"Here. My Explosion..." a tilt-shift feature film by Reid Gershbein

Reid Gershbein says:

Thanks to you posting about my Tilt-Shift Flip video and the amazing response it got.

I was inspired to continue the path and did an entire feature film (Here. My Explosion...) using that technique and released it today online under a Creative Commons license.

Here. My Explosion...


  1. We calculated shipping by projecting how much it costs to ship a unit to each region and then simulating worldwide and regional sales in various scenarios in order to “stress test” our shipping costs.

    If it turns out that we have to ship more units to Turkey than expected we might have to ask the government for $1B in TARP funds to bail us out, but if Turkey sales stay the same and we get a windfall of sales from South America we’re golden and we’ll be able to make infinitely many more movies.

    Crossing my fingers!

  2. continuity: when the main character is demonstrating the phenomenon to the women on the beach, she pours what is clearly clear fluid from her thermos instead of coffee into their paper cup.

    I loved the visual effects, the whole look of the film was fantastic. The story was silly, but effective enough to introduce the technique to others. I hope it makes it at a bunch of festivals so we may see some more of the techniques employed in mainstream film.

  3. P.S. The supernatural aspect reminded me of Fanny and Alexander right down to the supersaturated white when we witness the supernatural occur. (As opposed to the oversaturated color in the rest of the film which, frankly, looks fantastic.)

    Also, the fake blood just did not look like blood to me. Why does it bother me? Well, because the camera gets pointed at it over and over when everyone is wondering what it could be. So what was it anyway, blood?

    Furthermore, when did Juan Valdez trade his mule for a bike?

  4. Is there any way to do the tilt-shift technique without doing the motion-sickness inducing camera-bobbling technique? I had to look away from the intro until the actual feature started. It was stable enough for a moment, then around 4:25 the camera is bobbling again. I could probably watch the whole thing if I took dramamine a half hour ahead of time. Otherwise this will be forever lost to me, like Cloverfield and Blair Witch.

  5. Well, it was…interesting enough. Can’t say I’m a mega fan of a story just for a story’s sake. I mean, what is the meaning here? Why should we care about these individuals being portrayed? What character development or change occurred?

    It’s like…here’s a bunch of Californians…and then some weird things happen…and then…maybe they move…or don’t…and then…that’s it.

    That said, the directing was pretty good, the acting wasn’t bad (such as it was, I mean, “Californians acting like Californians” isn’t a HUGE leap – can’t say I’m a fan of Lil, though), and I liked the music. The story was very ‘meh’.

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