Mark on The Martha Stewart Show, May 18, 2009

Martha-Stewart Mark-Frauenfelder

(Photo: Anders Krusberg/The Martha Stewart Show)

On Monday, May 18, I'll be on The Martha Stewart show. I'm going to demonstrate bunch of different projects from the pages of MAKE, and I'll also show Martha how to build a vibrobot. Martha is one of my heroes, so it was a thrill to be on her show!

Above: Martha Stewart is enjoying a Maker-made cup of coffee. The coffee roaster on the left was designed by Larry Cotton and was featured in Make Vol 8. The hydraulic espresso tamper was designed and built by John Edgar Park and appears in Make Vol 12. And that's my espresso machine that I modded with a PID temperature control kit from

MAKE Editor Mark Frauenfelder on The Martha Stewart Show this Monday


  1. Whoa, Mark MAKE:s the big time!

    I have no idea when and where Martha runs, but I’ll schedule this tonight.

    Could a followup with Carla pitching CRAFT be in the offing?

  2. Meh… Get back to me when you do Oprah Mark. ;)

    But seriously: Congratulations! That is very cool. Can’t wait to watch it.

    How green with envy is Xeni? :)

  3. For those who don’t know, PID control of espresso machine temperature is a fantastic example of something completely new born out of creativity distributed across, and tied together by, the internet. It started with some purely hypothetical speculation on Usenet about the effect of extraction temperature on espresso quality, then some controls experts brought up the possibility of using a PID controller, and with their help (and lots of discussion on a tinkerer designed and installed the first PID espresso machine controller, the basis of every one that came later (including the one on Mark’s Rancilio). Now they have become almost a must-have on home machines, and even appear on some commercial machines from top manufacturers.

  4. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a picture of Mark.

    NICE looking guy.

    Oh, and congratulations and all that!

  5. You have to ask if she was into crafts while serving time in jail! Pruno, razor blades from cigarettes, shanks, pigeon cell phone part smuggling, tons to do in jail!

    1. You have to ask if she was into crafts while serving time in jail!

      “Some of the women who became my friends while I was incarcerated have visited with me. There are some very interesting women there of great value to society, and I keep in contact with them. We have some broken systems in this country – one is the prison system.”

  6. Can’t wait to watch. I actually had lunch with Martha Stewart a year or so ago at SciFoo and found her to be delightful–very bright, humble, and curious.

  7. I’m so excited about this Mark. Thanks to the “Jpixl” lettering on the base of my espresso tamper, I expect my blog will be inundated with Google-savvy Martha fans :)

  8. @ #7 DR

    IIRC, the first PID item was Murph’s Silvia ?

    I bought a PID system for my isomac venus in 2002… it’s laid in parts ever since because I got a good deal on an HX machine in the middle of modding, and have *slowly* been completely redoing the boiler system in it.

    I gave up on home roasting . Living in NYC, its just a giant PITA. Smoke fills up the apartment even when you do it outside!

    Also, while its good for ‘regular’ coffee, I just don’t think it works right for espresso: you barely roast enough, and it takes at least 4 days to degas enough for you to taste it and see how much the roast level needs to be adjusted. IMHO, Espresso should really be roasted in a min of 5lb batches

  9. What a great quote. I think Martha would make an excellent spokesperson for prison reform. I could see her making a persuasive statement to a congressional panel. It would take a lot of guts to spearhead needed reforms, but she has a lot of guts. I hope she spreads as much light on the situation as she possibly can.

  10. Congrats Mark, I know you’ve been on other shows, I remember The Colbert Report. Any others?

  11. #18 Jonathan V:
    Good heavens no. The first PID Rancilio was Andy Schecter’s machine. John Murphy would be the first to acknowledge this.

  12. Very cool. What a grand opportunity.

    I have to say. Few people could make as smooth a comeback from prison as she did. Just jumped right back on the horse and got back to business.

    Heck of a woman. Must have a will of steel.

  13. I just scheduled my PVR to record Monday’s episode.

    Bonus: While searching for “Martha Stewart Show” I discovered that MAKE TV is now playing on TWO of the local PBS stations (Create and KOPB-HD). Three different episodes this week!

    #9: What, you missed Mark’s appearance on Colbert?

  14. I’ll also show Martha how to build a vibrobot.

    No no no, Martha will show you how to build a vibrobot.

    Then she’ll teach you how to eat a turkey, backwards.

    Seriously though, congrats. =) Bet it is/was fun!

  15. Doesn’t Mark usually wear glasses? Looks way to handsome without them. Oh and congrats on being on the show :)

  16. You look so happy. You should ask her to guest blog.

    As much as I hate to disagree with you Antinous, again, that would be jumping the shark for BB.

  17. I’ve been brainstorming about how to build a sort-of ‘torque wrench for tamping espresso’. This is much better than any idea I’ve had so far. Awesome! Thanks!

  18. It’s telling that it’s never interesting or helpful people that think their comments have been deleted.

  19. Mark, the one question everybody is dying to know: HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK SO AWESOME ALL THE TIME THANK YOU.

  20. I was inspired to create a vibrobot out of a Slowstick after watching Mark’s vibrobot on Martha:

  21. yes…yes… I can see it: MarkSlashMartha fan fiction. “SO, ah, Marth – can I call you Marth?, come on into my workshop….”

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