Three strikes proposal for print


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  1. KeithIrwin says:

    The MPAA has already had its three strikes:

    When do we get to cut them off from the internet?

  2. Baldhead says:

    I suspect this would have little to no effect of 1/3 of the North American population. They don’t read anything anyway.

  3. NotACat says:

    “Sorry, miss, I can’t do my homework, I’m banned from reading or writing. It’s the law.”


  4. Anonymous says:

    Fahrenheit 451?

    “In short, a banned person may not write or read anything for a year… “

  5. Tarmle says:

    Obviously this ban should apply to addresses rather than individuals. What’s to stop a banned infringer from making unauthorised dictations of copyrighted text, or having a work read to them? It’s really not useful unless you can ban whole households and families from using print.

  6. seyo says:

    “I like it, but I have to admit to being sentimental about my proposal (stolen from Kevin Marks) to cut corporations off the Internet if they send out three false copyright accusations. ”

    One does not preclude the other. They are both good ideas, we should implement them all.

  7. tw15 says:

    I did suggest this for photocopying on Boing Boing yesterday, but this suggestion is even better.

  8. David Mershon says:

    Would it be possible to find out where various recording and movie executives living in France are located, and then tell their internet service providers that they have been infringing copyright three times?

  9. Marcel says:

    How about this:

    Since Internet access has become revokable, and citizens can therefore no longer assume that they will always have access to the Internet, it should be clear that ALL services and communications between government and the people should take place outside of the Internet.
    Filing your tax?! On paper.
    Any notification of any kind from any government body to a single individual or group of individuals?! On paper.
    And we do expect you to keep copies.

    Let’s see who puts who back to the Stone Age.

  10. arkizzle says:

    Sorry Marcel, that’s going to have to be:

    Filing your tax?! In person; recite from memory.

    Any notification of any kind from any government body to a single individual or group of individuals?! In person; mouth to ear.

    And we do expect you to memorize every word.

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