Pirate history podcast from Tank Riot

Further to Mark's post about the history of self-organization among pirates, this week's Tank Riot podcast does a great job discussing the whole history of sea piracy, from the "Sea People" of 900 BCE to the present day.
Pirates! The team discusses the history of piracy and some of their favorite pirates including: Blackbeard (Edward Teach), Bartholomew Roberts, Henry Every, Thomas Tew, William Kidd, Emanuel Wynn, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Calico Jack Rackham, Jean Lafitte and more. Also, a brief rant on modern (digital) piracy and modern copyright. Issues discussed range from the DMCA, RIAA, MPAA and the book "Free Culture" by Lawrence Lessig. Music is provided by the talented Madison band The Pints.

In addition to real pirates, the Tank Crew reviews pirate movies including Treasure Island, The Black Swan, The Princess Bride, Cutthroat Island, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. Viktor also reviews the films X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek.



  1. It is a great installment, save Sputnik’s enthusiastic endorsement of April’s military intervention against Somali pirates. This cheerleading is not a little disconcerting, although the TR guys continue on to provide the context and motives, largely missing from major media coverage, behind Somali piracy.

  2. The North Carolina Museum of History currently has a rather large pirate exhibit that is surprisingly thorough, exploring everything from the roots of early piracy to modern piracy to efforts to rescue artifacts from the wreck that is believed to be the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

  3. I guess significant mention of Cory’s books doesn’t hurt their chances of promotion here.

  4. No snark intended, though I can see why some might be detected.

    There is enthusiastic and genuine endorsement of Cory’s work in the Tank Riot episode in the midst of the Creative Commons discussion. So I’m not surprised the episode caught Cory’s attention, nor am I surprised it was mentioned here. Why not take advantage of a found opportunity for promotion of your stuff?

    If it matters: Love TR and BB, have not read any of Cory’s books.

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