Search Engine podcast is back on TVO -- update your podcatchers!

Search Engine -- the long-suffering and absolutely brilliant tech radio show/podcast -- is alive and in its new home, hosted by TVOntario, a Canadian public broadcasting that scooped the show out from underneath the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The premiere show in the new series features a long interview with me -- I was passing through Toronto last week and he came by my parents place and recorded an interview.

Inexplicably, the CBC has not set a redirect message on the old podcast feed, so subscribers to the old show are getting dead links. This is either an oversight or pure, unforgivable nastiness. Either way, it's a good time to add the new feed to your podcatcher!

What's more, TVO has given host/creator Jesse Brown permission to Creative Commons license the podcast, making it the first-ever piece of CC licensed public broadcast material in Canadian history!

Search Engine: hackers ransom medical data, and a few words with author and activist Cory Doctorow'

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  1. Is there interest for a torrent for all of the old episodes? I archived everything and can make a torrent later if the old stuff has really disappeared (and if a torrent doesn’t already exist.)

  2. Done last week actually. I got the first episode yesterday night. Will listen on the way to work.

    Jesse rocks. TVO rocks. Therefore Search Engine rocks^2

  3. Nobody’s asked for a redirect to be set up, at least not as far as I can tell, so if there’s been an oversight it’s on Jesse’s part.

  4. Inexplicably?

    I thought Harper’s thugs didn’t like people using public money to talk about the crimes of Harper’s thugs.

  5. Cory, I have access to the system whereby such a request would have been made – well, assuming it made it as far as the techies.

    If not, maybe the mistake was asking managers for something they didn’t understand. Actually, that’s entirely possible. Tell him to give the relevant humans a shout if he doesn’t still have an internal email address to put in the request himself.

    As for your other points: Pure nastiness (standard policy for cancelled shows) would involved consigning the show site to /dev/null (with a 30-day recovery period). This has not yet happened, and so subscribers to the old RSS feed are not in fact getting dead links, just old ones. In fact, the CBC RSS feed offers his podcasts back as far as September 2007 and an interview with your good self. This would be a far longer policy than, for example, any BBC podcast. (I’ve had to email producers and beg them for BBC shows from two weeks ago. CBC’s archival policy is ridiculous by comparison.)

    I can understand why you’d be tempted to frame the situation a little more dramatically than would be warranted by fact, but I think Jesse’s work stands by itself.

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