Boing Boing t-shirts, made by GAMA-GO!

We're thrilled to introduce our new line of Boing Boing merchandise, designed by Boing Boing and made by our pals at GAMA-GO! Our plan is to create a small collection of wonderful products, from t-shirts to limited edition artwork, shiny gee-gaws to curious knicknaks. Folks from the happy mutants universe will do the designing and GAMA-GO is handling production, fulfillment, and customer service. We're also benefiting from GAMA-GO's helpful design suggestions, gentle nudges, and years of experience, to finetune our curious concepts. They're our co-conspirators in bringing Boing Boing's product pipe dreams into the physical world.

We're starting modestly, with a selection of three simple t-shirt designs:

 Images D 8Bit Jill ArtJackhammer Jitters: See our Jackhammer Jill mascot as she sees you, vectorized, highly-caffeinated, and resonating with the high weirdness of the world. Mark and I came up with this art during a conference where we probably should have been paying attention to other things. But isn't that what Boing Boing is all about?

 Images D Boingboing 1 Flat 468 • Logorhythmic: This is the only shirt of the three that incorporates the familiar Boing Boing logo in the design. Joel said, if we're going to make a logo tee, why not go all the way?

 Images D Boingboing 3 Flat 468 • Get Illuminated! 20th Anniversary Edition: In 1989, the first pages of the bOING bOING print 'zine spewed forth from a copy machine. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we've reissued the original bOING bOING t-shirt, featuring Mark's 1990 illustration of Kata Sutra, the cybervixen who whispered in our ear until Jackhammer Jill made the scene. Like the original t-shirt graphic, this one glows in the dark!

The t-shirts are available in men's and women's sizes for $24/each. If you buy two shirts, or just spend more than $25 at GAMA-GO on any of their fine products, domestic shipping is absolutely free. We hope you dig the new Boing Boing line, designed by us, made by GAMA-GO. We'll bug you from time to time with info about new products, reminders, and other details. Thank you for your support!

Boing Boing t-shirts from GAMA-GO



  1. Always like the classic logo. I swear my old shirt was black on white though. I like the idea of the jackhammer print…but it makes my eyes hurt. :)

  2. Couple of quick questions!

    1) What are these made of? Regular old incredibly-bad-for-the-environment cotton, or something a bit friendlier? Would be nice to see Boing Boing using something both a bit better for the environment and a bit more forward-looking – bamboo fibre maybe?

    2) Where and how are these made / printed? We talking sweatshops in Bangladesh, or sweatshops in the US? Again, would be nice if Boing Boing merch, to reflect the wonderfulness of its creators, could be as wonderful itself – let’s have some labour standards and not too many air-miles?

    Still, cool stuff – especially like the Jackhammer Jitters T. Sweet.

    1. 13strong,

      How have you missed the innumerable no-they’re-not-made-in-sweatshops discussions?

  3. I like the GamaGo stuff and actually have 3 of their hoodies. Sizes run terribly small — I’m a L in an Eddie Bauer or Gap t-shirt, with plenty of room to spare, while a Gama Go XL is uncomfortable snug. Just a warning to those of you not in possession of a model’s physique.

  4. BITGOD @3, The original BB shirt was also available in black ink on white shirt. We may do this one in that colorway too if people really want it! Thanks.

  5. The new jackhammer shirt is pretty righteous, I gotta say.

    And the Get Illuminated logo looks like something you’d see in Rapture, advertising the latest plasmid. Not that that’s a bad thing! :)

  6. FYI:

    I Just tried ordering a couple of shirts up here in the Great Green North. To make a long story short the Gama-Go rep who answered their phone suggested I email with my contact info. She will work around the fact that their website says: “Sorry, there are no available shipping methods for your location.” for a perfectly good Canadian address….

    Their 1-888 number is U.S.A. only BTW.

  7. The Jackhammer Jill shirt could really use a real jackhammer sound effect to go along with the graphic. The white on black is especially awesome/headache inducing.

  8. Ooooh, the Jackhammer Jitters shirt is badasssss. I’ll be risking getting the fanboy tag (I own and LOVE the ol’ Deathbot shirt), but I think I’m going to get one anyway.

  9. please tell me the jackhammer shirt doesn’t have a URL on the back, or the sleeve, or wherever. i like to roll unnoticed.

  10. Speaking of Jill, the one at the bottom of the page jackhammers when you mouse over her.

  11. The Jackhammer Jitters shirt doesn’t have a logo printed anywhere on it.

    And the shirts are 100 percent cotton, made in the USA, and printed in California. No sweatshops.


  12. @ ANTINOUS:

    “How have you missed the innumerable no-they’re-not-made-in-sweatshops discussions?”

    Must have missed those, someway somehow. Sorry!


    Thanks David – appreciate the information. It’s good to hear you’re keeping production and printing local and labour friendly. It’s a shame, though, that you’re using regular ol’ cotton, when there are vastly more environmentally friendly, and pretty darn comfortable, alternatives available. Maybe you could ask the Gama-Go guys to look into bamboo or hemp fibres or something?

    Anyway – cheers for the information, and I hope you don’t take my eco-badgering the wrong way (I abandoned Threadless cos I just couldn’t justify it any more…!).

  13. The last batch of t-shirts we did with GAMA-GO used organic cotton blank shirts. Maybe we’ll do another one of those soon! Thanks!

  14. Pffft, I bought the Boingboing hoodie when it came out for over a $100. Less than a month later it went down like $40. Great quality but man, what a pisser.

    My advice, wait a month before ordering.

  15. I still wear my old original Kata Sutra Tshirt from time to time!

    But there will likely never be a re-issue of the 2Fresh Tshirt from Beyond Cyberpunk!

  16. JIMMWICH @19, I don’t even have one of those! :(

    And Rushkoff @20, I agree that we should revive the Riot Nrrrd and Modem Grrrl designs!!

  17. These all look GREAT. I really like the classic logos, and the related look-and-feel of the site. The zine pedigree that these evoke is a valuable part of its appeal. I’m especially reminded of this today because of BBG’s new decision to go with a charmless generic tech blog theme (which made me a bit sad).

  18. Wow, I just moved right next door to the Gama Go SF store this weekend. I walk by the storefront almost daily. I’ll have to go in and look around tomorrow.

  19. Just try to convince me that your readers don’t already damn well own more than enough friggin’ t-shirts.

    You will fail.

    1. Some of us are so physically active that we tear the shoulders and armpits out of our tee shirts and need a constant supply of new ones.

  20. umm…very cool, but shouldn’t the jitter on the jackhammer Jill shirt be vertical, not horizontal?

  21. I like the shirts but the models scare me. It’s like “HEROINE JUNKIES LOVE OUR SHIRTS, GET YOURS NOW!”

    1. lightbender,

      Are you hinting that they don’t come in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL?

  22. LIGHTBENDER: If you’ve seen a heroin junkie, you know they look nothing like that.


    Oh, heroinE junkies…

    I’m a heroinE junkie – Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Nancy Drew, Tank Girl… Can’t get enough of ’em.

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