Shane Speal plays "Blue Raga" on cigar box guitar

"Shane Speal performs 'Blue Raga' at the 3rd annual Cigar Box Guitar Extravaganza in Huntsville, Alabama. Speal is accompanied on cigar box lyre by Timothy Renner. This song is featured in Songs Inside The Box, the cigar box guitar documentary directed by Max Shores."


  1. wow! thats like some mystical spanish guitar, arabian night magic with a hint of bluegrass. nice.

  2. Love the resonator! And the sound is much like a saz. Hm, I guess I’ll have to build a cigar-box saz, now…

  3. The cigar box guitar was made by Kurt Schoen ( It has a dobro cone inside the cigar box and it plays like a dream.

    The person playing the drone instrument is wyrd folk legend, tiMOTHy Renner ( He calls the instrument a cigar box tambura. It has 11 drone strings that pass over sitar bridges.

    Thanks again for everything, Mark!

    -Shane Speal

  4. Why is it a “guitar”?

    Three strings: shouldn’t it really be considered a domra or something middle eastern like a tanbur?

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