Crocheted grinning grenades

Check out WooWork's crocheted grenades: "I made these grenades from rows of popcorn stitches and double crochet stitches, with increasing single crochet stitches between each row." Make textiles not war.

Green 'round Grenades (Thanks, Shellie!)


  1. Make textiles not war

    The traditional bumper sticker reads “Make Gloves, Not War”

  2. Oh, sure, teach your kids that hand grenades are friendly and lovable. Just don’t come crying to me when you leave a box of ’em out one day…

  3. A hand grenade is a very well known and easily recognizable object of war. It is a deadly weapon.

    Sure, the creator intended these things to be cute and harmless. It was intended to be a silly and fun project. I get all of that.

    But you simply cannot use a likeness of a bomb to send this message “Make textiles not war”.

  4. Although some people feel that turning a weapon into an adorable amigurumi can make an anti-war statement, it’s a statement not made very well. Hand grenades left over from conflicts around the work kill and mame children every day. Weapons don’t need to be made cute.

  5. This was around a number of years ago:

    Knit your own purse grenade:
    k = knit, p = purl, st(s) = stitch(es), inc = increase, dec = decrease, rep = repeat, slp = slip onto needle without knitting, tog = together, nxt = next, yrn = yarn, fwd = forward, cont = continue, pat = pattern, ss = stocking stitch: one row k, one row p
    Should be knitted in chunky army green and gunmetal grey on 4mm needles. Grenade is fastened with a kilt pin and keyring.
    Grenade body
    Cast on 40 sts and work in box stitch for 32 rows.
    1st row. k4, p4, to end.
    2nd row. k4, p4 to end.
    3rd row. k4, p4 to end.
    4th row. k4, p4 to end.
    5th row. p4, k4 to end.
    6th row. p4, k4 to end.
    7th row. p4, k4 to end.
    8th row. p4, k4 to end.
    Rep rows 1-8, 4 times.
    33rd row. k.
    34th row. k1, *yrn fwd, k2tog. Rep from *to end.
    35th row. k4 more rows.
    Cast off.
    The Top
    Pick up 30 sts along the 32nd row of the grenade body. Do this by starting and finishing 5sts in.
    Commence in gunmetal grey.
    1st row k.
    2nd row p.
    Rep these rows 3 times, dec 1 st at each end of p row.
    9th row k.
    10th row p.
    Rep these rows 3 times, inc 1 st at each end of p row.
    Cast off.
    Press, fold along shortest row, and hem into 32nd row of body.
    The trigger
    Cast on 4 sts.
    1st row k, inc1st at each end of row.
    2nd row p.
    3rd row as 1st row.
    4th row p.
    Cont in ss for 16 rows.
    Then dec 1st at each end of every p row until 2sts remain.
    K2tog (1 st remains), now make pin loop as follows:
    1st row. Cast on 1st.
    2nd row. Cast off 1st.
    3rd row. Cast on 1st.
    4th row. Cast off 1st.
    Rep this until loop measures 4cm.
    Cast off, and st into a loop.
    To finish
    St up side of grenade body.
    Gather the bottom of the grenade by running stitches through row 1 of body and pulling tight.
    Fold trigger in half lengthwise, press, and st on to side seam of body, leaving loop at the top.
    Gather opening of grenade by threading ribbon through holes made by row 34.
    Put pin through top and loop, and then back through top.
    You are now ready to throw your grenade.

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