Boing Boing Video: "To," an ambient animation by Bob Jaroc and Plaid

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Today's Boing Boing Video episode is an ambient animated short by filmmaker Bob Jaroc and the band Plaid (Warp Records). Best enjoyed with stereophonic supersonic headphones, so you can appreciate the shift from one channel to another, while you watch thousands of starlings take flight in a burnt sunset sky.

Bob Jaroc explains how this lovely, evocative avian work took form:

They were real starlings, not digitally-generated. They were filmed over a few winters here in Brighton. I was lucky enough to have access to the then-abandoned and now destroyed West Pier, and got them down on tape as they were coming in to roost. I then extracted them from the background and edited them to the track, often going back and trying to capture a certain motion to go with a certain bit of audio.

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  1. I made a video with starlings once too, but at Eastbourne pier, not Brighton, and it’s just one seven-minute shot in which the bird’s amazing formations sync very well (esp. from 3mins or so in) with a favourite Broken Social Scene track:

  2. This is really a nice and beautiful video. Its looking like “raining of birds”.
    Very lovely…


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