Atomic Disruptor Raygun: steampunk gun made from radios and cameras

Here's a sweet steampunk raygun, homebrewed from camera and radio parts:

The Atomic Disruptor Raygun is straight out of steampunk fiction. The cool DIY raygun has been put together by Cohophoto entirely from old radio and camera parts. If you are looking for a slice of futuristic fantasy, Cocophoto has illustrated the project on his Flickr photoset. Though short on words, the pictures show the construction details of the gun.
Make a Steampunk "Atomic Disruptor" Raygun from Old Parts

Atomic Disruptor on Flickr

(via Make)


  1. There is no possible downside that I can see to carrying a gun shaped object labeled with radiation trifoils. I wouldn’t fly without it.

  2. 1) Takuan wins again!
    2)Agree w/ #4 for the -1, but…
    3)…tons better than the last stimpank gun I recall seeing here.

  3. … and here I had forgotten all about Victorian atomic energy.

    When, oh, when is the term “Diesel Punk” going to catch on with the rest of the “TransNational Wireless Visualized Telegraphy Network” or as you may know it, “The Internette”?

    Come to think, I hope it never does and I can enjoy my time flying airships into Behemoth Creatures made by the National Socialist Axis of Eurasia without seeming like I’m just following a trend.

    Either way, My ENIAC beats your Analytical Engine, AND my goggles are cooler.

  4. The Victorian Era ended in 1901, and radioactivity would not be discovered for another negative 4 years.

  5. Oh boy! Steam punk mashup goatse indigenous twitter Blah blahblah. When will this steam punk thing fade? Its just a hollow slogan. This thing isn’t even steam punk. Last year every ‘juxtaposition’ was labeled as a ‘mash up’. Now anything kludged together from old junk is called ‘steam punk’. What is victorian about an atomic ray gun with a plastic handle? SRSLY?!?Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that some one at BB has a financial interest in the brass fittings and wierd goggles market? Rampant scene boosterism is kinda lame.

  6. No, fair enough JFrancis.

    But from a *-punk ‘historical’ perspective? I don’t like it called steampunk, especially with the atomic trefoil. This is more atomic-age (preGoogie) retro-futurism. All things science-y radioactive are in a 1940’s+ era (I’ll accept 1934-5 if we want to include the rise of the Axis, and maybe even back to 1911, Edward needs to not be there, actually, the moment Franz Ferdinand breathes his last, Steampunk’s last coals start to burn).

    Let me throw out more buzz words to get the point across!

  7. Redsquid, if you don’t enjoy it, move along, and allow other people to enjoy it.

  8. It’s fairly obvious these artists are riding the coattails of the previously commercially successful “cyberpunk” literary genre (I don’t find steampunk lit very interesting as a genre) This is, however, a pretty good first attempt at retro-futurism. Bruce McCall has a good presentation of his take on “retrofuturism” at TED talks. The minimag isn’t so good, but +1 for vacuum tubes as replaceable “cartridges.” One might get better stuff deconstructing old hair dryers– in fact someone might be able to build a small armory of “ray guns” with a large enough collection of junked handheld hair dryers. Redsquid’s reference to goatse made me laugh, though. So, start rethinking the titles for these things, Cory!

  9. I’m sorry, instead of “these artists” I shoulda put bloggers and marketers who are over-exposing the whole “steampunk” label. If the real artists are finding their inspiration with this theme, and their stuff is being admired and sold, well who the heck am I to judge? Just retire the steampunk label, which was never accurate in the first place. (punk? what the heck is punk about it?)

  10. It’s not a minimag barrel. It’s an 8mm projector lens, but since it reads as a mini-maglite, same difference really.

  11. @#10: Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that some one at BB has a financial interest in the brass fittings and wierd goggles market?

    If it’s at all possible to have a financial interest in this market, I want one! I don’t care how much money I loose.

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