC motors that increase power density. Coupled with a dramatically different leg mechanism and unique gaited behavior, this robot exhibits rapid climbing (upwards of 22 cm/s) up a vertical surface such as a telephone pole.
RiSE Version 3 Prototype (Via Microsiervos)


  1. “adorable”…
    Yes, Mark, that’s how they lure you in. With their cute robo ears, tails and (eventually) huge doe-eyes that scream “I’m cute”. You reach out to touch, stroke or pet the cuddly little robo-nimals and the next thing you know YOU’RE DRAWING BACK NOTHING BUT A BLOODY STUMP!

    This is how it all begins… and you people just coo and “awww” as Armageddon comes slinking up the pole right in front of you.


  2. what about a penn shout out? clearly funded by boston dynamics but it’s a upenn.edu website and i’m sure those ivy dorks are doing all the hard work.

  3. I’m not really cooing at anything…

    I mean it feel off the pole less than 10ft off the ground…

    That’s NOT something I want to show as my working model.

    Frankly it needs to be bigger, carry a chainsaw mounted on a multi-axis arm and that would be the ultimate tree removal service.

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