USB ports for everything photoshopping contest


4 Responses to “USB ports for everything photoshopping contest”

  1. Trent Hawkins says:

    It’s sad and funny that most of those actually exist.

  2. Quothz says:

    Someone needs to start making the flash memory stick with a bottle opener on the end. I’d buy that.

    The flash memory stick-in-a-finger has been done. I think I saw the story here at BoingBoing, in fact.

    USB TinkerToys are a damned good idea, too. Those would be fun. Assuming, of course, that they are functional.

  3. TJ S says:

    Obviously, “Octomom” must have bought a hub.

  4. mackenzi says:

    I’m having trouble with remote control to my computer. Two inch alternating stiped bar down my screen won’t go away. Does anyone have the web address of

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