Old moonshiner and son busted for dope smuggling

The gentleman below at the far left is Paul Faulkner, 83, a former alcohol bootlegger who was recently busted along with members of his family for running a drug smuggling ring in north Georgia. His son Michael Smith, also below, ran the show. From CNN:
 Cnn 2009 Crime 05 21 Drugs.Rural.America Art.Split.Gbi-1 Faulkner, who is suffering from cancer, was handed a 20-year sentence last month and is to head to prison in August. "Twenty years, that is a death sentence," said Giles Jones, Faulkner's attorney, adding that he has appealed the sentence.

He said Faulkner was a "full-time mountain shiner" who could talk moonshine until he was "blue in the face," but knew little about the Mexican marijuana operation. Jones said the old man's son "threw his ass under the bus" to save himself.

"It's a situation where I guess you're just looking out for yourself. It's every day as every day, man," said Jones.

Not so fast, said Cathy Alterman, the defense attorney for Smith, Faulkner's son.

"Michael didn't throw his father under the bus. His father threw Michael down the drain when he was 16 years old," Alterman said. "If the father got a longer sentence, it's because he's a lousy father. ... He was never there for his son, except to be a bad example."
"Moonshine to Mexican marijuana: Family gets busted"