RiSE Version 3 climbing robot


4 Responses to “RiSE Version 3 climbing robot”

  1. dgsnyder53 says:

    what about a penn shout out? clearly funded by boston dynamics but it’s a upenn.edu website and i’m sure those ivy dorks are doing all the hard work.

  2. ackpht says:

    Looks like a cat climbing a tree, sort of.

  3. bbonyx says:

    Yes, Mark, that’s how they lure you in. With their cute robo ears, tails and (eventually) huge doe-eyes that scream “I’m cute”. You reach out to touch, stroke or pet the cuddly little robo-nimals and the next thing you know YOU’RE DRAWING BACK NOTHING BUT A BLOODY STUMP!

    This is how it all begins… and you people just coo and “awww” as Armageddon comes slinking up the pole right in front of you.


  4. bcsizemo says:

    I’m not really cooing at anything…

    I mean it feel off the pole less than 10ft off the ground…

    That’s NOT something I want to show as my working model.

    Frankly it needs to be bigger, carry a chainsaw mounted on a multi-axis arm and that would be the ultimate tree removal service.

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